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I am currently working on a Master's Degree in Nutrition and requirements for Registered Dietician R.D. I plan to run my first full marathon in 2009. This blog is about everything I learn, eat, and do along the way. Cheers!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Body: I think with the Soul section you will see, I just needed to rest today. Fridays are always days that seem to have everything "catch up" on me at once. I am going to take Jack on a walk around the neighborhood in a few minutes after job -searching!

Mind: I have been job searching this afternoon and reading on the internet!

Soul: I slept in the extra half an hour after realizing I could this morning and... I took a nap after lunch too! I think I needed "rest" not necessarily sleep. The difference being I needed an outlet for stress ( the doctor's this week, faxing troubles, driving around, told I can't work, etc. )... This is one of those times where I really pay attention to that question I often try to ask myself Laural, "What are you REALLY HUNGRY for?" ... my body tells me I am hungry for rest & relaxation!
* also see below, I am going to a high school football game tonight! I cant wait to see it because in high school I never watched the games from the stands- I was always cheerleading on the sidelines! *

No Smoothie! I want to see how I go without one today!
I had a chobani vanilla, a small banana with a big teaspoon of pb, some grape nuts raisin almond mix and 1/2 grapefruit.

---- It held me about as long as the protein smoothies but I also went into work and mostly sat and used brain energy for data. I was starving at about 11:15, a little earlier than if I had a smoothie! That is great news so I know I can stick with a smoothie if I need staying power!

I think this is one of my favorite lunches: A whole wheat wrap with grilled chicken, fresh cut veggies for munching/crunching... something sweet to finish: a few bites of mixed nuts and a couple dark chocolate chips!

We are going to Jeff's brother-in-laws high school football game ( he is a coach)... I am really excited because I haven't been to a high school fball game since... 2000... 8 years!!!! WOW...
I am planning on a treat at the game of some sort ( or after) ... and also planning on making something quick and healthy for dinner before we go ( so we can save money at the stadium!) Jeff even said "id like to eat something at home too since i know it will be hard for you to find something healthy you like" .... he knows me so well.

By the way, I am starting to add pictures to my blog. I just needed to get the hang of my posts, when to post, then figure out how to add in the pics ( still working on it). So look for improvements~~!! suggestions on adding pics to this are more than welcome!!

--- Update---
Whole Wheat Pasta
Hunt's Chunky Vegetable Sauce
Ground Turkey with chopped mushrooms added in

Delicious! One of my favorite meals! I kept my portions small because we didnt really have time, and because I figured on a treat later!

The football game was GREAT! Jeff's brother's team lost but not by much, we sat in the stands with Jeff's mom, stepdad, sister and her two little ones 4 and 6. Jeff's mom packed enough treats for everyone! She packed small serving bags of m&m 's! peanut, peanut butter, dark chocolate! I had a peanut pack and traded Jeff for some of his peanut butter... then I split my bag with his neice Haleigh!
It was fun to watch the cheerleaders and game and play 4 yr old games like "If i throw this ball to you and it rolls through your legs you win, if it doesnt you lose"

We got back from the game at about 11 and I was starving!! I think it was all of the walking to/from the visitor's stands, playing with the kiddos, and trips to the bathroom ( with the kiddos). So I had a bag of "smart puffs" by the pirate's booty brand... Its like cheetos natural puffs, cheese ball-ish... but much healthier ingredients!

Thursday, August 21, 2008



45 Minutes of Yoga, 20 minutes Strength Train (back, biceps, quads) and 40 minutes Elliptical!
I am way too eager but hoping to have my knee in good enough condition to start running again next week!

First class! Advanced Nutrient Metabolism! We talked about carbohydrate types today and I know it will be hard but a great class!

Meditated ( and bought some of my textbooks!)

3/4 scoop pure protein
3/4 chobani
5 ice cubes
1 small banana
Ground Flax
- A few Just Bunches and Grape Nuts on top!

I saved some of last nights dinner!
1/2 sweet potato (curried slices)
2 oz ahi tuna
1/2 cup zuchinni

Pre Class/ Workout Snack:
Newly made Trail Mix made of:
smart start oat bites
grape nuts raisin almond mix
just bunches
and.. pistachios/pecans/almonds/walnuts nut mix i just got at Walmart!

( at the teleseminar these four nuts are the highest in Omega 3 Fatty Acids - which help reduce cholesterol-- the highest of them is Pecans! not almonds or walnuts as I thought!)

