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Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Blog- I'm really not happy with not running but I am learning to be flexible... I would've loved more than anything to run everyday this week but I would much rather have my knee work for the rest of my life , and be able to run well enough for a workout than try too hard and ruin something ....so... I am trying to not stress about it, because stress just makes you store fat ( that is actually true somewhat) and not enjoy things you CAN do!


I spent SO much time shopping with KC this morning/afternoon that I got home and was really hungry for lunch. I heated up leftover pasta and sauce for Jeff and I before yardwork.

I started to pack for the beach, showered, laundry, then got ready and left for class- before I left I grabbed a balance bar and ate it on the way to class.

Manicure After Class!!

Note to self- iatria day spa did not do a very good job but it was later at night and the last appointment of the day so not sure if we should try this place again.... Dinner Finally!!!

Starving!! I had a salmon burger and toasted in the toaster oven. I had a whole wheat mini wrap with hummus and goat cheese and goddess dressing. I also had a big bowl of mixed veggies that was delicious!

Body: Rest day- sort of- I walked - a lot! and all the unpacking/laundry/run around/cleaning worked up a sweat! But no formal exercise today! See how heavy my mind section is!

Mind: Class was interesting! Adv. Nutrient Metabolism is always fun.
Today was glycolysis...

I will spill about high fructose metabolism ( only a tiny portion of what we went over) because it is such a buzz recently.

( you can refer back to my posts late september to refresh on saccharides)

Glucose, Galactose, Fructose all require ATP (adensosine tri-phosphate= energy!) to be broken down.

Glucose gets phosphorylated (using a phosphate from ATP) into Glucose 1-P, which uses either hexokinase or glucokinase ( gluco in the liver, hexo outside liver) to convert to Glucose-6-P.... which gets converted to Fructose-6-P ..

Fructose needs ATP to get phosphorylated as well and gets converted to Fructose 6- P via enzymes ( phosphofructokinase- PFK- the main regulator in the breakdown process) ...

From here...
Fructose 6-P breaks down to glyceraldehydes ( 2 of them since its a 3 carbon molecule and glucose is a 6 carbon molecule)..

Glyceraldehydes get further broken down into carbon intermediate chains, then into pyruvate (with the help of high ATP, High alanine levels, and the pyruvate kinase enzymes). Pyruvate is the end result of glycolysis along with 2 ATP

( pyruvate can then continue to break down in mitochondria- if no oxygen is present it will convert to lactic acid.... if oxygen is present it will convert to Acetyle CoA which is the building block for fat AND cholesterol)

Unfortunately, science has shown that high fructose intakes result in high amounts of glyceraldehydes. The problem with this is that triglycerides ( glyercol with three fatty acid chains attached) are made from this via the available glycerol in glyceraldehydes.

Thus ....high fructose intake results in higher fat production. If you regularly consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly- consuming a single product or maybe a few products with HFCS isn't really going to do anything that harmful except for potentially create a few extra triglycerides ( unless you exercise or output energy which will immediately breakdown everything to pyruvate b/c of energy demand). If your triglyceride levels are already high, you would want to stay away from HFCS. In general, you want to stay away from HCFS because the majority of products that contain it aren't healthy products anyway- pre-packages snacks/cakes/cookies etc. arent nutritious foods.

Hope you enjoyed that! It helped me recap my class too!

Manicure! Shoe Shopping! ( I got fabulous shoes!!!!!), Makeup shopping, Laundry, Talked to my mom about my day and my knee issues, Greys Anatomy, Going to THE BEACH!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

wait, did i already say... WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!

bringing the laptop and the camera stuff but not sure if our house has wireless!
see you later tomorrow!

Not breakfast

Dessert! ( Last night- after the movie! Kashi Heart to Heart, Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Dark Choc chips, a little organic pb on top of ice cream. Butter pecan ( leftover from andrea's dessert)... and now breakfast ( I woke up too late to run before shopping- my knee is sore anyway so I take it as it comes- run today or tomorrow probably)

egg white burritos... i spread some hummus on the mini whole wheat tortilla's (2) then wrapped em in egg whites ( 4) , Frozen blueberries (1/3 cup) and 3 strawberries..

