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Thursday, September 4, 2008


After class I stopped at Fresh Market just to make me happy, grocery shopping usually de-stresses me... how odd i know.

So this is what I got from there:
(missing is the onion bread squares for burgers this weekend!!!)

The loaf is Rosemary Olive Oil and Sea Salt bread... IT IS AMAZING!!!! I seriously could eat the WHOLE LOAF!
The roma tomato is for the Frittata Tonight, The other is for frying along with the zuchinni and eggplant to go with the burgers!

I finally got to buy Pluots ( and a red plum and two black plums) .... They were on special for $1.48/lb ~ I tried the Pluot for the first time while cooking dinner.. Very Veggie Frittata

The Recipe is:
3 eggs
4 egg whites

splash of 1% milk

caraway seeds

dash low sodium salt

dashes black pepper
sprinkle of mixed cheese... total about 1/4 cup

I had mixed all of this with the veggies described below, then poured it into my pan on medium heat... when it was just about done I put it all into the cake pan , laid the sliced tomatoes on top and sprinkled with cheese, broiled for 15 minutes at about 400

veggies... I had used a bag of mix frozen asparagus stir fry ... I microwaved them earlier today with a dash of lemon pepper... the mix includes:

-red pepper




-yellow squash
i LOVE it... how many awesome veggies is that and I never have to worry about them going bad b/c they are frozen!! as you can see above, I do love fresh veggies too but I have to try really hard to use them before they go bad.

Here is the finished product, which looks like a pizza!!

Here is my plate, which is 3 servings of vegetables, 1 lean meat ( the protein packed eggs), 1 grain


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for an abundance of vegetables!! A VeggieGirl delight :0)