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I am currently working on a Master's Degree in Nutrition and requirements for Registered Dietician R.D. I plan to run my first full marathon in 2009. This blog is about everything I learn, eat, and do along the way. Cheers!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blogger Secret Ingredient, Pear Quesadila

Pear Quesadilla!

But First I have to thank the wonderful people at Chobani ( Agra-Farma)-They sent me samples of Chobani! I have never tried or had SEEN the peach flavor.

I seriously think this stuff is delicious- its so hard to choose now with such similar competition with TJ, Fage, Oikos, Chobani- I think they are are stellar products! I love the peach!

It went perfectly with my attempt at BSI!!

I made a Pear Quesadilla with Ham ( canadian bacon), and Blue Cheese (crumbles from the Salad Bar at WF)...

First I grilled half of the D-Anjou pear a little in my toaster oven while layering on ingredients ( Whole Wheat Tortilla, Ham, baby spinach, mushroom, mustard, red onion)Here is the whole sliced up Pear Quesadilla with my side of chobani for friday lunch!

On the side I used the remainder of the pear to make a little boat filled with spinach, red bell pepper, red onion, and some blue cheese crumbles!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Breakfast Smoothie


I was craving another smoothie as I made it yesterday! So I added in this order:

1.5 cups Milk
2 bananas

1 big scoop protein powder

1 TB peanut butter

1 cup frozen mango

Blended on high- and split with Jeff. I would say I had a good 1/3 and gave him 2/3. I also heated up my leftover pumpkin oats from yesterday ... of course since it is Halloween I threw in some orange and purple candy pumpkin sprinkles!

I did not buy candy this year mostly because we had AWFUL trick or treaters last year! At first kids were young, dressed up, a little rude but whatever. About a half hour into the treating hours, the kids started becoming teenages and hardly any were dressed in any costume... Now, I totally wanted to get free candy when I was 13+ too. I at least put on a costume- even as lame as a sheet with a hole- something you know! I asked one "You didn't want to be anything for halloween?" and she goes "My mom told me I don't need to dress up"..."You gonna give me candy or not?".

My mouth dropped. Seriously, Jeff had already reached in to our plastic pumpkin and was on his way to giving it to her when he heard that. I went to shut the door on her but after Jeff had dropped the candy as she said that! I was so mad I spent like $50 on candy for that!?!?

Anyhow, so this year we decided on not giving out candy and to go out with our friends. But I look foward to doing that in the future maybe when/if we move into a "nicer" neighborhood!


Rest! Even though for whatever reason, I totally feel up to some cross training or yoga (always!). I may go to the gym just for some biking etc. after shopping with KC for halloween stuff later this afternoon.


Right now, I need to finish the Chapter 6 presentation on Organic Inc. Then head into "work" ( figure out what to do with this timesheet problem) and this weekend I need to work on my metabolism research paper ( intermediate hyperglycemia: impaired signal? impaired mRNA transduction; what is it that leads to diabetes ( metabolically speaking)


Let's see, shopping... shopping WITH one of my favorite people, finishing a presentation always makes me feel great!

It's halloween- dont let the ghouls and goblins get your soul!

Dinner for One , oh wait no, Make that Two, Three?

So yesterday , I had the zbar and apple while studying just before class despite STILL not being hungry! I went to class and just over halfway through- I was STARVING! sigh...

I ran to Whole Foods for a forgotten ingredient for BSI ( the WF is literally across the street from campus)... Jeff called me while there and told me that he was NOT going to his grandma's for dinner so we could eat together. I was intending on going home and throwing together something but knew it would be something Jeff probably didn't want. I suggested we meet out for dinner ( I kinda wanted to celebrate running that far and knew I certainly had the extra calorie room for a "restaurant meal"). We met at Macaroni Grill and unfortunately, due to the unexpected, I left my camera at home.

We had a glass of the house Chianti with the loaf of bread they brought out. I love italian bread with olive oil and herbs- Yum! Jeff and I ate the whole loaf!

I had a house salad ( meh... romaine, chopped tomato, olives, red onion, parmesean) and... Mama's Trio.

Yes, that is chicken parmesean, lasagna, AND chicken canneloni ... all three on one dish. I had a small section of each one before being stuffed ( all that bread and salad and wine!) Literally, dinner for THREE!

I, of course, found room for dessert- Chocolate Cake Tiramisu- I love tiramisu but I almost always go for the chocolate cake- What a perfect combo for me!?!

