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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Banana's Foster Stuffed French Toast

it was just too good yesterday to not make again and I still have all the ingredients!

The tough part : It is always better the first time around! I think today i "tried to hard" . That tells you how I cook- I barely ever do "recipes" . I do follow them if I am making a specific thing from a recipe but for me, when I want to make something fun/new/healthier etc. I just throw in what I think would work (hence the Laural-Mo Creation Friday Dinners). I don't think its ever come out bad because of it but sometimes I try to remake it with a specific recipe and it comes out different.

So I made tiny changes too- Yesterday, I added pumpkin spice to the egg mix- The toast tasted PHENOMNEAL! The leftover eggs were, hmm- just like pumpkinny eggs... quite yummy actually i would eat them again that way. However, today i tried adding the spice after the bread was dipped and in the pan. The toast came out yummy and the eggs tasted more egg-like. I did not add extra fruit, and I used much less "stuffing" yogurt since I had an extra entire piece of bread. I can't rave enough about a sliced banana in a frying pan, when it caramelizes on its side- SO GOOD!

There is little pb smear too. Comparing today and yesterdays, yesterdays totally wins because ::
1. the blueberries and strawberries melted juice added another "level" like a syrup would
2. i used the but of the loaf and one slice, so less bread was better for my tastes
3. i love protein, so more yogurt instead of bread fills me up better and makes me feel better than say more bread would...

So much reflection on a delicious meal!
Today's plan:

I plan on going to the gym in about an hour-
Strength: Abs, BBQ (back, biceps, quads)
Cardio: Bike/Elliptical
Class: My article for presentation is due and I found one that might work yesterday- I am going to email the prof. soon to check. I wanted to examine reservation environment effect on Native American health but can't find ANY articles close to that. So I found one on Vitamin D deficiency in Native American populations contributing to diabetes development....

not sure yet! I did not make the returns i wanted to yesterday because I wanted to read more for class so i will probably do those returns today...


VeggieGirl said...

The French Toast still looks great to me!! Hopefully you can have it just as good as yesterday's, for tomorrow (if that makes any sense, hahaha)

Today's plan sounds great so far - good luck!! :0)

B_Hlthy said...

Yes that makes sense!! I totally planned for tomorrows while I was biking at the gym! hee hee

Zesty Cook said...

Makes sense to me... Hope you have a great day... fruit looks amazing :)

thanks for sharing