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I am currently working on a Master's Degree in Nutrition and requirements for Registered Dietician R.D. I plan to run my first full marathon in 2009. This blog is about everything I learn, eat, and do along the way. Cheers!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So Far so Good!

I am having a great time! We went fishing for almost 5 hours and I caught 4 ( a sunfish, two perch, one BIG Large-Mouth Bass that we kept and can eat!!! how awesome!)

Dinner last night was soup, which is one of the things I enjoy most at Nana's so it was a great start! With a nice piece of almond spice cake to top it off!

Lunch was a spinach salad with egg whites and a small piece (2 oz) of roasted pork. I also had a few amazing little chocolate cookies for dessert and asked if I could have the recipe!

So far so good... I didnt bring all of my camera loading thing so pics will have to wait until we get back!

Body: Resting today but will most likely go for a walk, yoga too. Fishing was great!

Mind: I am going to have a cup of coffee now and read Nana's Coastal Living magazine!!

Soul: I caught a big fish! I caught a big fish! I caught a big fish! AND..... HOW AMAZING is Jeff's sister. She got me a gift certificate for a manicure for a birthday/thank you ( I helped her for the GRE- I gave her all my study stuff)....

I am SUPER excited to finally get my nails done and with KC too! And it will be perfect to do before Andrea's wedding!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Off to the Lake, but feelin good

Post Yoga- Pre Workout Fuel: The other half of my cashew larabar, a bite of a balance bar.

Post Workout Fuel.... Smoothie!!!
Its been awhile, and perfect for recovery! I used milk, protein powder, strawberries, the other half of this morning's banana, and pumpkin and cinnamon... It was a really odd tasting combination I thought would taste better, oh well!

Here is Jack hiding under the blanket, I swear he is under there...

See there he is, he was cold

I was pumped up after my yoga and gym trip, continually trying to remember what it felt like to go to the lake for the first time. I never really had grandparents growing up ( I met my grandfather when I was 25, and Ive seen my grandmother less than 10-15 times my whole life) . So when I met Jeff, I was in a super happy place of my life, balanced, eating well, new job in NC... It felt so nice to go to a "lake house" and meet his grandparents. I just enjoyed myself and didn't ever know what to expect. I wasn't thinking about marriage, or when are we having kids, how are we going to fix this house, I need to finish school... My focus on that first visit was to have a fabulous time and impress Jeff with how fun I am. So I am going to remind myself of that and keep that as my focus this weekend.

So after the gym, I ran to the grocery store and Boy am I glad I went there!!

Grocery Store trip- I got all of this for total of $19, a box of high protein cereal bars, a few others to try, morning star fake-steak strips ( on sale), salmon burgers, morningstar fake crumbles (on sale)- those are going to be nice to have for next week when I get home from the weekend I will have stuff to eat for dinner!
And, egg whites/ eggbeaters were on sale BOGO at Harris Teeter- such a good deal! I also had a coupon, and two coupons for the butter which was on sale!

I have never had the Quaker Hot cereal packets- there was a dollar off coupon on the box and it was on sale-Woohoo for great deals!

Friday- Nana here I come

Body: Yoga and for sure a trip to the gym even if just for cardio ( based on my knee pain, I am hoping to run while at the lake with KC (jeff's sister) but other than that - it will be no formal "exercise" for the weekend. I am planning on taking my laptop and bringing Rodney Yee to keep me balanced. My pace is usually under 8:00 min/ mile for up to 8 miles, and usually when I run with a partner I just adjust to the slower pace. So it should work out pretty well since KC runs about a 10:00 minute mile, I should get a nice more leisure run and not worry over running at my usual pace.

Mind: Playing suduko to keep my mind sharp! I am slightly addicted so I only do two a day! I have an assignment , the draft of an IRB proposal for monday, but other than that- my mind is craving rest from the two exams and research papers.

Soul: Yoga, I just decided to meditate also. Cleaned up my room/laundry. I am still slowly working on my "Closet Sale" pile by pile- I have a big pile to go through today. I also want to get to the store and pick up a Nike Ipod sensor for my shoes. I decided on keeping the shoes my dad got me... Nike Air Zoom Triax+ ... they feel wonderful and fit perfect right now, but I am not sure how they will handle 8 miles at a time for example. We will see...

