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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deep Fried

Tailgate Time!..

Me and Jeff...

This is one of his best friends' Hanz, our other friends Nick and Brit in the back! Like the weather in the back too? It threatened us early ( hence the poncho) but then poured shortly after this!
Here is what is in that drink I'm holding- Blueberry Vodka and Pomegranate Fuze... I had this and a beer (someone else has the picture) . We didn't really have much to drink because we were so involved with the fryer/cooking

Andrea, Hanz, Me, KC Mo

Lalala... now its time to get serious with ....
The deep fryer

But Before all of that.....

We decided as a group friday night to borrow jeff's parents deep fryer and fry turkeys for the tailgate. We had to head to the tailgate by noon and I woke up at 9:30 am ( late night!) - and immediately decided to get in a great workout to start the day out right!

Body: Biked 10 miles (Random hill) and Elliptical 30 minutes- Fantastic Sweat!
Mind: I read one article before I left for the gym!
Soul: SO Excited to have my lovely friends all together in one place today! It was SO MUCH FUN!

After the gym I fueled up on oikos organic vanilla, some mixed nuts, some kashi blueberry cereal, and some peanut butter all mixed in there

I was told I had to name the first turkey- and since we needed peanut oil for the fryer- I named it "Peanut". Then, the second turkey came out and I was asked to name that one!- At that point, I asked "How many turkey's do we have?!?" because I thought we bought 1.. They said "3"..... So after pondering while they were prepping #2- I called out "Butter... the first one was Peanut, this one is Butter and the third one can be.... Jelly! We can have peanut, butter and jelly!"

Here is What I Ate:
Veggies, A little ranch, a couple thin slices of cheese, a few triscuits

Piece of Turkey ( Peanut) and a fried mozzarella stick
French Fries! I had that big on on the right - yes I only had one- I saved the rest for Andrea who was arriving late ( I was completely happy with eating one because I also ate a cheese stick, and turkey- no need to go overboard but no need to deprive myself of goodies!)

Not pictured: I had a big slice of Butter... and a big slice of Jelly

Some of the goodies that people brought to fry- Jalepeno poppers, a mini pizza ?, hot dogs, sausages... the fries..Here are the turkeys:
"Peanut" - in all his rubbed glory

So we researched how to fry the turkey.
As a disclaimer, I am not a professional turkey fryer person and PLEASE research on your own how to fry it properly. It is a very dangerous activity, too much oil can overflow and potentially cause fires. You can gage how much oil you need to cover the turkey but filling your fryer with un-flammable WATER and your turkey. You also do not want to use a frozen turkey as it can catch on fire.
So, here is what we did... We used three large jugs of peanut oil and filled our pot with it, heated it up to 350 degrees ( took about 30 minutes). We rubbed the turkey with zataran's cajun seasoning. We dunked each down into the hot oil jacuzzi for 4-5 minutes per pound..."Peanut" weighed about 6.5 pounds so it took about 30 minutes. "Peanut" "Butter" and "Jelly" were all just turkey breasts, which made the process much easier and worthwhile because you filled up and heated up the fryer with $50-60 of oil, you should get your money's worth out of it right!

So this is just a description of how we fried the turkeys- super enjoyable time although it was rainy and chilly!

Friday night
We all went out to a new bar in town after lots of catching up at our place- Here is our newly engaged friends, hee heee , they both closed their eyes!