Suduko is tough today! I got a hard one from the paper and its taking forever! I think I will read SFN... almost half way and I have to get it done this weekend. That has been the nice thing with grad school- I can still go to friend's weddings/vaca's and just take my reading/writing with me.
I love school- I know ...me => nerd!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This will be quick since i did my Body.Mind.Soul recap earlier ( I did yoga this evening and Jeff is coming home early from work tomorrow and we are doing yardwork together!! After the morning shopping with KC!!


WW Rotini
Homemade Sauce posted yesterday
Asiago Shredded
Veggies with Hummus!

The orthopedic gave me a new anti inflammatory and I tend to eat more of a high-protein, low carb diet - so i had pasta tonight in hopes of getting in some extra glycogen stores for a fantastic run tomorrow morning (hoping for 7-8 miles) before shopping, yardwork, class, manicure, packing, leaving for the beach! If I don't get it in no biggie, I can run after yardwork/before class or just at the beach.. Jam-Packed day tomorrow...

We are now going to watch The Bourne Ultimatum ( we havent fully seen The Bourne Supremecy but saw the bourne identity when it came out years ago... hope its good!

*updated- Lunchtime

Hello Blog-land from Campus!

So.. Ortho ordered an MRI, he was not happy that my knee is still giving me problems . What is odd is that the last two weeks on the meds, I could run again with no problems- I posted about my Supersonic Racer Speed last week ( 7 mile run in 50 minutes and a 6.4 miler in around that too).

Yesterday, I went to "jog" to my car after biking and jabbed with pain on the first step from nowhere! So dissappointing.

Health insurance won't cover the MRI- it goes toward my deductible which is 2500 and it costs $600 out of pocket.

So the assistant is checking into other options on what to do and what will be figured out by the MRI- in most likely case- I need a surgical operation to either clear out cartiledge, or fix my knee cap. I doubt I can afford surgery, but at least 1/4 of my deductible would be paid for so ....??

After the appointment I went to the gym. I know, how ironic/hypocritical? But I felt like getting out my stress/frustration and the best way I can do that is by exercise- so

Body: Biked 11 miles, 23 minutes ( resistance level 4-11, random hill program). Elliptical 22 minutes (resistance level 3-5).. no strength training today, just some stress relieving cardio!

Mind: In the waiting area, got through several pages of Slow Food Nation...its been a Slow Read Too! I also am on campus early to do more research and read in the library, which should be rather productive.
** I got so much reading done in 30 minutes!!! Wow... super productive . Class was rather mundane- we got out early though so I could do more researching for the presentation for it! **

Soul: Dinner is already made and nail appointments for tomorrow evening. I have to pack but have a good base of what I need/want to take with me this weekend.
I also wanted to yoga everyday this week, so I plan on doing that this evening or going for a walk with Jeff. The grass needs cut too so I may do some yardwork with Jeff, the outdoor time relaxes me as well. ** yoga today- 20 minutes- Yardwork tomorrow afternoon with Jeff**

Lunch was delicious after the gym....I will have to post the pic later with dinner

I had:
TJ Steel Cut Oats, added tsp organic peanut butter, dried cranberries and pineapple ( and wished I had coconut!)... THANKS MOM FOR THE ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER! ( its less salty but still yummy!)
Oikos Blueberry Organic Greek ( HT had $0.75 off coupons- i took a bunch which made the cost less than other greek yogurts!)
Thawed Steamed Veggies and Fresh Raw Veggies with a tsp of Garlic Hummus

Delicious! Off to coursework, see you around dinner

Scrambled Egg Whites ( Egg Whites Only and BetterN Eggs Brands)- 1/2 cup
I added leftover dinner from last night( just one S. Potato slice, with crumles)
A mini TJ Whole Wheat tortilla

And... Frozen fruit thawed in the microwave... Strawberries, Blueberries and Mango- I added (1/3 cup) Uncle Sam's Cereal for fiber and flax-

I enjoy Uncle Sam's Cereal because it has whole bran flakes and whole flaxseeds- I can take the time to grind up the flaxseeds as I chew, which makes me eat slower and enjoy the meal more!

