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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Steel Cut!

Paper is done! phew.. in total it took me 2 hours but I really had a harder time with this one African American Health.. I am totally past the 3 page requirement so I put it in 11 font vs 12 and 1.5spaced vs Double spaced... I just cant "simmer down" my writing - I like to finish thoughts and make it flow to the next paragraph... so oh well.

I decided NOT to eat my super fast easy lovely smoothie breakfast FIRST, but rather wait to cook and eat steel cut oats.

I exhausted myself with oats in college... I literally had no money and no car so I would just live off of oats .. oats with pb, oats w. tuna , oats w cream cheese and jelly...

I think its funny all of the bloggers that post about oat combos everyday because I feel like there are endless combinations that are so fun to experiement with. But after all my close-enough variations in college.... everyday....multiple meals/day i am serious... i am slightly weary of oats all the time now...

Nonetheless, they are delicious and super nutritious and I still appreciate all the possibilities of them. Since I had to finish my paper ( I wanted to get it out of the way and done so I could do whatever with my day).... I figured I would type while they simmered.

So I made smoothies for Jeff before he left- frozen banana, blackberries, peaches ( i think his favorites?) with protein and milk. I made proportions so that I could have a good half of my reg. size and stashed it in the freezer while the oats simmered.

Here is my breakfast:

The purple stuff is the smoothie obviousl and then i sprinkled cinnamon and added a spoonful of pb on the side... Smear style..


Danielle said...

Combo breakfast? Sounds amazing, I love oats and smoothies! Congrats on finishing the paper, I don't think you'll penalized for going above and beyond :)

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for getting your paper done!!

I never get sick of oatmeal, haha - I can't go more than ONE day without them!! :0)

Happy Wednesday!!