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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Any Suggestions?

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I have the last three days of classes this week and a final, two final papers, and studying for next week's final. I also have Jeff's work christmas party on friday evening. What could all of this mean? We are that much closer to... Christmas!

Christmas Christmas

But back to the present, Weekend Recap
Gym: Biking, Strength Training: Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Ellipticalling,
Yoga at home
Lots of walking for shopping AND lots of walking/ cheering for the State Basketball Game ( we won!) AND the football team won too which means - they are going "Bowl-ing"... if the game is in DC we are totally getting tickets!

Finished up my conclusion and references/citations for the metabolism paper. It is not my best paper because I discussed TWO signal impairments in insulin resistance/hyperglycemia. The paper goal was to discuss six research articles in one area of metabolism... The area I intended to cover was signal transduction problems. Essentially, what causes insulin resistance and/or the hyperglycemia ( high blood glucose b/c insulin does not get sent out OR its over produced ) that precedes Type-2 Diabetes. I wrote about research on glucose transport/GLUT4 translocation problems .... AND pancreatic Beta Cell failure ( apoptosis- the cells are killing themselves, OR the islet cells are having a problem forming? either way, Diabetics T2 are known to have decreased Beta Cell Mass AND these cells release the insulin that causes the body to take glucose from the blood and store it. OR.... GLUT-4 are supposed to take glucose to bind to the insulin receptors, allowing insulin to be released. However, in Diabetics, it appears there are elevated fatty acid levels and elevated levels of serum Retinol Binding Protein4- these are both thought to decrease the functioning of GLUT-4's which regulate blood glucose levels because they respond to/allow the release of insulin.

The sucky part is that all the research I found kept ultimately saying " the mechanism behind this unknown ...."... however.. the really cool part was that most of this research was from 2007-2008 .. so its all currenntly being examined!

I didn't get to the minority health final paper but will be able to focus on that tomorrow while on campus-


took in a basketball game, i love yoga, i have no leftovers from thanksgiving so nothing to figure out how to make into something else or eat before it "goes bad"... I got to see my family this week, I ran in a race and ran well despite being sick, I went shopping, I finished my paper ,

I need to find a job for xmas break! ...I have been working hard all semester on my school- I spend 12 hours a week in class alone, then an additional 32-36 hours on homework/studying/researching/writing- so it literally is a full-time job when you are in graduate school full-time! I am thinking bath and body works- but I would much prefer a job during the day hours just b/c i get stressed out and exhausted at night and working then would not be fun! Any suggestions?

I will upload pics onto one post for the whole weekend in a little while!


Madison said...

i have no idea about the foodbuzz thing either! hmmmm sorry i can't think of any job ideas right now but if i think of something i'll let you know!!