Flaxseeds are more "bioavailable" when ground- ( they WILL come out in your poo if the seeds are not ground b/c they are somewhat indigestible). Way to learn something new about your poo!

Getting ready for the Ortho knee appt...

The health insurance I have now should cover it no problem- however I have an outstanding bill apparently of $364 for my first visit for my knee for some reason- I have to now call UHC to re-process the claim again Sigh.. which means a higher phone bill too ..

Dinner for Two times Two!

Fake Meat! Morningstar farms grillers crumbles, curried sweet potato slices, sauteed onion, asparagus spears This is how I made it- I put the asparagus spears ( 12 made one serving for 25 calories, so I put in three servings total) on bottom dressed in olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning, added on top the thawed Morningstar Crumbles, Added the chopped onion. While I was doing that, I had sliced two sweet potatoes- tossed them in curry powder, salt, brown sugar, coriander ( all minimal just so each had a bit of seasoning) - then microwaved the potato for about 5 minutes.

I layered them on top to make it more like a vegan "shepards pie"- and put it in the toaster oven for 25 minutes at 350.
Perfect for two!

While it baked I decided to go ahead and do dinner for tomorrow night since I was in the mood - get it out of the way while I want to right? Homemade meat sauce ( Jennie -O ground turkey and Jennie-O turkey sausage).
As you can see below... in the tupperware I put two servings of gr. turkey, and three sausages.. then I put the rest in baggies for the freezer for another meal. I find it would be better utilization, since we can grill the sausages for sandwhiches one night and could do all kinds of things with the gr turkey (meatballs, tacos, burgers...) . I sauteed a medium onion with three or four small garlic cloves, added dried basil and dried oregano, a little olive oil, threw in some Sherry ...

Then I addded the turkey in small chunks like meatballs into the onion garlic mix... let them cook then added the sausage in the same way.
After this I added a can of crushed tomatoes in basil ( the big can)... and you will have to wait till tomorrow to see the dinner!

Jeff's little sister came over to borrow clothes and we ended up talking for four hours!! We have SO much in common! We are getting our nails done on thursday and shopping for shoes- total girls!

Today's Wrap Up

Elliptical 22 minutes, Bike 9 miles in 19 minutes, Walked Jack for 20 minutes (up hill both ways haha), Yoga 30 minutes... yoga felt amazing today!

Strength: Abs, Quads, Back and Biceps

Read some of SFN, and some of Organic Inc... suduko as usual!

Talked with KC, Yoga, Yoga Yoga! , Cleaned and Organized my room- and did four loads of laundry... so coincidental because KC came over to borrow clothes! Cooked Two dinners!

Ready for another day and a doctor's appointment for my knee! fingers crossed everyone

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I just did some quick searching..

The tableware is Hanford Forge, Stainless Silver. http://www.replacements.com/webquote/HAFPRI.htm?s1=mshp&339596

This site sells them and says one knife is worth $10 ( I have 7) .... the one round soup bowl spoon I have is $23...
I have 16 spoons ( on the site I believe they are $10 each)
I have 16 forks ( 8 small, 8 large) ( I believe they are $10 each)
2 large serving spoons
1 large serving fork ( i think its their oyster fork... $29 )

Thats over $400 in silverware!

Gees... Its not that I was even interested in selling it - I was just interested in what I had because I nor Jeff knew what to do with it when we brought it home. Nana was pretty clear on the fact that she didnt care to have it any longer ( she is trying to get rid of everything in her house).... Nana asked both of us if we wanted to take it and I said only if she didn't want it- Jeff said he'd always liked the cars on the plates. That was all that needed to be said before we were being ushered to the car with it.

