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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Official Studying Begins...Saccharides: Glucose, Cellulose -- Coffe-ose?

Today I have advanced nutrient metabolism class and our exam is one week from today on Carbohydrates...

Specifically types ( like starch, cellulose, lactose) and their pathways:

Pathway = ( what gets converted ---> into what)
glycolysis = ( glucose---> pyruvate)

glycogenesis = ( glucose---> glycogen)

glycogenolysis= (glycogen---> glucose)

gluconeogenesis= ( non CHO stuff ----> glucose)... get it the neo is new, so stuff that is not
carbohydrates gets converted in glucose making it like "new glucose"

Krebs Cycle /Citric Acid: acetyl CoA --> CO2 and Hydrogens

PPP or "hexosemonophosphate shunt"= ( glucose---> ribose )

Specficic Types of CHO... CHO Classification

Simple: sugars
Complex: fiber and starches

aka altose or ketone

  • have different sizes
  • trioses have 3 carbons like glycerose
  • tetroses have 4 " like erythrose
  • pentoses have 5 "...ribose!
  • hexoses have 6..... GLUCOSE, and Fructose and Galactose

Oligiosaccharides: from 2 up to 10 monosaccharide units

  • Stachyose: 3 monos
  • Raffinose: 4 monos
  • Matotriose: 3 glucose ( which is a hexose monosaccharide)
  • Disaccharides (2 mono's)..... sucrose
  • sucrose: fructose + glucose
  • lactose: galactose+ glucose
  • maltose: glucose + glucose

Polysaccharides ( > 10 mono's)

  • amylose, amylopectin.... aka starches
  • glycogen: The Carbohydrate Storage molecules in animals
  • dextrin: Short chains of glucose
  • cellulose & other fibers
  • polymers of fructose: eg. inulin

Coffee Break


VeggieGirl said...

Wowza - interesting stuff!! Good luck studying!!

Danielle said...

You definitely earned that coffee break :) good luck studying!

P.S. Breakfast this morning looked amazinggg.