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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My new Great Debate

After finally trying/finding Cliff Z-Bars recently for the first time, I emailed the Cliff company about making seasonal holiday flavors of Z-Bars. What I discovered was that Cliff DOES make seasonal Cliff Bars, but have been discussing seasonal Z-Bars. I had also found out the Cliff bars are particularly geared towards the vitamin and mineral requirements of adults, whereas The Z-Bars ( that so many bloggers out there love (inlcuding me)) are specifically made towards the nutrition requirements of children.

After reading Organic, Inc. and Slow Food Nation, I realize that bars like these are just another way that America has placed a demand for better food, available in more convienent places. This is good and bad in my opinion, because these books really discuss the information not an opnion either way, of how small farmers have been driven out by conventional agriculture's processed fast cheap product standards. Small farmers lose out, We lose out on good quality Whole food...

I am wrestling with this because I love the "bar" idea as a snack especially with having classes and training and such a busy schedule. However/Despite that its a processed packaged food albeit a HEALTHY , organic ingredient-rich packaged food... but still it doesn't necessarily support my local economy or sustain local agriculture does it?

Did you know that Kashi is owned by Kelloggs? Yes, its the same idea of "Big Food" coming in an taking over agriculture- sure Kashi products are great, but its the same practices that conventional agriculture does. BIG conglomerates making BOTH conventional, cheap, high fructose corn syrup cereals right along side with whole grain Kashi products. Yes, it makes it more available to the U.S consumer, but you are supporting conventional agri-economy even though you might not know it, you just want to make "right' decisions, eat whats "healthy". Companies like that have and want the best of both worlds.

So after talking with Cliff, although they are a "Big Food" kind of company trying to get "Organics for everyone..." - They are making huge efforts in green practices, sustainability and wholesome products.

And they offered to send me free samples of their cliff seasonal bars!!! ( which I have never had before because they seem so high in calories - which is why I immediately liked the Z-bar- more of a snack size).

Here they are with another great suprise in my mail, The Journal of the American Dietetic Association! Woohooo! They sent "Iced Gingerbread, Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Pear Apple Streudel"
they are made with organic soybeans and about 250 calories, 10g of protein....

Below... is lunch

I had some left over Kashi Pilaf, mixed with some egg beaters ( and some caraway seed and some thyme) and a nice organic spring mix salad with a little tomato, low fat mozzarella, drizzled in red wine vineagar with some chickpeas too. I HAD to have a bite of the Iced Gingerbread Cliff Bar!
DELICIOUS! Thanks Jordan!!


VeggieGirl said...

GO FOR LARABARS!!!!! The most wholesome, natural bar out there - no one can deny that.