Its nice to know more about vintage stuff! how interesting!

Lunch, Cute Shirt, Silver for Sale

Lunch: Veggies, leftover brussel sprouts and mixed vegs.
half of a Flat Out Wrap Light, dabs of goddess dressing, salmon burger ( thawed in the microwave then toasted in the toaster over) and a little leftover Kashi Pilaf

New BCBG shirt I got for $3 !!! I think its for the rehearsal dinner with dress pants...haven't decided yet... Its going to be outdoors/indoors at a beach front house (a 5 bedroom mansion that Nate rented for all of "us" to stay at...which could be like 20 people so we may stay at Jeff's parents or at the 5 br... not sure!)

Nana gave us these cake plates.. They are plated with 22 K gold ( On the back they says "Harher Pottery Company, since 1832. Made in the USA. 22 K gold) and have old cars with their names from like 1800's. I dont know what to do with them or if they are worth anything ( I wouldn't want to actually eat on them if they were super valuable!)

She also gave us some of her old silver. Despite that they seem tarnished, they are "real" silver but I think the colorful spoons and some forks are actually gold (plated ?). Again, I have no idea if we can actually use them, if they are worthy of selling, how to clean them etc..
Anyone have ideas? The back of them are inscribed : "Princeton, Stainless, Japan"

She grew up in England though, so ??

Booo Berry Martini

Frozen Blueberries in a Halloween Martini Glass. I bought these last year at the after-halloween sale at Target for $4 a pair... and I got two because basically any other time of year- they are just orange martini glasses with a wood holder and they were so cute!

Also had a Strawberry Flax Waffle ( Kashi) , the rest (about 2/3) of a Chobani Strawberry yogurt, the last small slice of banana bread topped with the last of the natural peanut butter... and the last (about 2 oz extra) of Jeff's smoothie.. (1 scoop protein, 1+ cup milk, frozen blueberries, mango, cherries, 1T of applesauce, ground flax)

To Do List:
Errands, Reading, Laundry, Gym , Clean my closet (aka our third bedroom)- would anyone like to see a before /after pic?

NO CLASS today ( its the class Slow Food Nation is due next week for), but may meet with my group that is reading this book Organic Inc ( same class).... I haven't read this many books since I was about 7 reading The Babysitters Club ! Those graham-checked books- anyone remember?

Monday, October 13, 2008


Body: Gym!
Strength Training: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Hammies and
Cardio: Biked 10 miles in 23 minutes, Elliptical for 30 minutes

Mind: Class was cut short today but I got some reading down on Slow Food Nation... I was super sonic at Suduko today too!

Soul: I went shopping and found a sweater to go with dress #1 !! I also bought christmas presents (early!!!) from Bath and Body Works- I got a free Lambie and a free candle! I also got a ton of wallflowers b/c they were on sale! I bought frames and ribbon from the craft store too! Jeff and I made dinner together...

Jeff grilled:
-Ribeye Steaks with bone in ( BOGO at Harris Teeter!)
-An onion with green pepper, tossed in some worchestire and S&P

I made:

Brussel Sprouts roasted in the toaster oven ( I had a bag from TJ and microwaved them for the 2 minutes it says on the bag, chopped em up, drizzled smart balance olive oil on em, S&P, then tossed it all around. Toasted em at 400 for about 8 minutes.

Also on the pan, the last slice of red pepper

Kashi Whole Grain Instant Pilaf!

Lovely meal - there is plenty left for Jeff for lunch tomorrow and me too!
Speaking of Lunch:
Today was a quick grab after the gym - Chobani Plain with some Chobani Strawberry , Kashi Go Lean Crunch, a tsp peanut butter, a slice of red pepper...


Quaker Simple Harvest Oatmeal
- delicious and it has flaxseeds and almond slivers- 2 heart healthy fat sources!
- the smell of this is the absolute best though!
Scrambled Egg Whites for Protein

Small Banana and PB
Black Coffee

There is a close up of the falling flaxseed and almond slices. Hmm yum!