It was a caramel and toffee lined martini glass filled with marscapone and topped/layered with chocolate cake chopped into small cubes, soaked in Kahlua and espresso

This is me drooling the next morning:








drooling again thinking about how yummy it was





Hee hee- we concluded the evening with halloween costume shopping but did not find what we were looking for ( he is going as part of The Village People, he is the indian. I am going with his sister KC, and Brit as Three Blind Mice or Charlies Angels or ??)

So I estimated that what I had from this meal was approx. 1300 calories.
here is how I came up with it:
one glass of wine is about 100, the salad without dressing less than 100, two chuncks of bread I assume 200. That is 400
The Trio: about another 200 of each trio part- I looked at it as a whole and left a good 80% on the plate. so that is 600 calories.
Dessert: 1/3 about 300 calories

I am "over-estimating" with dessert- I can't imagine one martini glass of dessert is 900 calories- but you never know- I think its a close estimate.

So that means my total intake for Thursday was 2,000 kcal.
I ran for 12.5 miles, burning approx. 1,200 calores (pace: about 8 min/mile)
Resting Metabolic Rate, Walked to/from campus, around the stores- 1500

It is nice to know that I am still about 700 calories behind- not awful.

If you want to lose one pound a week ( recommended rate of weight loss), you need to have a calorie deficit of 500 a day. ( you could burn an extra 500 through exercise, eat 500 less, or do some kind of combination thereof). I am not attempting to lose weight but I am not specifically avoiding losing weight either. So my deficit was 700 for the day but much smaller for the rest of the week- so no worries here!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Marathon Here I come


My fake race went superb! I stopped at mile 6 on campus and bought a bag of candy corn ( i had more than this- about 20 pieces total)( no jelly beans)- and boy, did I feel an energy boost! Phew! I feel so much more confident for the marathon next weekend! sigh...

p.s i decided to do a calorie count today only because I ran SO much and know I have a huge deficit to make up- I'm not big on calorie counting in general because I really try to listen to my body and feed it whatever it wants - when it wants it- but for today, I feel like I need to keep track. Plus, it will be helpful for next weekend for the race to kinda gage what I need

interesting notes:
-it was approx. 47 degrees when I started running

-it was approx. 53 degrees when I stopped

-I ran for 1 hour and 48 minutes, 12 miles ( .5 mile jog/walk)

-I felt super slow even though well under the time I thought I would get

- Took off my gloves on mile three
-candy corn was super energy boost!

- came home and immediately made a delicious smoothie (despite not being hungry???)

- when i got home, I was SUPER cold ... I still am really cold after showering and eating and now ready for class

Smoothie ( I drank while getting in the shower because I was so cold but knew I needed to get fuel and to get warm)
1/2 cup milk
3/4 banana
1 Tb pb
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/2 cup frozen mango
Delicious - best one I have ever made ! !!
approx. 210 calories

Post shower I had:
Tava "Meditteranean Fiesta"
Flat Out Light Wrap
Rotissere chicken w/o skin

approx. 140 calories

I know this is not enough calories- I am at 700 for the day (w candy corn) but honestly, my stomach does not want anything inside it right now. I know that I burned over 1,000 and "need" the fuel- but I just can't handle anymore right now.

So I will bring a smores z bar & apple with me and know for sure I can get something as soon as I get hungry again before class!

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats with Banana, Cranberries, Cocunt, Flaxseed, Egg Whites,

I prepared Organic Steel Oats ( bought from Trader Joes for $2.99 for the tub! )
with water- its a 4:1 ratio so I only had 1/2 cup left of dry oats- I started 2 cups water to boil on the stove, then added the oats stirring for the first 5 minutes. Dropped the heat down and let them simmer for 20 minutes...

I took out about a serving, mixed in
1/4 cup organic pumpking (also got at Trader Joes for $2)
1/4 cage free egg whites in a carton (also from TJ for $2)
and.... half teaspoon baking powder ( hooray for not overdoing it!)

After microwaving that for another 1 minute- I added cocunut, organic peanut butter (its hiding under the bananas and flaxseed cereal ( Uncle' Sams) and coconut. Layered that with sliced banana

I ate all the fruit and add-ins but only about half the oats... (in case you are interested- the total calorie count came to 390 for the whole bowl... so what I ate from it was about 290 calories)

Off to run at 8:30!!!I am closing in on this! Woohooo!


Mind: Love thursday because you all must know its.. Advanced Nutrient Metabolism Day! I will continue to post my notes after classes so it keeps interesting info on the blog AND so it helps me retain information as well!