Not the best picture... :-/
Breakfast: A Kashi Blueberry Waffle, warmed melty wild blueberries, half a banana with pb, most of a chobani vanilla.. all on my mushroom plates. They are SOOOO 70's druggie era but have to get pitched before we get anything new- and anything new we want to decide on together...etc etc.

Happy Friday to all ! Hope you have fantastic runs for those of you racing, Hope you have enjoyable weekends whatever you may be up to!


Hee Hee.. I took Jack for a walk and he was so excited when he came in to eat that he didn't give me a chance to take his leash off- and well wrapped himself around our bar chair!!! ( he was begging to go by standing at his leash trying to pick it up, and normally we just let him out- he knows the leash is for a walk. I think there might be a female in heat or something - he must be horny)

Breakfast Thursday
Pumpkin mixed with some Chobani plain ( I restocked!!!) and Kashi Heart to Heart and the naner with pb. Green Tea
Lunch Thursday
Chicken Noodle Soup but I added (as usual) 1.5 cups of frozen veggies and ate it with Kashi Cheddar Crackers
Snack Thursday
At the library studying for my exam- Larabar Cashew Cookie. I have had the cherry pie which was great! I was not happy that this little bar packed 210 calories and only 6 g protein! I only ate about half ( I try to get closer to 150 calories for a snack- I find that if I go over- I won't be hungry for my next meal, and if I go under 100- i always want more)

Dinner Thursday
Ham and Fire Roasted Pineapple Pizza.. For a frozen pizza that filled a quick fix- this guy was great. The ham tasted real, pineapple was nice and tangy, it wasn't smothered in cheese- just enough. The nutrition profile is only decent- 440 calories for half of the pizza, 28 g protein- and I would have preffered making my own pizza from semi-scratch with Trader Joes dough- but neither Andrea or I had "food" in the house because we are both out of town this weekend and it was going to be a late dinner-
It was just fantastic to hang out with her for the evening and talk about wedding details- since friday is her last day at her job she will have the next 15 days off to finish up things for the wedding oct. 18th- I am planning on helping her with a card box, programs, etc.
So excited!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

similar but different

Today I added some blueberries, just a 1/4 cup frozen and let them cool/ thaw with my steaming pumpkin mix! I added 1/2 cup of Kashi Heart to Heart, 1 small banana ( hence the extra fruit) and peanut butter!

Jeff left for a business trip super early , like 4:30 am to get to the airport so I ended up sleeping in a little. Oh well! Felt nice!

Body: Plan to Rest today, I am heading to campus to do a hard core study session. I might take a nice walk as a break/refresher, or head to their gym. Their gym is sufficient but small, its nice when there is less than 5-8 people.

Mind: STUDY STUDY STUDY ... More specific questions our class came up with for our exam, more on relating diabetes, obesity, blood glucose, and GLUT (yet to come, but glucose transporters)

Soul: My friend Caroline invited a bunch of gals over for a few drinks/ yummy bites- I will head over there, but I have to say my soul is feeling pretty lonely with Jeff gone. I think Jack knows it too because he hasnt jumped on me to take him outside yet ( Jeff's usual morning chore)...