I sliced chicken sausage, mushrooms and organic polenta - put it all in a pan with a teaspoon of olive oil.... i tasted it but I really dont like sausage of any kind!.. i made it more for jeff and because i wanted to make polenta!

So I had a slice of polenta with aged cheddar, a whole wheat wrap with 2 oz grilled chicken and about 1/2 cup veggies. I saved room for my latest purchase "Caramel Toffee Crunch" Fat free, no sugar added Ice cream by Blue Bunny...

I will tell you what, it was awesome! I hate that it has such a large name but considering I dont ever like ice cream it was a great treat!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The teleseminar was "very good" . We had to rate it afterwards and the only thing better than our agreement of "very good" was a rate of "excellent". It was hard to (hear) understand because it wasn't in person, it was via telephone/internet. Some new things I learned about other than the DASH diet, AHA diet guidelines for high cholesterol patients I didn't know is ----that if you are at risk of CVD (cardiovascular disease) you should not take additional Folate/ B-Vitamins ( the study used groups taking only multivitamin, a group took folic acid, a group only taking a B-complex, and a group taking both. They found that all the groups taking the extra supplements (Folic acid, B, Both) had increased "Cardiac Events" How interesting!

Lunch: I had some fresh veggies (snap peas, carrots, broc.), 1 1/4 serving of grilled chicken, and a whole wheat wrap with some feta . I didn't have much time before the seminar, so I grabbed a half of a protein bar but didnt get hungry!


-Got to campus security and got my Parking Pass

-At the Teleseminar, I met two new classmates! The first (julie) is from CA and has her masters in Neuroscience! I laughed and said My bachelors is in Neuroscience!! Its not super common!
The other (Marcy) moved down here after her family did from PA (just like I did!)

-I walked with Julie out of the seminar and good thing because she let me in on the planner books they gave out at orientation before the dinner monday. We walked over to the nutrition building and my advisor gave me a bag with a notebook, planner, pen, CD, and a decal for my car! I LOVE free stuff!

- After that I walked over to the campus gym, did 40 minutes on the elliptical and biked for 2 miles to cool down!

-When Jeff got home from work- he had a suprise for me! Flowers! Oriental Lillies (my fav) and a bottle of wine... Montelpuciano D Brusso... ( thats the grape i believe- a friend of ours got it and we loved it!) HOW SWEET!! I love when he does that... it almost made me cry because it was so nice.

I made :
-Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks rubbed them with a little oil, seared for 3 minutes, then flipped for 1..

-Curried sweet potatoes: I used two sweet potatoes and made thin slices, tosses in smart balance light, some corinader and curry powder. Microwaved for 5 minutes, then put in a 350 oven for 10+ minutes.

-sauteed zuchinni... I fried a little of it too for Jeff and because its yummy... I used chobani greek yogurt as a batter, then dipped the zuchinnis in cornmeal, then put in a light coating of smart balance oil ( the recipe calls for two inches which I just think is a waste! I hardly ever use ANY!)

We are watching a movie now! Mr. Woodcock... never heard of it..


So I am off work for the day until my orthopedic faxes the boss lady her forms back. Good news for me though, my knee feels better with the brace on!

I made a smoothie for breakfast again. Part of the reason is because I like to try something for several days in a row to decide on whether or not my body really likes it ( is it enough fuel/filling...also to see if I can easily shape the rest of my meals around it, i.e a protein smoothie means I probably dont need to get such higher protein in the afternoon or maybe its not giving me enough energy so I should mix more carbs and fat in and add protein in later meals)...

And the other reason is because I want to get a good recipe down!
Todays was:
1 1/2 scoops pure protein
3/4 cup 1% milk
1/3 cup blueberries
1 small banana
1 small T peanut butter
Ice: a little less than a tray
* and for fun I threw in some Just Bunches, and Grape Nuts for chewing/crunch

I really liked todays smoothie. I also split this in half with The Mo ( aka Jeff)

I am off to return a dress to Ann Taylor, exchange my flip flops from Andrea's Party Survival Tote, go to the gym for elliptical and lifting , come home and shower for lunch.

After Lunch I am SO EXCITED! Our campus is having this speaker from ADA come in and talk about cholesterol and nutrition. It is FREE of charge to us grad nutrition students but I believe anyone can go to ADA's website and register to do a web thing or get materials (its expensive though!). Here is the info!