Also working on my Minority Health Presentation


-Hopefully fit in shopping for running gear!
-Clean up the guest room for D-Hurt ( he is coming on monday for a concert monday night! He is the SWEETEST guy- he is a little older than Jeff and used to work with him but quit his chemical engineering after years to be an equipment manager for a professional baseball team! HE LOVES doing their laundry and cooking for them- and he gets paid well! He is one of the most genuine people I know)
- Get back to jacob's mom and the agency that I can't work... not sure how I will do this yet... but by writing about it I really got to work through my thoughts and found out what I needed to do.
Thanks for patience and suggestions when I write about issues like this!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This was a good 7+ question way to answer whether or not you should go work out if you are potentially "under the weather"

So no run today -I had the sniffles .. I have had the sniffles for the past week+ and I want them to go away! Other reasons (excuses) include I need to get some 7 mile + energy source that I can have on race day and take it with me for my next run... i.e jelly beans or goo or what have you. I think that is a big reason why I seem to stop at 7,8, 9 miles- I feel great but my brain probably stops working since its out of glucose fuel- and or my body needs a boost to keep it going.

I also have nothing appropriate to wear for race day and I need to find some stuff or at least try out what i do have to make sure it won't/will do.

Leftover whole wheat angel hair, sauce and Fake Steak! The fake steak is totally vegetarian. I like the way it is but it is not anywhere near the texture of filet or ribeye....

FUN dessert!
nonfat greek yogurt, mixed in one tablespoon of no pudge brownie mix and 1/4 cup fruit colored marshmallows, a teaspoon of pb, a tablespoon of coconut.... Yum! Yum! Yum!

The reasoning behind this dessert:

Nana make these amazing tasting "chocolate windows"... super easy recipe but not the healthiest ( although not bad- it requires 12 oz. Chocolate Chips, 1 Cup Peanut Butter ( i could use natural) 1/2 Cup Butter or Margarine ( I could do smart balance?) 2 Cups Miniature Marshmallows, 2 Cups Rice Krispies 12 oz. ). So I bought the marshmallows and planned on making these bad boys for christmas or something- since I had to get the whole bag I figured I would try out another recipe...

I did a "B-Healthy" version of ambrosia based from the package recipe:
1/2 banana

1 cup sour cream ( sub 1 cup nonfat greek yogurt_)

1 cup marshmallows (sub 2/3 cup)

coconut ( I used two tablespoons unsweetened)

1 cup orange sections ( didnt have any)

1 cup crushed pineapple ( I just cut up a small apple into tiny chunks)

Mix all together and chill at least 15 minutes.
So I did that minus the orange sections and pineapple... SO YUMMY!

and then realized ...

I had no pudge mix ! And knowing that I totally would eat the whole pan of brownies in two days- I avoid that by making single serving brownies- well- I thought I could do the brownie part with yogurt, then do the add ins part from the ambrosia and make it like Nana's Chocolate Windows B-Healthy style!

Sort of worked out- it was delicious- but not the same... still a great satisfying dessert! but i would not recommend anyone repeat it unless they were prepared for potential dessert-failure. It was fun trying!

So, I rested and prepared ( mentally and physically) today in hopes to get a decent run in tomorrow ( I am keeping my fingers crossed but I realize anything could happen tomorrow morning!) a fake race. It all depends on how my knee feels and how my sniffles feel too!


Yoga, Strength: Abs, Back, Biceps, Quads (BBQ) .
My triangle poses felt AMAZING today- I can totally tell a difference from even a few weeks ago!

Class was phenomenal! 3 great article presentations on native american health and flaxseed reducing cholesterol levels in postmenapausal native american women, african american adolescent obesity intervention in chicago schools, and acculturation of hispanic and latino populations. In addition to this... I took out a book on Food and Culture and found all this great information for MY presentation in three weeks! Woohoo! I seriously LOVE this Minority Health Seminar - I would love to take this class again and do more!

prepare yourselves, this is a long one:

If you have been reading my blog you probably know that I worked as an instructor of kids with Autism, and since starting back to school this semester and injuring my knee for marathon training- I had to stop working at the school I taught at . My afternoon student was very dear to me and was doing AMAZING before I left. Well, his mom has since asked me to work with him at home. At first she asked if I could do evening/weekend hours, which aside from my schoolwork time - those hours are not suitable for me because they are my relaxation hours, catch up with Jeff and friends, finish up projects, etc. Plus I am not as good of a teacher during those hours since I would have to go from class 4-6 then try to teach him 6-8- hello DINNER?!?
So... she found a way I could come 2.5 hours in the morning- she was pulling him out of preschool in the mornings because he was not thriving at that school ( the teachers were not 1:1 or even somewhat aware of how to teach jacob). I would get paid through this agency, so his mom could actually supplement that- We all win, right? Not exactly.