My Reflection on "Gastronomical Me " MFK Fisher

Gastronomical Me ReflectionWhen you describe the first thing you remember tasting, a grayish pink fuzz would not seem as appealing as it did written by MFK Fisher. While she was only four years old, I immediately was drawn into Gastronomical Me because I simultaneously remembered the strawberry jam spread onto my jam-sandwiches for the duration of elementary school. My mother had packed for me jam-only bread because I hated peanut butter and said that it made me cough. Maybe it had to do with what Fisher later describes as childhood palates, that children best stand sweetness. A jam sandwich satisfied me because it was sweet, not creamy or salty when it occurs with peanut butter. It also satisfied me because my mother had made it, packed it with the perfect accompaniments and it was a memory of her during daily lunchtime without her. The short, violent cannings involved with making such jam dredged up so many memories for both myself and Fisher. Fisher describes this childhood memory as such a beautiful and smelly task, wondering why adults did not think it was more fun. I continued on with MFK Fisher as she ate with her father that night as she found out that food was something to be shared with people, something beautiful that should not be thought of only as a daily necessity. At that time, I stopped and put MFK Fisher down on the countertop. I was suddenly aware of how often I eat only for the purpose of fuel. I nearly almost always look at food as fuel, something delicious, but fuel. Because of the overwhelming associations, I often ignore what other meanings, smells, and memories accompany food. As I allow myself to reminisce, my memory is flooded by the smell of doughnuts in the car on the way to my grandfather’s boat house while I was about four years old too. When we arrived to the boat after what seemed to be a century, the excitement of finally getting to eat my pink frosted piece of heaven was so overpowering that I stood on my grandfather’s boat holding it up in the air as if it was something to be praised by God. Fortunately, I have the photograph to prove this and more importantly to remind me of how important food is to not only nourish our bodies but to nourish our souls. It should fill our heart’s palates not just our mouths’, just as Fisher writes.After marrying for the first time at only twenty one and after tasting the hot chocolate and croissants of Paris, Fisher describes the first true meal with her husband. They had been staying at the best place in town for that pure reason alone, knowing too little to appreciate the famous chefs or wine cellars, and only surviving it because of their youth. I have shared my own “Cocktail Montana”, drank too much wine, and come home zigzagging up the stairs. The company I had for the meal and for the drinking was the most important asset to enjoying that night of bliss. We were safe and protected in our very own charmed, gastronomical circle, as Fisher so perfectly describes. As Fisher delves into married life, needing four plates and forks instead of two, I laughed out loud. There is not one area of our house that does not need updating, remodeling or paint. I condone my own living space, yet one of the first things I did when I moved in was purchase more dinnerware! While we do not even have enough seating for our friends, “the faithful ones that are always welcome”, at least now we have the proper amount of plates and forks as did Fisher. I found myself laughing again twice more shortly after this, at Karmarzellahaus during the keenest moment in Fisher’s gastronomical life. Potato chips, fried in real butter and salted with gros sal, enjoyed by Fisher as a pregnant woman enjoys chocolate cake at wee hours of the morning. I laughed yet again out loud, because I thought to myself, “Who does not enjoy chocolate cake at 3 am? I having cravings for chocolate cake just the same as a pregnant woman” ? I certainly do not have chocolate cake cravings every night, but I understood that I was reeled into what Fisher was writing. I do not enjoy potato chips fried in real butter, and yet I understood the indulgence through her comparison with chocolate cake, through my past cravings of chocolate cake. The ten course meal Monseiur Paul prepared for Fisher was also another incredible section of Gastronomical Me. While I may never have had such a gourmet feast of Truite-Bleu finished off with an astounding apple tart, I understand knowing you should not be as hungry as you are, knowing you have never tasted such savory bites, and praying for ten normal appetites so that you could continue the meal! It was quite refreshing to read of a server that took such passion, pleasure, and perfection of their work. I agree with Fisher that waiters and waitresses are nicer than “people”, providing someone with such a fantastic arrangement of dishes, one after another, and taking pleasure in their enjoyment is hard to find or describe. If we could all take that much passion, pleasure and perfection in what we give and consume, I think everyone could be just a tiny bit happier.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Oh I wish I was in Hawaii..

Tropical Grilled Chicken Salad


Red Bell Pepper


Mixed Greens

I added a bit of lunch on top too
Grilled Chicken

- It came with Mango Dressing which was decent but not my favorite type of dressing ...


Studying and TV...

AMAZING Moroccan Curry

Maybe I have a love/hate relationship with Kashi- hate one of their cereals for cutting my mouth but LOVE LOVE LOVE their new whole grain pilaf instant mixes!!!

I had no idea it was going to taste this good, here is what I decided to throw together:

Kashi Whole Grain Pilaf: Moroccan Curry . It heats in 1 minute in the micro and includes:

  • 7 Whole Grain & Sesame Pilaf- buckwheat, barley, hard red winterwheat

  • Carrots

  • Coconut Puree

  • Lentils

  • Dried Currants

  • Cilantro

  • Curry

  • Ginger Puree

  • Hint of Cayene
( all in that package!!! - you dump it into a microwave safe dish and heat for 1 minute! )

To make it more of a fufilling meal I added:

  • Ground Turkey ( 99% lean left over from last night)

  • Can of Garbanoz Beans ( chickpeas)

  • Frozen, then Heated Spinach

  • Dired Cranberries

  • Chopped Almonds

  • A little sprinkle of cheese for some dairy

I normally despise the savory/sweet combos but this one I really enjoyed. It was only a hint of the coconut and dried currants, and spicy but not overwhelming. All the added ingredients went together so nicely... turkey with cranberries, spinach, almonds, beans, lentils and whole grains.... it was deliciousness in a bowl and took like 2 minutes to make!

