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I am currently working on a Master's Degree in Nutrition and requirements for Registered Dietician R.D. I plan to run my first full marathon in 2009. This blog is about everything I learn, eat, and do along the way. Cheers!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Food Discussion: Emotional Eating

What nourishes you in all aspects of your life? …
Often people reach for that cupcake, or a brownie because it's "yummy" because it makes them "feel good" because they "want it"... But why do they want it? …It is food, so what are you REALLY HUNGRY for? We eat to nourish ourselves, its an innate response that we all have to fulfill. What are you trying to nourish?

“”Fill up” an emptiness, be it spirituality, mentally, emotional…with what needs filled. Are you stressed at work because you aren’t getting enough respect? Will people respect you more for eating that cupcake ?

Are you stressed because you are bored… challenge yourself to become a better lawyer/student/friend/self… Are you stressed because you are giving too much of yourself to others? “Treat” yourself by figuring out what it is that you are needing to fill and fill it with what it needs….

Likewise, fill your stomach with what it needs, Be it carrots or carrot cake…. but when it needs it
And when you go for that endulgence, think “Would a sane, healthful minded, BALANCED person be eating this right now?”

Cross Training!


Cross-training on Saturdays went wel!
For Cardio:
Stair climber 15 minutes, Arc Trainer for 20, and Biked for 15.
For Strength:
Ham curls (4) 40, Quad extensions (3) 20, Leg Push Squat 3 (90) , Chest Press 4 (25), Tricep Press (4) 20

(8:30 am) Breakfast was a small bowl of oats with ground flax seed ( such a heart healthy fat! Healthy fats help with cell functioning particularly in your brain!) a big ol banana with about 1 T of peanut butter smeared on it. I also had a new greek yogurt called Chobani - I had the plain flavor, which is only 100 calories, 0 fat, and 18 g protein!

(1:45pm) Lunch was a big salad with some hummus, a salmon patty, a small chunck of aged cheddar and a small slice of Whole Wheat bread (all of this happened to be from Trader Joes )


Today I am planning on resting as much as I can because I feel a cold coming on and watching the Olympics! I tried sewing up this dress I have to make it fit better but I didn't do a good job- I think I will just have it tailored this week! I also want to buy this awesome black dress I found awhile ago for Jeff's cousin's wedding in september!