The more trainings I have had to do with this agency, the more I realize how much brain energy it takes away from studying nutrition, how much time it takes out of my schedule that I could be doing research projects or shadowing an RD or finding jobs in the field, or focusing on thesis work etc etc etc... the more I also realized how "stupid" this agency is- check the cpr incident yesterday morning...The more I work with Jacob, the worse I feel because I want him to have everything in the world, be so successful that it would be as if he never had a diagnosis at all, and I feel like it all started downhill for him when I left work and he started the new morning school.

So I have gone to his house only a few times, his mom paid me for my time ( a total of 8 hours these past two months) and I didn't accept the money she was going to give me for this past sunday. I think more so because friends don't pay you to hang out with them, and I would be starting with the agency soon enough that her $30 or whatever is more valuable to her than it was to me.

The more I have gone to his house, the more I realize how much it takes out of me to do intensive therapy with him. It is another big thing that will not be a quick 2 hours of mindless work, its difficult and stressful and I take it seriously so I give 110%.

I was feeling like this is not the situation for me to work and this is not where I want to go with my life and how do I get out now that I have started with this agency!?

Well, last night his mom asked me "Will you lie on your timesheet for us?" She wants me to lie so that her case manager, who says even though he is not recquired to be in preschool he cannot have supplemental therapy during those morning hours I can go...only during evening/weekend hours can he have extra therapy.

I don't think I can handle the lying, the plotting, the planning around visits from case managers that I would have to do and not to mention the fact that if.... IF something were to happen and the wrong person found out I lied on my hours, I would be fired for that. That will stay with me for the rest of my entire career. The chance of it happening might be small, but the consequences if anything should happen are FAR to great to mess up my entire life career.

It was as if this greater force was telling me "Wake up! You kept saying this was not going to be good, well here is the final straw- here is your way out!"

Maybe I am reading to much into this... What do you think ?

Battery Exhausted

Oh this title is so metaphoric!
Last night I went to Jeff's hockey game and caught up chatting with a friend on the phone before the game started AND read more of WH magazine waiting for him after they WON!!! Jeff scored the 8th goal and I totally saw it! ( sometimes i have a hard time figuring out whats going on during the game, that little puck goes so fast!)

Anyhow, I was exausted when we got home! And... the last check up on my car ( from the shady car dealers that ALWAYS mess up my car and I only keep going back so they fix what they mess up. Long story short, they told me last time my battery while not start once the weather gets colder. ??? I am now always concerned my car just won't start!

and... I went to take a picture this morning of breakfast and "Battery Exhausted" popped up on the screen. My last camera had its docking station- so when I went to upload photos I also automatically charged it. Well, this one is different- the usb directly connects to the camera but you have to disconnect the battery to charge it on the charging station.

Oh well, time to recharge for everyone I guess!

Breakfast I made another attempt at pumpkin filling with much less baking powder and a little baking soda -- ( which in Adv. Nutrient Metabolism we talked about how it helps reduce lactic acid build up in your muscles - will make a separate post about it)

Poofy Pumpkin breakfast was pretty much like yesterdays unfortunately. Fortunately it was much less "baking powdery" so a little better! So I added:

-Unsweetened Coconut flakes (reminded me of Madison at Follow My Weigh)
-Peanut Butter
-Half Banana
-Blueberries! ( i have missed them! )

Hooray for improvement!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Strung Out

  • Okay not really - I am referring to the angel hair noodles I had for dinner and how my first post of the day was "blah"... the second was "ergh"... it could only be followed by something along those lines!

    Whole Wheat Angel Hair, Rottissere (sp?) Chicken , Easiest Tomato Sauce ever ( I put in one big can of diced Fresh Market tomatoes with italian herbs, and one big jar of TJ Marinara). Yum!

    I am doing an "accomplishments" post because I need a boost and that usually tends to do it:


  • Emailed Paper in to professor
  • Laundry- Mine
  • Laundry-blankets and sheets
  • Laundry- put away Jeff's cuz it was in MY way! hee hee
  • Swept all the floors
  • CPR Training/Work ( although turned out to be pointless I should still get paid)
  • Found Cliff Z-Bars in oh so festive Spooky Smores ( totally had it at the library-Yum!)
  • Finished Chapter 6 ( my portion of our group presentation)
  • Took detailed notes to transcribe to Powerpoint for Chp 6
  • Read all the Oct. and half of the Nov. Women's Health Mag.
  • Deposited Mom's check at the bank ( Thanks Mom!!!Cant wait to see you!)
  • Stopped at Andrea's and got her mail, took it up to her kitchen
  • Cooked dinner
  • Blogged! I love blog writing, its just such a great activity
  • Hooray For Toliet Paper !!!!!!!!!!