Vascular Health: The Influence of Nutrition beyond the Cholesterol Connection
The American Dietetic Association is pleased to present another live, interactive teleseminar!

Event code: 13875

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
(Eastern)1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Central)Noon to 1:30 p.m. (Mountain)11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Pacific)

Are you ready to discuss more than just lowering cholesterol with your clients and/or patients? Learn the newly identified risk factors and what can be done to manage their cardiovascular health. Presenters will discuss soy protein, antioxidants, prebiotics, and future nutrition factors and more.

Learning Objectives:
Identify the emerging risk factors of cardiovascular disease
Discuss the role of nutrition factors in modulating the disease process
Translate the scientific evidence to nutrition care practices

Sharon Smalling, MPH, RD, Clinical Dietitian Specialist, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston, TX
Satya Jonnalagadda, PhD, RD, Principal Scientist, General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, Minneapolis, MN

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out of Work

Breakfast today was another smoothie before my appointment with the Orthopedic. I made the smoothie with:
1/2 cup 1% milk
1/2 scoop pure protein chocolate
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 chobani plain
1/2 tray of ice
It was all halfs! I didn't like it as much as yesterdays, it was watery today and too cold but I was out of bananas, pb, and only making one serving anyway.

Orthopedic: I go back in 3 weeks, I did not tear any ligaments and the xray looked okay. He asked if I have ever dislocated anything but I havent. I very well may have dislocated my knee and then since I ran again and popped it back in. Either way, I have a new knee brace and physical therapy. He said I could "do whatever I wanted as long as I had no pain"...

Lunch: I bought groceries after the doctors so I had a banana with peanut butter, some fresh broccoli, carrots, snap peas with a Tb of hummus, the other half of my chobani. Then I booked it to work only to be sent home... I needed a doctors "work restrictions" since I showed up to work with my knee brace. If an aggresive student comes toward me etc. and I injure myself further, my boss doesnt want to deal with workers comp. So I was sent home... So I went to the gym.. I did the elliptical (45 minutes) which felt GLORIOUS after all this rest! I did some lifting ( the usual split is chest, shoulders, tri's and hamstrings today, then back, bi's and quads next session)

Post Workout Snack: I had half a protein bar- about 100 calories and 12g protein

Dinner: At Jeff's parents again! I "never" really eat fried food as in I don't order it often at restaurants. We had chicken wings, fried green tomatoes, homemade caesar salad... I had about 8 of the tiny wings ( I took off the skin on most of them), two slices of the tomatoes ( i picked off the fried breading!) and the caesar salad is a great recipe Jeff's stepdad came up with ( anchovies , garlic, dry mustard, olive oil, canola oil, and 1 egg boiled for 1 minute)

Jeff's little brother was in town so we went to watch Jeff's hockey game this evening! It was so cold in the rink but it was nice to see him play!He even scored and I saw it! He also got a stick in the throat- ouch!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Breakfast I tried a smoothie!
1.5 scoops Pure Protein Chocolate Flavor ( 110 kcal a scoop-23g protein)$
1/4 c frozen blueberries
1 frozen banana
1 cup 1% milk
1/2 chobani plain,
1 T PB
1 tray ice cubes

I used my birthday present blender for the third time since last year and split the contents into two glasses ( one for me one for jeff). I also threw in some new Smart Start Strawberry Oat Bites ...
Tasted Fantastic! But after running around with Matthew all morning, by 10:30 I was starving! The hunger went away but I scarfed down my orange and balance bar at lunch! I also had my green tea.

I also made an appointment for the orthopedic tomorrow... hoping I hear good news about my knee... its killing me and I hate that I can't run!!!!! ( although walking without pain would be SUPER right now!)

I had a Welcome Back Dinner for grads and new grads in the nutrition program! We had 17 new grad students join the nutrition program this fall! How awesome! I hope I make some friends my age! I love all my current friends but none of them have the passion for nutrition and fitness as I do!
Dinner was eggplant parmesean, carrots, green beans, scalloped potatoes, salad with cucumber/carrot/tom. I had the apples from the apple pie dessert and the chocolate from the chocolate pie dessert! I am very picky about my desserts!

Horray for a little bit of sleeping in tomorrow!

Charleston Saturday-Sunday

Wow its so much to recap! Saturday morning I volunteered to walk/job to Bruggers three blocks away and get breakfast orders. I ordered a whole wheat bagel with smoked salmon and a coffee. During our jog I realized my knee was really messed up and felt super twisted. Really painful... I was glad to have to walk back with breakfasts! Once back to the hotel, I had an orange in addition to 2/3 the bagel, all of the salmon and my coffee.

