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Monday, January 12, 2009

Night-time eating is still a No-no

The plan for today is a great sweaty run. My knee was very sore last night as were my toes. Its odd because it has felt so great lately. Anyway, I am shooting for just a good 3.2 but we will see. If it bothers me, I'll be doing something else.

** And the plan worked! I did a fantastic 3.2 and once I got over the harsh first mile, I decided I would go to 4. I ran at 9.2 mph for 6 minutes and had a steady pace of 8.0 for the last two miles! This guy looked at me in aw... he smiled and shook his head like "damn i can't keep up with you" and I looked back like "oh no you can't! :-D" . Only looks- I would never say that in real life! I also did 15 minutes on the elliptical to cool down. **

I'd tried downloading another yogadownload. It got stuck at 12%... arrrggh- Does anyone else have this problem?

An article on Sugar is Posted! Click Here to check it out..

I had to write about another (mini) article too...

Nightime Eating STILL a NO-NO

In The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study in October 2008 examined the self-directed food choices of 67 men and 50 women. These healthy, non-diabetic adults spent 3 consecutive days and nights in a metabolic section of a hospital. The subjects ate a "standard" diet of 20% protein, 50% carbohydrates, and 30% fat during the day. Subjects ate freely after 6 pm, with food selection time being recorded.

36% of the sample were considered "night-time eaters" consuming significantly more calories than non-nighttime eaters. Their conclusion: nighttime eating was common and predicted weight gain. Research continues to be determined regarding abnormal sleep patterns leading nighttime wakefullness.

I think this is very interesting because it appears that those eating later at night slowed their metabolism, and gained weight. While I feel that if you are 100% truly hungry ( some of us just don't get home from work/school until 8 pm or later) - you should eat by all means regardless of time. But that is only if you need to eat, many people snack late at night while watching shows or out of boredom or anxiety or depression, and this clearly leads to packing on the pounds.
I can't wait to find more research in the future on this!


I feel like a new baby is coming home from the hospital today- Jeff is signing and driving home his brand new truck now!

***I will update with another post of food photos and Truck photos later today!!***

Happy Monday to All! Happy Spring Semester to all starting with me this week as well!


Madison said...

can't wait to see the truck! :)