So I got to work and sat through 2.5 hours of CPR video training ( I am already first aid /CPR certified through 11/29/2008).... only to find out that the training is going until 4 pm... so the break for lunch I told them when I was scheduled to come in I was told it was going until 1 and I am already certified in CPR.. You guys copied my card!?!?!?!?

Ugh- so I have to go back in Novemeber for a different 4 hour Recertification course- I am totally putting those 2.5 hours down on my timesheet because that was a big waste of my time and NOT my fault- I told them and they copied my current certification - they should not have told me to come in ! Ergh!

Anyhow, the good news ( done with the venting-Thanks for listening)
I stopped and got Toliet Paper and i had a coupon! I also got Tava ( i had a coupon for $1.50 off) and they were both on sale! I also found.... Spooky Smores!!! Just arrived and I snagged a few...

I am snacking on one later this afternoon for sure!

Here is my lunch:
leftover acorn squash

a Flat Out Light Wrap with Short Cuts Perdue Chicken

I wanted yogurt... and I wanted something chocolate- what a perfect combo: No pudge single serving idea ( Take two tablespoons of the mix and 1 tablespoon 0% greek yogurt and mix well. Microwave for about 1 minute) I added a smidge of PB!

I am motivated to clean right now so I am cleaning then heading to campus to get some serious coursework done!


Woke up 45 minutes earlier than yesterday!
Totally messed up breakfast: I accidentally spilled WAY too much baking powder into this (which I didn't use at all yesterday!) ... Look at what came out!

Pretty cool... but tasting like ...well baking powder! It was 1/4 cup organic pumpkin and 1/2 cup egg whites (TJ cage free)... It tasted pretty yucky even after adding cranberries, banana, and apple and peanut butter and sprinkles! I ate all the top stuff then added more pumpkin, salt, some maple syrup and remixed it- much better but still not like yesterdays! blah!

Okay -

Body: REST REST REST!! I know before I said I hated rest days, but I LOVE rest days when I actually feel like I need to rest! I usually have a mental debate over it, which means I am probably not listening to my body!

Mind: Training for work ( CPR certification all day- EVEN though I am already certified in first aid & CPR *B_Hlthy Sighs ). Oh well. So I need to send in my finished paper, read my other new magazine, finish reading Chp 6. of Organic Inc and start slide presentation of it, start slides for Native American childhood obesity article.

the good: I am totally excited that I woke up earlier than yesterday, now I just gotta keep it going!

the bad: that breakfast left a BAD taste in my mouth- literally- I hate when that happens because I technically ate enough food but I am totally not satisfied. Haruummph.

the ugly: we are on the last roll of toliet paper- Eeek! Thats what happens when you buy a big bulk package- you never think of it running out. To the store (before work) I go ...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Slow Food Nation Paper - DONE!!!

petrini defines "good" as good to the palate, good to the mind, and good to others/self (respectful)
- he also describes food ( as i said in previous slow food posts) as a network and that it should be "good" , "clean", and "fair"

Petrini, author of Slow Food Nation, states that food should be thought of as a network of people, places, products, and knowledge. I, as most Americans seem to do, get caught up in the price I see rather than the importance of how that product came to be in my hands and everything it took to “be”. Petrini opened my eyes to finding out more about the food I am putting in my mouth, after all it conveys such values as happiness, identity, and pleasure.

Let me endulge you with my trip to the State Fair, and whether it was “good” as Carlo Petrini defines it in Slow Food Nation. When we arrived, our first course was disappointingly, $8, chili cheese fries. The cheese was clearly some remade processed goo that was probably chemically engineered and I could make better chili in my sleep to be quite honest. The fries were frozen potatoes again I could easily do better. I was hoping to get some amazing tasting stuff. My palate was aching for some fried goodies. After reading Petrini, I feel more inclined to buy potatoes from the Farmer’s Market down the street from my house, cut them up, fry them in oil, add cheddar and my homemade chili, and it would have been cheaper for me, given a local farmer business, boost the local economy, and TASTE better above all! I couldn’t help but be disappointed that the classic cheese fries, were not “good for my palate”.

On to course number two or rather lack there of; Fried Turkey Legs. I knew it was na├»ve of me to think there would be turkey legs from turkey’s raised at cage-free at semi-local farms but they were abnormally huge chunks of dark meat. Before Slow Food Nation, I never thought about that turkey leg being part of a turkey that was injected with such a great deal of hormones and antibiotics allowing it to grow that size. I could not bear to eat it because those hormones would be put into me. I had no desire to perpetuate (even in the slightest) to that kind of treatment to animals or processing of that as food. It was not “good for my mind.”

