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Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Friday of 2009


Yoga at home in the morning- 25 minutes. Then I was off to the gym for strength training: I lifted Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Hamstrings and then for Cardio... 

A fantastic 4 mile run! That brings this week's mileage up to 17 miles!  I also did about 10 minutes on the elliptical to cool down. For the run I did what you could probably consider speedwork- although its nothing like the speedwork I had to do in college track!  I sprinted last 1/4 mile of each of the 4 miles at 9.1 speed on the treadmill , but the 3rd and 4th mile I ran the second 1/4 of each at 9.1 as well! The remaining mileage was at a steady 7.6 and 7.8 and 8.0.

I got the latest ADA newsletter in the mail and read that cover to cover! It has a couple of really interesting articles and some resolutions suggestions too ( nothing we don't already really know- be specific, be realistic etc.). I did want to post about something in there- it will have to wait for tomorrow. 

I also went through a whole ton of mail that has piled up since the hustle and bustle of the holiday travels. Feels SOO nice to have that all cleaned up.

I know this has been on my mind, so our garbage collection is thursday mornings. Well, christmas day was a thursday morning. So we were out of town anyway but knew it wasnt being collected. Well guess what, new years day was a thursday as well. So we have ( this is disgusting!) three weeks of garbage in our city can and I don't know what else to do with it. I put it on the curb because I saw a couple others on the curb way down the street. A few hours later.. sure enough... all of our immediate neighbors put theirs out too. Hahaha.. I guess i'm officially a "trend-setter"... I really really REALLY hope they come tomorrow but I don't care at this point as long as its far away from the house. ICK!

A few grocery trips ago, I bought Andes Creme De Menthe chocolate mints for a fudge mint brownie but then couldn't remember where I got the recipe from! Well, I looked back on my blog and found that I did the cherry almond macaroons and those were from the same place- so then I knew it was from Paula Deen's Christmas magazine!

I will post the recipe and photos for those with what I am also planning on baking this weekend-  A version of VeggieGirl's Blondies adapted from Martha Stewart. Mine will be even more adapted!

Jeff's truck didn't make it in today so we are hoping it does tomorrow!

It for sure does not feel like friday- with the festivities of wednesday and thursday- my body clock is all whack.

Yes , I just said whack.

Post-Workout Lunch:
Pumpkin Puree, Egg Whites, Splash of Eggnog, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup- microwaved

Christmas 2008 007 

on top is Quick Cook Steel cut Oats- microwaved with water

Veggies heated up and sprinkled with reduced fat fetaChristmas 2008 008

and parm cheese ( yellow squash, brocolli, asparagus, red pepper, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, artichokes )

Christmas 2008 006

a good ol friday Laural-Mo Creation

Broccoli with: Splashes of Lite-Soy and Fresh Black Pepper .
I let that cook in the pan over medium heat until it was nice and brown.

Christmas 2008 015
Took out the broc. and threw in Organic Baby Carrots. 

Christmas 2008 018
To those I added cinnamon, curry, maple syrup, smart balance. With the leftover soy and pepper residue- these babies tasted yummy ( but since I hate carrots- I had three and gave them all to Jeff. He told me he was going to tell all my bloggers that I didn't eat my carrots!)

Sweet Potato wedges , microwaved for 5 minutes. Sliced and put it in toaster oven to broil.
Christmas 2008 019
Filet Mignon- Jeff cooked on the grill.
Christmas 2008 020

Happy First Friday of 2009 to All!


HangryPants said...

Look at all your beautiful veggies today!

Nice work on the treadmill girl! Now that I am at a gym and not at home I've been using the elliptical more and I feel like I am cheating on the treadmill!

Anonymous said...

Wow way to go with that run!!
I am so jealous at the sweet potatoes! They are really scarce here!

Erica said...

I hope the SUV makes it in today so you guys can cruise around! They should make an alternative day trash pickup when there are multiple weeks that fall on holidays!!! Who wants to have three weeks worth of trash? Glad you got a great workout in and can't wait to see the brownie recipe mmm!

VeggieGirl said...

Yoga + sweet potatoes = part of my Friday as well ;-)

Can't wait to see your version of the blondies!!! :-D

Madison Song said...

body clock is all out of whack too!! i kind of like that lol...it keeps things interesting =)

what is Moe's?


Erica said...

Hey! How are you :) Ok for group fitness- different gyms require different things. All gyms (that I have worked at) require that you're CPR certified (through the red cross). I have worked at a gym that also required me to be first aid certified (I also did this through the red cross).

Some gyms also require that you are group fitness certified. You can do this by taking classes and then taking a big test or you can do it at home and submit a video and test. There are tons of organizations that do this- some to google- ACE, AFAA, AFPA.

I teach two prechoreographed programs. For these I had to go to a weekend training and then had to pass a test to get certified (practical- actually teaching). Body Step is a Les Mills program (lesmills.com). Turbo Kick-turbokick.com.

Let me know if you have any questions!!

B_Hlthy said...

yes yes i love veggies Marge- i still like you even though you a cheating ellipticizer

therunningaddict: oh no! scarce sweet potatoes! that is terrifying

VeggieGirl: I know! me either- i will post tomorrow prob.

Mads: Moes Southwest ? its a chain like qudoba and jimmy johns and all those places- i always see commercials

Erica Thanks so much! I am CPR certified and searching the names you sent. I was considering it awhile ago but now i am really thinking i would love it ... Thanks!

Madison Song said...

AH i see...i guess i am sheltered too! =)