Body: Run- 2.5 miles 18 minutes, Elliptical 15 minutes, Bike 7 miles 15 minutes, Strength: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Mind: going to study in the library!

Soul: I have organized several "return" purchases to do all in one trip vs. several whenever in hopes to save on gas, Great TV night with Biggest Loser and Privelidged ! That meal was totally awesome too, it made me feel really proud of myself for throwing it together so quick!

Fiber: Effects on Cholesterol and Constipation...

(without looking at my notes... )

Soluble, Viscous, Fermentable fiber should be implemented into someone's diet when they are having high blood cholesterol for several reasons.

1. The liver makes cholesterol from bile salts. Bile Salts are like the detergent of the intestine- Soluble fiber grabs onto Bile Salts in the liver and blocks reabsorption of Bile Salts, helping to extract them to the colon. The extraction of bile salts signals the liver to extract more cholesterol from the blood ( LDL cholesterol) to make more bile salts ( because of the enterhepatic concentration imbalance). The extraction of cholesterol from the blood = lower blod cholesterol.

2 High blood glucose leads to a high insulin response. Insulin triggers acitivty of HMG CoA reductase, which we require to make cholesterol from scratch. If we can lower blood glucose, lower the insulin response, inhibiting HMG CoA (and inhibiting fat synthesis)... we inhibit making cholesterol.

3. (Highly Fermentable ) Fiber produces SCFA (short chain fatty acids) when bacterial fermentation occurs. SCFA go to the liver and inhibit HMG CoA reductase .... inhibits cholesterol production
***SCFA ( acetate: absorbed and used as energy for colonic cells, proprionate absorbed by liver and inhibits HMG CoA, Butyrate inhibits colon cell proliferation (growth)... all these SCFA help reduce blood cholesterol ) ****

4. (Viscous) Fiber delays CHO (carbohydrate) absorption as do Lipids and Proteins, this delay results in lower insulin response, and as I said in #2 ... lower insulin response--> lower B. cholesterol.

5. bile salt concentration also shifts on its own... two bile salts: cholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid...both can inhibit HMG Co A

Examples of these include guar gum, pectin, oat bran, bean and bean products and psyllium ( weird one b/c is insol. more than sol.) oranges, brussel sprouts..

* Drugs like Zetia and Zocor inhibit HMG CoA---- which inhibits cholesterol production
via inhibiting HMG CoA... this has a double benefit because when cholesterol is not produced from scratch, the extraction of cholesterol in the blood (to balance the bile salt concentration ) is likely to occur more frequently- which is also reducing the blood cholesterol.

As I mentioned on earlier posts just to explain fiber... viscous (referring to the thickening gel consistency) has its fullness effect in your stomach ( the upper GI) ... hence that "fullness" feeling everyone talks about related to fiber. Fermentability refers to its capacity to be broken down by bacteria, when its broken down - short chain fatty acids are produce- which also does NOT contribute to "fecal bulk" . Fecal bulk contributes to dilution of the lower GI... and now we are at...


Insoluble, Nonfermentable, Nonviscous Fiber is better at treating/preventing constipation.

Insoluble fiber contributes to fecal bulk since it is NOT fermented (broken down)... Fecal bulk ( along with water) helps dilute the bulk = relieving constipation

So wheat bran, cellulose, lignin are all better sources for constipation reilief
(lentils, carrots..)

Colon Cancer and Fiber

Fermentation increases the production of SCFA, but does not contribute to fecal bulk. Fecal bulk helps dilute the GI tract. Dilution of the GI including diluting compounds such as bile acids, diglycerides, ammonia.... These compounds STIMULATE cell division in the colon- which is BAD news since dividing cells makes cells more susceptible to carcinogens.
Poorly fermentable fiber helps dilute the GI- helping to protect against cancer

Another Busy Day

1/2 cup pumpkin puree
4 egg whites
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon +

I mix all that together and microwave for 3 minutes ( my microwave isn't very powerful)

Then on top, a banana , peanut butter, Kashi Heart to Heart ! I haven't had this is what seems like so long!

Some review studying, then heading to the gym, the store, then study study study then Midterm #1 3:30 pm!