On a more positive note, I skip ahead to dessert because the last component for whether or not a food can be considered “good”, i.e “Does it respect others and ourselves?” (page 109), was fulfilled here. I found gourmet apples, not the red caramel apples at every other stand, rather a gourmet apple called “The Big Kahuna Super Monster”. As I looked at the description, I noticed it cost $8. The apple, larger than the size of a softball, had been rolled in caramel, then rolled in whole macademia nuts, then rolled in white chocolate marshmallow, then rolled in dark chocolate. I thought about what it took to make that apple, imagining myself rolling the apple in the caramel, in whole imported nuts, waiting for it to dry before coating it again in white chocolate, having to wait to cover it in dark chocolate. I imagined the cost of the chocolate, the nuts, the apple, the stick, the caramel, and paying the employee that is spending the time to do this. By looking at this food as a network, I decided within a few seconds that this apple would be more worth the $8 than those chili cheese fries.

I cannot be sure if any of my food that evening was “clean” or “fair” as Petrini defines. I can only assume that there was pollution, waste of resources, overuse of resources, and unfair trading prices (page 116) on most parts for these vendors. Do these foods / vendors create wealth and establish a more equitable order among people (page 143)? I doubt that could be possible considering the price of everything, the electricity and gas pollution of all the buildings and vehicles it takes to make the event possible. Did I make a mistake as a consumer by not pushing the vendors for more information on how they got their products, where, or when? Yes, I feel as though I did.

While reading Slow Food Nation, it seems as if I am or maybe just the American public is, at least slightly becoming more aware of how food is a network and more than just a mouthful of nutrients to fill up an empty stomach. I noticed a new show on a new channel, Planet Green, that discusses the very same principles in Slow Food Nation. It describes the problem with food that is not good, clean and fair, giving its audience ways to improve their habits so it can improve the earth. Subsequently, I stumbled upon an episode from a common television show, Oprah, regarding the conditions of caged animals versus cage free. This should give hope to authors and movement supporters of Slow Food; there are people listening who can influence consumers and reach out to their target audience to hopefully teach new gastronomes and bring the producer closer to the consumer ( an ultimate goal of new gastronomes).

update on soul:

Jeff is giving me a foot rub- much needed after my arch- straining incident on mile 8 ish

aaahh the best!!!

Cage Free Day! Chicken Cordon Bleu

Post Run- Pre-Class Snacks
Coffee in my santa mug a student's mom gave me!
Low Fat Cheddar from TJ
Z-Bar- The only kind around me are the brownie ( ick) and the chocolate chip ( yum!) - I WISH i could try the spooky smores or graham varieties but no stores here have them? whats up with that?

When I got home from class I found THIS!!!!

How amazing are the people at Stoneyfield - Sarah B sent me tons of coupons for free yogurts! Tons more for $1 off ones, AND a Hat! Woohoo! I am totally wearing the hat for my research presentation on the history of yogurt on 11-11!
I LOVE that Oikos is organic * unlike Chobani and Fage and TJ.... I think I enjoy all greek nonfat yogurts in their own ways - all very similar- but I have to say I would get Oikos over all because it is organic- if only it were as cheap as TJ and Chobani...

I made a healthy from scratch version of chicken cordon bleu- which I have to give myself props- it was AMAZING!!!!

My Ingredients:
Breading ( 1 slice toasted and dried out Arnold Whole Wheat Bread, 1.4 cup Cornmeal, Salt and Pepper)
TJ Cage Free Organic Chicken Breasts ( these were individually sealed, $7 for four big breasts)
TJ Canadian Ham slices

Creamy Cheese Filling
about 1/3 cup Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt
about 1/3 cup nonfat sour cream ( because I had some)
Parmesean Cheese ( also from TJ)

1 tsp Goat Cheese ( from the state farmer's market - its unbeatable for quality) and I wish I had more left than 1 tsp

Here is what I did:
I put the breading ingredients on a plate- Put a big square of tin foil right next to it. Cut a whole in the chicken package- pounded it inside a bit to make it thinner and flatter. Took chicken breast out of the package, laid one side on the breading on the plate ( pushed it in a little), laid it (bread side down) on the tinfoil. Repeated with other breast. (washed hands- ew no Salmonella on this gal!)

Mixed the creamy cheese ingredients together in a cup. Spooned on the creamy filling on the un-breaded side of the chicken . Laid two canadian ham slices on top of the creaminess. Then spread on goat cheese.