It looked like rain late morning so we decided to do a Scavenger Hunt of Charleston! I highly recommend doing this for any city that is a historic/walking town! We had to get pictures of the hotel-mates in front of things like a canon.... a horse drawn carriage... a four leaf clover... a statue... a farmers market stand... a bad parking job..

Aside from sweating like pigs...It was hilarious and perfect to explore Charleston! We walked at least 5-6 miles in less than 1.5 hours!

Our end meeting place was Cupcake.... where we got delicious gourmet cupcakes! We took them to our lunch, King Street Grill- I ordered make your own salad.. The most perfect combination for me:
Mixed Greens with:
Bell Peper
Hearts of Palm ( first time I ever ate them! Delicious!)
Blackened Grilled Chicken
I didnt use any dressing! The hummus and seasoning from the chicken was plenty!

We had to walk about 6 blocks back to the hotel, then we enjoyed our cupcakes! I also had the frosting off of a friends... hmm yum! Then we all decided we should burn off the cupcakes by strolling through the open air market! I didnt buy anything but it was great to look around! I wanted to head back over to King St. for more shopping at united colors of benniton, gap, ann taylor.. my hotel-mate Brittany came with me - what a trooper!! We went for another two hours in the rain!

Dinner was at Tommy Condons, I split the Turkey Reuben with the Bride to Be, we both got salads on the side too. Then it was off to a bar that used to be a church ( super cool!) and then to The Saloon! Bride to be and our party were called up onto the bar for dancing! How fun!

Sunday I woke up and could not move my knee! I think all the walking the day before really did me in... We ate next door to our hotel - I had old fashioned oatmeal,1/2 banana, rasins, and I asked for some peanut butter!! The waitress yelled at me for getting oatmeal... It was all I wanted though! We didnt eat a formal lunch- I had a V8, an apple from my survival tote, and then a few hours later I had the rest of my think bar!

Dinner at Jeff's parents was so cute! His mom was making shrimp and grits ( im allergic to shellfish and they know it!) so they go "We should make you an omlet.. an egg white omlet, with tomatos and zuchinni and cheese .. how does that sound?" I was like "awww that is PERFECT! and too sweet!"....I had 2 small zuchinni cakes ( like potato pancakes but with shredded zuchinni, parmesean, garlic), a corn muffin, my 3 egg white omlet, and a piece of brownie after we did dishes!

Thursday- Friday

Friday August 15th: Charleston or Bust!! I was thinking of getting in a workout before Andrea's bachelorette party but my knee hurt so BADLY during my yoga warmup that I decided to rest and pack. Breakfast was the same as all week, oatmeal (1/3 cup made with water) , banana w. pb, two egg whites (hb) and coffee!

Lunch... I had to be in the van by 1:30 so I grabbed a balance bar ( I tried not to have too much in the house because both Jeff and I were leaving friday for the weekend, dinner at his parents sunday evening, and I had a Welcome Back Grads Dinner Monday so I knew we werent going to need anything until Tuesday!)
and as I figured, we had tons of snacks for the car ride. How sweet is this... Andrea has only 2 maids ( her sister and her bf) and they got us all survival bags! A cute straw tote filled with:

  • fresh fruit
  • 100 calorie packs of craisins
  • smart pop,
  • pretzels
  • motrin packets
  • chapstick
  • lotion
  • airplane bottles of flavored vodka
  • juice boxes,
  • old navy flip flops
  • AND .. her bf Rachelle is a sales rep for Chanel ( i know!) ... she gave us all mini travel bags with samples! Love coco mademoiselle!
I ate the pretzels just after we got onto the highway ( i get a little motion sick and we had stopped a few times already to pick up people)... I ate half the craisins an hour later and a bite of a Think bar I brought with me!

Once we got to Charleston we headed over for dinner, I ordered a house salad and the sesame tuna appetizer! Perfect! We ate at the Crab House and then headed out to bars: Vendue Inn, The Winery, and Tsunami - I had two rum and diet cokes, plus two glasses of reisling at dinner! We did a ton of walking to all the bars so I think it helped burn off the extra alcohol calories!

Thursday August 14th: No running, my knee was still bothering me! I did some upper body strengthening and yoga again (30 minutes). We had to drop Jack off at Jeff's parents for the weekend so it was super fun to catch up with them!