Reading and Couch time with Jeff! See you in the morning!

Sunday Funday Pick My Dress ?!

Andrea and Brit and I were up until 4 am talking! I was tired but wired because we just kept having things to talk about! We all slept over and watched a movie in the morning when we finally woke up! I left my car at our hangout place ( its about 1/2 mile from Andrea and Nates house)- So Andrea, Brit and I got up and walked to get the cars and then I headed out to the mall for some shopping ( I wanted to get a cute shirt for the rehearsal dinner and maybe a new dress for the wedding).

I grabbed this and a banana for Shopping Fuel!

( let me preface this with I know how silly and "Superficial" or "trivial" it seems to be concerned with what I wear. I like to look my best and I do find it fun and it will help me pack for the weekend)

Here is outfit #1 - I think I will wear this during the day fri or sat but still need something warmer for rehearsal at night and I got the whole outfit including earrings and bracelet for $9 !!

On to the dress for the event, I have one that is phenomenal but the zipper is ivory and where the dress is black, you can see the ivory zipper. I don't know if people would think its just too small and I look stuffed into it *

Then there is dress #2, the one I wore to Jeff's brothers wedding and his cousins wedding... Jack came in to say hi when I was taking pictures! See him at the bottom

Both of the dresses are from White House Black Market, both I got on sale plus coupons , and I have well gotten use out of both of them. I looked for a new one but didnt seem to like anything I loved. As much as I want to not spend money. I have seen picture and after picture of me in same dress and jeff in the same suit over and over ... maybe I should wear one of these, and could get some great shoes, and a new shirt for jeff?

I can't decide between the two dresses though.
Which one do you like best?

Saturday- Sunday

Saturday Jeff made this ^ Mine is on the orange plate.. I was joking how its an egg burrito and egg burrito jr. Mine was a whole wheat tortilla from TJ ( 50 calories, 3 g fiber)... two slices of bacon, scrambled egg, little sauteed white onion... It was delicious and hit the spot!

And unfortunately, I did not bring my camera with me before going out so I didn't have to carry it around all evening ( I drop things VERY easily and have forgetfully left stuff so I have learned to just carry what i need in my pockets). For dinner I had a house salad (romaine, carrots, tomato, green pepper, red onion, cucumber), 6 "niblets" ( boneless hot wings), and a small amount of french fries... I also had a blue moon with extra orange slices. I ordered a water after that mainly because I just wanted to stay hydrated and well digested. I sipped on my water after dinner but did have a shot for "dessert" ( a buttery nipple: butterscotch rum and baileys I believe).

We finished up at our local hang out place and then ended up heading downtown and danced ! While dancing I had a "Sweet Tea Vodka", the newest flavored vodka so appropriate for The South. It was good but I wouldn't go crazy over it and especially since I am not a big drinker anyway. So I consumed three drinks total over the course of the whole evening mixed with dinner, dancing and water! I was happy that I had such a fun time, knowing I won't wake up with a hangover or sick feeling. I also stuck to drinks that I really wanted to taste and enjoy. I can't believe in college I would just drink whatever ( like cans of light beer ). I think that is great advice: stick to what you really want to taste and enjoy!

We had a fantastic time and decided to cab it back to Andrea and Nates to play more Wii and Guitar Hero! The cab was taking awhile and we saw a hummer limo - Of course Nate runs up to the driver and starts chatting with him- The next thing I know I am shuttled into the limo by Jeff! I have NEVER been in one of those things before and it was kinda creepy- There was a half empty 2L bottle of soda in the champagne holder- all the champagne glasses had a little liquid in them, the radio wouldn't work (jeff tried to fix it the whole ride back), the floor was dirty. Despite all of that, it was WAY more interesting and comfy than taking a cab ( There was 7 of us). Nate is such an awesome guy and I can't wait for their wedding!