Rolled up the tinfoil so it folded the breasts in half over themselves.
Baked in the oven at 350 for 40 minutes
*** by the way- it was 210 calories, 3 g fat and 35 g protein and about 11g carbs for one breast with the filling and the ham....**

On the side: Acorn Squash ( microwaved for about 10 minutes total). This was my first ever eating/cooking of acorn squash- anyone have any ideas of what to do with it???

YUMMMMMM SO satisfied!
on to finish up my paper due in the morning

Update on Soul:
Free oikos and stoneyfield farm stuff!! How AWESOME!!! AND... I got two issues of Women's Health in the mail... so

Update on Mind:
Finish paper and read new magazines!

Update on Body:
So hard to walk!!!... Well, I shouldn't say that.. only walking from class to my car ( about 3/4 mile) was not fun at 7 pm for my knees. I think with another dose of some anti-inflammatories and a rest day tomorrow ( sitting through training tomorrow 10-3 and no class)... I should be fine by wednesday!

Pumpkin Sprinkles

Update on Body:

I just ran ....9 miles... ! And on the 7th mile I thought of all the great readers on here that comment and knew I could keep going! So THANK YOU ! I ran around my campus 6 times! Each loop is 1.49 miles according to mapmyrun (1.3 according to my car) and I ran extra in between stuff. WOOHOOO! That is the farthest I have run so far - and had I not stepped off into the grass and strained my arch on some rocks-I would have kept going. But at that point, I wouldn't risk any more strain.

Protein Plate: 3 egg whites hard boiled, nonfat greekyogurt from Trader Joes with a scoop of protein powder mixed in AND Halloween Pumpkin sprinkles! hee hee- I wouldn't recommend mixing protein powder like this but it was all function ( recovery muscle fuel )... and for delicious warming comfort- a nice bowl of Quaker Simple Harvest Hot Cereal- mixed with water and a cut up apple inside , cinnamon sprinkled all over! YUM!

Off to shower, then class to fufill all my ( some of my) "Mind" stuff

Cranberry Pumpkin "Filling"

I had a few cranberries left from my experimenting with the BSI ( I made a sauce to go with the pork and another type of bread -both i completely burned!) So.. I used them in my breakfast today as a secret secret ingredient ( I hid them in there )

Pumpkin "Filling" - Mine doesn't come out like a "cake" but it is certainly not "mush". Most of the time it comes out tasting more like the delicious inside of the pumpkin pie ( less dense though). I originally got the idea from Kath's site but change mine pretty much every time I make it! I stopped at TJ yesterday and picked up organic pumpkin ( canned for $1.99.... has anyone had a hard time finding pumpkin?) AND carton of egg whites that were cage free eggs- which I haven't been able to find !

1/4 cup organic pumpkin ( its less orange.. more brown ?)
1/2 cup cage free egg whites
whisked until well blended
sprinkled with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice
** note most people would probably want to add a sweetener of some sort- i have used tsp of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, packet of splenda etc... Today I didn't feel like adding any sweetener*
microwaved for 2 minutes
in go the cranberries
in goes the uncle sam's cereal ( whole wheat bran and whole flaxseeds)
mixed it all around
microwave for another 1 min +

Sliced a banana on top with a smudge of pb! (natural organic smuckers! ..ingredients: peanuts)

Run.. hopefully long and hopefully soon so I can adjust to morning runs ( I LOVE afternoon running so I have adjusted to "pre-lunch" running- which means after breakfast I blog/read/yoga/clean so that I don't run on a "Full" stomach and so when I am finished I am hungry for lunch. The problem now is that my race is at 8 am which means I have to wake up at about 6 am to get there on time and I never run that early. My plan is changing that sleep schedule over the next two weeks to waking up at 6 and running/exercising or just getting up that early! I am not concerned so much with the running 13 miles, I am more concerned with running while my body does not feel awake.

Yesterday I biked at 10 am... so today 9:30 is at least a little better! * baby steps*

Class.. assignment on research questions, edit/draft paper due tomorrow, begin slides for presentation (tuesday class Chp. 6 of Organic Inc) , Find info on beginning slides for presentation (wednesday class- Native Am. Health- childhood obesity) , Article for Thursday class found- back up research needed-


Not sure- yoga this week, actually accomplishing the "mind" section, the yard looks fantastic from all our work yesterday, clean the guest bedrooms, organize clothes and send out evites for clothing sale

Plus I have trainings during the mornings this week so it will be busy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Julz at S&D is amazing!

