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Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I started off friday by an intense yoga session, strength: Abs and BBQ (back, biceps and quads) then a fantastic 4 mile "tempo" run in 28 minutes... I kept jogging after for about a half mile to cool down.

Mind: Brought Slow Food Nation with me! I only have about 50 pages left! Woohooo!!! I read on saturday at the beach, and on both drives!

Oh where to begin! Yoga, a great run, The Beach, waves crashing, sand under my toes, walk on the beach with Jeff, collecting HUGE seashells from the storm, getting to see friends from chicago and boston- meeting new friends of friends, relishing what wonderful friends we have vow their love to each other, pictures of Eric's new baby, champagne, love in the air!

The trip started off a little rocky, after I got back to the house from working out. As I packed my bags my camera slipped from the bag and smacked onto the floor ! I just posted last weekend about how I tend to not bring my camera because I tend to drop things-- well... this time I was not so lucky and it broke!

No more pictures ever!!

... just kidding..
I bought a new camera on the way down! I was sort of grinding my teeth over this purchase because I hate to spend money, really I do. I am hoping to get my old one fixed and I would have much rather researched the product instead of a rush buy. However, I decided that since I can return the camera within 30 days for any reason- it would be a better purchase for the weekend than say disposables ( which would cost me at least $20 for enough film, then developing another say $40, and the pictures might turn out awful) so I'd rather not waste the $60+. I have to upload the new software stuff before you get to see the photos.

Our friend in boston (Eric and Jamie) just had a baby (Charlie), Eric flew in friday morning then picked us up and drove us down to the beach in an Escalade. I felt like a drug dealer or a celebrity... every time we got out at a gas station so I could pee! We stopped and got a camera and the guys got Bojangles ( southern fried chicken fast food)... as I snaced on my Kashi Crackers and Trail Mix and read "slow food nation".. unfortunately, slow food nation could not persuade them into avoiding fast food.

We arrived at the beach and unloaded our things at Jeff's parents' rental. Then headed to the after rehersal dinner. It was delicious but it was outdoors and nighttime and COLD! I was so hungry I ate before realizing I had my camera to take pictures! We stayed over at Nate's rental mansion and had a very late night ( 3 am bedtime!) So we woke up pretty late and headed back to Jeff's parent's rental for "breakfast" at 11:30 or so... Then we went fishing all afternoon saturday on the beach...In the rain! There house was literally on the beach and PHENOMENAL! It was a great time and we got ready for the wedding and headed literally across the street to the ceremony/reception site -The Aquarium!

The ceremony was very quick and me ( who never cries at the sappy stuff) teared up! You could really see how much Nate and Andrea are meant to be together and how much love they have.

The reception dinner was another PHENOMENAL meal!

Seared Sesame Ahi Tuna, Turkey Carving Station, Salad Station with mixed baby greens, roasted red peppers, walnuts, blue cheese, Potato Station ( pesto smashed potatoes, red pepper potatoes, and all kinds of delicious toppings!)

I had an absolute phenomenal time... more beach time this afternoon before a drive back - lots of Slow Food Nation reading done and feel recharged for the week.


VeggieGirl said...

What an adventurous, fun, FABULOUS weekend!!! :0)

HangryPants said...

mmmm. yoga and a run - divine!