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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 2 of spring semester is over!

6 mile run! G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S!
I actually stopped at each mile so that I could remember the times to put on here-
Mile1- 9:03 ( I walked for the first bit to warm up)

Mile2- 7:35 min

Mile3-7:47 min

Mile4-7:01 min

Mile 5-6:31 min

Mile 6- 6:58 min

Total time was for 6 miles was 45 minutes something...

Vitamins, Minerals and Nutricuticals Class is 4-7 not 4-6 ... phew.. Oh and get this, it was SO coincidental with today's earlier post- We covered the beginnings of free radicals, essentially the reasons you need Antioxidants!

One that was interesting, a lipid peroxyl radical, attacks healthy unsaturated fats that are in cell membranes. I also learned way more than I realized about just how much we produce free radicals, it was astounding! During lots of aerobic exercise ( like running 6 miles :-( ) .. our bodies take all that extra oxygen available and convert lots to free radicals! The good news, our bodies have nutrient mechanisms set up to fight free radicals! those mechanisms include the electron transport chain- which utilizes oxygen to create water and energy. Most recently discussed are the antioxidants found in foods AND in supplements that can really help stop these guys from damaging our cells, increasing our risk for disease like cancer. I will try to do a lengthier post this week or in one week after we do more on free radicals.

It reminded me of a comment on some blog I read , the commenter said how you should not eat polyunsaturated fat. That is absolutely NOT true- I assume this person either had no clue what they were talking about or maybe they heard some mis-information about those free radicals attacking the polyunsaturated fats BUT it is the free radicals that are the problem! Polyunsaturated Fats have more than two (hence poly) double bonds (unsaturated) in their chain - which means it is bent in structure- which means it does good things in your body because of the bent, flexible structure. Omega 3's, Fish Oils, are only a few polyunsaturated fats that help with inflammation, cell structure and functioning, heart and brain function... Anyway- when we discussed the lipid peroxyl radical it reminded me of that! I don't remember the blog- but I liked the writer!

I made a lasagna

I had my school fax the loan people my info so they stop charging me and overdrafting my account!

I made it to Trader Joes for a big ol grocery stop...

Jeff is the sweetest ever! Superboyfriend does it again. The lady booked us a suite in the resort's lodge- but Jeff and I wanted a cabin to ourselves. Well- he arranged it ever so quickly AND he also emailed me a software thing for helping me with finances AND he sent me an email with the subject "heart u" AND we might be going on a ski trip too with all our friends- How wonderful!

back to the grocery store
Photo #1

1 BLOG 005
Cage Free Eggs
Organic 1% Milk
Salad Mix
Brussel Sprouts
Two TJ Nonfat Greek Yogurt
Two Blueberry Greek Yogurts

Photo #2
1 BLOG 006
Bag of Organic D'Anjou Pears (only $3)
Bag of Organic Kiwi (only $2)
Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple
Organic Bananas
Organic Fuji Apple
Frozen pineapple tidbits x2
frozen strawberries
Frozen organic blueberries
frozen mango
Frozen broccoli
Frozen bell pepper
Pork Tenderloin with Garlic and Peppercorn
Goddess Dressing
Cabot Cottage Cheese
Two packs of whole wheat pizza dough
Two jars of TJ marinara
Jar of Bolognese Sauce

My total bill was $65 !!! I think I did pretty good because this will last me quite sometime with all the things I have already built up in our pantry etc.!

I intentionally grabbed lots of fresh fruit so that I could take them with me to campus, and lots of frozen fruit for lovely smoothies!


VeggieGirl said...

Excellent run, class, and groceries!!

Erica said...

Yayy for day 2 being over! Hooray!

You are seriously my hero on the run front! I only dream of being able to run that fast ;)

Made lasagna? mmm...

Awww Jeff sounds just so awesome!

What a great day

Caitlin said...

Congrats on getting through your second day! I studied about lipid peroxyls last quarter....crazy stuff! It's amazing what the body can do on its own:)

B_Hlthy said...

thank you ladies!!

Veggie- you are too funny!! make sure you take time for you and don't ever feel like you must comment! but thanks I like to hear from you always.

erica: aww I have never been called that, a hero!

I have trained for sprinting and plyometrics most of my life- gymnastics in high school, track in college, cheerleading in both- so I have had to work harder at adapting a pace and increasing endurance. I have a need for speed... hee hee.

sweetandfit said...

ahh, the infamous ETC and cellular metabolism. I was a biochem major in college, so that brings back memories (good & bad).

and if i calculated correctly, which i'm hoping i did, you averaged 7:29/mile...thats incredible!

I went to trader joes today too and bought some marinara sauce ($1.29)...for a lasagna that I made too...how coincidental!

I bought those pineapple tibits and I also bought some frozen bluberries, but I still haven't found a good use for them (that was tasty)...i'll look out for how they appear in your meals.

happy hump-day!