Julz at Simple and Divine gave me a blogger award!! Thank you so much.

eh hem ( clears throat, pulls out a prepared speech).. "I wanted to thank all of family and friends for making this award possible. I couldn't have done it without you, sweet potatoes and bananas, and peanut butter, oh peanut butter. You have been there for me through everything and this blog award should go to you.. ( single tear rolls down B_Hlthy's cheek). And to the blogger community, such a strong and intelligient group of amazing writers and foodies. This goes to you"
***"yaaah" cheers heard as audience stands. B_Hlthy shakes head in tears, blows kisses, steps off stage ***

How Awesome!! I know I can be a little ridiculous sometimes. SO I guess I need to share the wealth and award other amazing bloggers that really without them, would make my blog just a lonely diary.

So here are the rules and awards!
1) Put the logo on your blog.(2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.(3) Nominate at least seven other blogs.(4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.(5) Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.

THE AWARD: ( the original one didn't paste through soooo... ) Here is the Best, most scariest Pumpkin of the week! .... if you have a better jack-o-lantern feel free to pass on the torch- i figured it was appropriate with halloween on friday and all..

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(2) Tina (http://carrotsncake.com/)

(3) Veggie Girl (Lizzie right?) (http://veggiegirlvegan.blogspot.com/)

(4) Ice Skater ( I couldn't find your name?!) (http://glidingcalm.wordpress.com/)

(5) Danielle Studies abroad ( http://daniellestudiesabroad.blogspot.com/2008/10/gracias.html)

(6) Caitlin (http://www.seebriderun.com/)

(7) Zesty at ( http://zestycook.com/)



The two men in my life sure are adorabley mushy with each other aren't they ?

Banana's Foster Stuffed French Toast For Two ( take 4)
I used real eggs this time- 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, 1/4 cup milk... whisked until super frothy. Slightly toasted bread, dipped then put into a hot pan, sprinkled with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice.. Delicious! ... Then I scrambled the eggs in another pan.. Took out the french toast, sliced banana into the pan... turned off the heat and flipped em after a few seconds ( based on smell)

Yum- Jeff officially loved it!

So I didn't exactly have lunch because I woke up at 10, went to the gym, came back and then made "brunch". Worked with Jacob 1-4, then got home and had a slice of cranberry mango bread with peanut butter as a hefty snack.

Bike 10 miles at the gym 23 minutes
Yardwork mowed the lawn and trimmed all the hedges ( my arms and hands are so sore from that! ) It took me a good hour+.
Walk w. Jeff and Jack 30 minutes

Yoga 30 minutes

Read some of Jacob's programming etc. for work during the week.

Yoga and walking with Jeff was definately the highlight! I collected pinecones with Jacob and painted with them, and played with fake food-
Desperate housewives now!!

So... I started out making "Taco Salads" ground turkey meat, with black beans, onion, tomato, red pepper, green pepper with taco seasoning in pan.
I burnt the first tortilla and nearly started a fire, so I went in to get more and the lettuce- well i found the lettuce going bad and another bag of cut up sweet potato fries that needed to be cooked by today! So.... I threw the fries in the oven instead of the tortilla... Well then I thought I would make "chili cheese fries" only like "taco salad sweet potato fries"...

So I layered the fries with the cheddar, the meat and veggie and beans and then added extra salad stuff around it. Plus a big scoop of non fat greek plain yogurt (TJ)!
YUMMM!!! with extra hot sauce and some lentils too.

Saturday Cranberry BSI

Cranberry Mango Breakfast Bread
I lined my 9x9 pan with foil to keep from having to wash it!

2 cups Flour ( i used an organic whole grain AP)
1 cup sugar ( i used brown)
1 teaspoon salt
1 and 1 /2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 T ground Flax
Mix all these dry ingredients together

1 cup frozen mango, heated until mushy
3/4 cup applesauce
1 egg ( I used 1/4 cup better 'n eggs)
3/4 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt

Mix all these wet ingredients together, add to dry mix.
Add 1 and 1/2 cups fresh cranberries ( or thawed frozen)

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes ( I used a toaster oven so... times may vary)

So I took the photo of the bread friday, but my camera battery needed charged saturday and I was super dissapointed because I had yummy meals! I had a slice of this slice of Cranberry Mango Breakfast Bread ( I made it friday evening) and a banana for breakfast before heading to work for the day (training).. and then Jeff made us salads with leftover pork and yummy veggies.

I remembered to grab the camera before we headed out to the local hangout bar for some football watching.... and...
Blue Moon!
I had this guy ( with extra oranges!) plus another half while we watched the penn state game and hurricanes game.