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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I realized I have not been posting specific sections lately, but rather talking about my body, mind, soul accomplishments throughout my post. I like the sections a little better so here we go:
I started with soul because I think it was more "pronounced" today...

Soul: I think yoga counts towards this as well, as well as the connections I made through the book due. I talked on the phone with my mom for a good hour inside Target. She says Im nesting. I think she is totally right, but not in a "lets get married and have babies sense" but more in a "I need to be able to call my home a sanctuary, not come home to more stress" way.

I realize how right she is because I have this INTENSE need to buy living room furniture and bedroom furniture and accessories, and room fragrance, and candles, and lamps and sheets, towels, the list keeps going on and on. Furniture buying is such an emotional process, its like a Marriage. Planning the room's color scheme, matching furniture, accent furniture, accessories, lamps- what kind of occasions are we having - how much seating do we need- what can we add to it in the future- all that and how much can we afford- spending thousands of dollars on this makes me want to believe it will last for quite sometime but what happens if we get sick of it or if it tears/breaks. Its SO overwhelming, its an investment for the future that you will use but need to enjoy EVERYDAY..

Realization #1: Furniture Buying= Marriage

This isn't necessarily true or a problem if its just you that you are out to please- but I cannot tell you how many stores/sofas Jeff and I have looked at where he loves one and I dont or I really like one and he hates it. The problem is finding a middle ground.

Realization #2: Furniture = Husband ( or wife).

Its exactly like a husband. Sure you could get a futon from Kmart, but will it make you happy? will it last forever? Is it "The One" ? You'd save a great deal of money, but I doubt it would last. They have a tendency to break easily too. And well, most are just plain unattractive and scream "College!"

Ah, alas there is the Thomasville and Lazyboy Collections. You can find anything you want but it is all highly expensive and can require more care and attention. They are attractive, They last, which can be great but can also be like the "old hat"... how much brown leather can you take day after day for 10 years ? Is it really "The One" sofa that will last through thick and thin? Who knows how many people will come over and sit/sleep/spill on it, will it stay true to you and not rip or tear?

My mom reminds me; " Laural, its furniture! you will always find a better deal at the next store"

Realization #3: I am looking for deals on furniture, not potential husbands. I want Jeff and he wants me. We will buy furniture and can sell it, throw it away, or take it with us to our next place regardless of when, if, or where we get married

Body: Run 3.5 miles, 28 minutes ( WOOOOHOOO!!!) and Elliptical warmup 15 min. Yoga in the am, (20 minutes and I did do about 10 before bed last night- no migraine!)

Mind: Read, Read, Read and Interviewed( totally thought I was meeting someone just to talk about the position, not to actually fill out application and answer interview questions!) I found research topics for two classes and have found great sources for those. I am halfway through the book due tuesday!

Breakfast: Not a Smoothie!
Kashi Cereal ( Honey Almond Flax) in a chobanie plain, with a big naner and peanut butter!

The reason why I am eating on a paper plate.....

The sink is messed up- among all the other things in the house we want to fix/remodel.... the plumbing is aparrently (yet) another thing

So This morning I ate then left to read on campus and mail a package ( returning a textbook).. and had an unexpected INTERVIEW! ugh... I have no idea nor do I mind if I do not get te position, but its basically doing therapy with one of my previous students I taught in their home/community to help with social skills. Afterwards I came home and had lunch:

again..on a paper towel... oh my . .. Turkey sandwich, with salad on top , that is fake shredded cheese, tomato and a mustard smiley face. Something you will see rarely on the blog is ... canteloupe. It is my least favorite fruit, its so bland, I almost never eat it. It is Jeff's favorite, I do crave it ever so often, hence the slice. ( it is organic by the way which is on sale at harris teeter this week).

After lunch I read more chapters and went to the gym- I did 20 minutes on the elliptical as a warm up then ran 3.5 miles in 28 minutes! Woohoo!
I stopped in to Pier 1 to look at furniture etc. then went to bath and body works to examine room fragrance spray, which is on sale right now $2 off! I bought four scents, and votive candles were 30% off too ( 5 for $5). I want to start making my home feel like home. It is my retreat and should be a place I love to smell after all. It makes me feel better about the problems, like the sink, and our old smelly couch, etc etc.

Jeff's deadline was extended to Monday so he had to stay late at work again! He suggested meeting for dinner- so we met at this awesome hamburger place downtown. I always order their house salad with grilled chicken because it sets the standard for grilled chicken salads- Romaine, Carrots ( look at how big!), onions, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, and green pepper! And... blackened chicken.. an awesome amount of veggies and quality chicken ( not the gross processed-tasting kind)...
They have this dressing for onion rings ( Jeff's side), its like a remoulade sauce, anyhow- I dip bits of my salad in ( usually end up finishing a good teaspoon total)


Tomorrow we are are tailgating bright and early- picking up our engaged friends Nate and Andrea at 7:15 am!

They are bringing donuts and mimosa's and bloody mary's and bagels...( per my BIRTHDAY request). I will partake in the donut eating and maybe have a mimosa or two. But we are heading out early to watch the game at home so I can read, and Jeff can fix the sink.



VeggieGirl said...

I like when you post about your days in the body/mind/soul sections too - such a fun feature for your blog!!

Haha, love the mustard smiley face :0)

Ahh, so sorry about your sink, and that Jeff had to late late again :0(

Have fun tailgating!! And of course I'm wishing you an early happy birthday again :0)