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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jeff: The "Super-Boyfriend"...

Sunday Brunch:
French Toast with Fry Pan Bananas ( literally slice a banana into a frying pan, flip after a few seconds...heaven) and cottage cheese cloud
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Pre-Run Snack / Lunch:

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I really wanted to go for a run since the weather is so mild lately- this week is supposed to be 60's too! I was scarred to head out to this one trail because I didn't know if there would be enough people in December to make it feel safe. Well... Jeff said he would go with me!!!!!

Woohoooo!!! He has had such a difficult work schedule this year and its made it hard for him to exercise as much as he wants to. When we first met we would workout together all the time- runs, hiking trails, the gym, etc.! It was SO great to be outside with him and Jack and get fresh air & exercise again!

We walked most of the loop (2.82 miles) but jogged the last half mile, then I took off and ran the set of hills, turned around and ran back through the hills again and met back up with Jeff.

I ran a total 5.75 miles , 2 miles of that is all hills ( elevation was 6%, 4%, 3%, 2%), and I walked 2.5 miles with Jeff and Jack! It felt fantastic! My knee and toes are definitely still twisted/weird- I have no idea yet what the connection is but I'm not spending the money to see that crappy orthopaedic again

So now we get back home, Jeff the super-boyfriend decides that he wants to cook dinner for me AND do the dishes

Isn't he the best?!?! It was oh so yummy too..

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Sweet Potato & Apple "Fries"
- chopped potato and apples baked with a sprinkling of sugar

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"Fried" Okra

I was actually going to make this because I usually do it all healthy style. But Jeff really wanted to so I showed him how I do it : Here's how I do it

-heat a pan with smart balance light made with olive oil ( or just a T smart balance olive oil), thawed frozen okra then dipped em in a batter of egg whites & 1% milk, then in mix of equal parts cornmeal/whole grain organic flour (s& p), into the pan and done.
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Teriakyi Chicken Breast ( cage free w/o hormones)

- he even cut it all up for me! single tear * ( i always cut mine up but we were eating on the couch and its too hard to do while on there )

Off to make a surprise treat!

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VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, that French toast sounds divine; and hooray for the run!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy dinner! What a guy!!

B_Hlthy said...

It was! I forgot the photo- but its up now!! hee hee, you reminded me!

thanks s&h...i love him

HangryPants said...

Aw what a nice dinner. Are the apple fries baked?

Matt said...

thanks for that detailed description of flaxseeds. i really had no idea!

you're probably right about the cost differential based on my proximity to NYC. i used to leave near philadelphia, and i noticed the price jump as soon as i moved up here.

i'd be interested to hear how your taste tests come out with the organic vs non-organic food. maybe i'll have to set up my own little taste test soon as well.

B_Hlthy said...

Matt- no prob! thanks for being interested! And totally keep me posted on the potential taste-test... as I will you!