Good Luck with Dance Veggie Girl!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Day Off

I took the day off from "blogging" because I woke up to find my group had emailed with more revisions to our final literature review due later this evening. As I worked on that, I realized my two page paper was due at 7:30 am and it was 10:05 at that time.....So switched gears immediately and pounding out the best writing I have done in that short of a time - emailed it at 11:00 on the dot, then went back to revisions on the lit review.

Finished the lit review then went to campus to study for Nutrient Metabolism.... only to find more reading to do for class this evening. So, I finished that and managed to get some studying in for thursday's exam.

The good news: I only really have the thursday exam left to study for and I have been trying to do a section+ every day so I feel confident.

The Odd News: In class this evening, My professor was talking about the assignment due next week and her face immediately turned yellow, then extreme pale white and she started swirling around --- at that point we all ran up and thankfully two of us caught her as she fainted!!!

We have no clue why it happened other than it was really hot in that room all class long she kept asking us if we were hot.. But she woke up minutes later, seemingly alright. At that time we had already called 911, one of us ran down to the security office and she asked to call her husband!
Our assignment is pushed back and she is also my wednesday professor so I am not sure if we are still going to have class... which means extra studying time on wednesday too!

So the pressure is relieved and I will post my reflection paper that I banged out in less than an hour. I hope she is alright though, she is a fantastic professor!

The Bad News: I purposely left my camera in the car so I could get my work done and not get distracted by blogging! So no pics of my food today- but I am getting back into the swing of things tomorrow!

Body: REST day!

Lit Review Done, Reflection Paper and Studying for Midterm 1 tomorrow= Done, Studying for Midterm 2= 2 sections left...

Soul: Dark Chocolate, The grass is cut, and Steelers Play the Ravens... GO STEELERS!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bowl of Texture

Early Sunday morning Circuit Training! Got up early so I could study, and hang out ( aka watch football)

Elliptical Warm Up 10 minutes

Strength: Back, Biceps, Abs 20 min

Cardio: Biked 2 miles, 5 min

More Elliptical 25 minutes

More Biking 8.5 miles 25 minutes

Wowza that felt great!

Bet you havent had this Vegetable for breakfast....?
I came home and was starving after all that exercise! I thought about function of my fuel:
I want some whole grains, protein, antioxidant fresh-ness... So I looked in my fridge and saw leftover spaghetti squash, cabot cottage cheese, and the ick yogurt...and the other half of my banana I had before the workout ( not pictured sorry)

As I ate this I was completely satisfied because of ALL these textures...

Crunchy Kashi Heart to Heart
Smooth Creamy Clumpy Yogurt and Cottage Cheese
Spicy Cinnamon
Mushy Sweet Banana
and.. Spaghetti Squash ( noodley..? )
The yogurt and cinnamon served as its "dressing" and I squirted some honey on it too.
How delicious, seriously, i loved it!
Off to another busy day

Body: Rested... :-) And it felt good... but I did do some morning Yoga to start my day off right
Mind: If you could not tell I got through three sections of nutient metabolism, and took notes for my midterm tuesday ( on Gastronomical me- which I also have to finish the reflection paper on - using my notes)! Planning on doing another hour's worth of that tomorrow morning before heading back over to Momma Mo's ( Jeff's Mom's House)

Soul: Yoga, Being productive on my school work, Eating the best lasagna ever, and...who doesnt love a little dancing... I took a break to snap this, but I help and dance too... This is how Jeff's family does the dishes! With music and dancing ... That is Jeff's sister, his nephew D-Rock shakin his booty ( he is 4), Jeff in the middle, and Jeff's half brother PJ (Per) . I have so many of these shots and you will for sure see more , especially with the holidays around the corner!


His mom's lasagna is one of the absolute best I have ever had ( sorry mom- your's holds its special place too.. ) I felt no guilt in grabbing a nice slice, with her special extra sauce and garlic bread and the family recipe for homemade caesar salad. It is just so good- and I could never make it as good as she can make it taste. I know I ate "too much" vs. what I truly need because I had no desire for dessert! Which is unheard of! I was full but I wasn't "thanksgiving full". I am planning an intense workout tomorrow so I will need the CHO's stored into glycogen for my muscles anyway.

* On a side note, I haven't always been able to reflect like that and feel "alright" about consuming a meal-size like that without knowing specific ingredients or nutrition info. I know I haven't wrote much about my past eating on here and at some time I probably will. For now, I think my only message is : feeling good about what you eat is important for everyone to have a healthier relationship with food! Less stress , more enjoyment (but not gluttony) !