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I am currently working on a Master's Degree in Nutrition and requirements for Registered Dietician R.D. I plan to run my first full marathon in 2009. This blog is about everything I learn, eat, and do along the way. Cheers!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hey yall ! Happy Monday! So one little tidbit of news, I have been searching for a way to keep track of my hits and I saw one on a friend's site:
The Running Addict. She has been having a rough time since hurting her ankle on a run a bit ago- so stop on over and give her some encouraging thoughts! Although she is wordpress, it led me to one simple search and a few seconds later - I have a stat counter!! Hooray! Thanks Friend!

So lets see


Walk with Jack, 1 mile

Heading to the gym in a little while for some circuit training with Jeffrey! I love workouts with him because we have such a fun time and we push each other to keep up the momentum during our sets. It is also a very different workout than say , yesterday's 7 mile run.

*** update: We did 40 minutes of cardio ( treadmill and elliptical and biking) after lifting weights- shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest and hamstrings with jumping jacks, squat thrusts and abs in between each other's sets**

by the way, my knee was incredibly sore last night- not today much - just a few hours after the run.

Reading chapters 2 & 3 of Understanding Food


When I can say "accomplishments" - it just boosts my spirits so here goes


  • Re-arranged our living room furniture ( again!)
  • Swept Living Room
  • Swept upstairs rooms
  • Mopped Kitchen Floor
  • Cleaned and organized kitchen stuff
  • Cleaned hardwood floors in the living room
  • Laundry
  • Blog Stat Counter ! Finally!
  • Took Jack for 1 mile Walk
  • Put in a new wallflower, Black Amethyst

Snow Snow Snow is in the forecast overnight! Only 2-4 inches, but that is the most it will have snowed in the past three years if it comes!

May watch Pineapple Express tonight- did anyone see it? We rented it for $1 at redbox but we don't know if its worth watching?

Food post later this evening!


Erica said...

Hey chicky! What a day! You got so much done- I am totally jealous! Have fun at the gym with your man. We saw pineapple express- it is funny, not hilarious, but def funny! Totally worth the dollar

strongandhealthy said...

Wow you accomplished a lot today!! Yay for you!!!