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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

EASY Mexican Pie

So you can easily modify this - esp. for Vegans out there- Soy Crumbles- Boca Crumbles vs. my Ground Turkey or you Meat Lovers out there - Ground Beef vs Ground Turkey. I used a new Kashi product
that cooks in the microwave in 90 seconds! Fiesta Pilaf ( it has roasted corn, black beans, borwn rice, wheatberries, ...) but you could use white/brown rice if you prefer. I also used a chobani plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream...

Ingredients for Two ( or Four):
Kashi Fiesta Pilaf
1 lb ground turkey seasoned with: cumin, mrs. dash spicy
shredded cheese 1/4 cup, times 2
roasted chipotle salsa
whole wheat tortillas (2)

Recipe: Brown ground meat with seasonings to taste on low until pink is gone. While it is browning you can cook rice pilaf as directed, put in bottom of casserole dish. I then layered on a container of chobani greek plain, then spread on a thin sprinkle of the cheese. Then add cooked meat ( or soy crumbles) in casserole. Sprinkle on remainder of 1/4 cup cheese, spread on salsa. Sprinkle on additional 1/4 cup of cheese to get all brown and crusty... ( at this point I threw it in the fridge and headed to class but you could bake immediately) Bake in 325 oven for 25 minutes ( or until cheese is melted, brown {how I prefer} ) Plate with tortilla or use tortilla as base layer ( if you prefer your tortillas softer and mushier put on bottom... i liek my crispy so i waited till then end and toasted em for a few minutes as the oven cooled Save Energy! )

Nutrition: The entire casserole:
1400 calories
98 g Protein
20 g Fat (* I used 93% lean turkey because it was $2.99 vs 99% lean $5.99 and only 30 calories difference, all in 3 g extra fat, and a serving of this is only 5 g fat total )
172 g Carb. 36 g Fiber

1/4 serving below ( i had extra cheese but not all the burnt tortilla so the counts here are for the recipe as is)
350 kcals
25 g Protein
5 g Fat
9 g Fiber
43g Carbos