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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Glucose and Free Ice Cream aka Lactose

In plants, glucose is synthesized from carbon dioxide and water by photosynthesis and stored as starch or used to synthesize the cellulose ( aka fiber) of the plant cell walls.

Animals can synthesize carbohydrates from amino acids but most animal carbohydrate is derived ultimately from plants.
Glucose is the most important carbohydrate; most dietary carbohydrate is absorbed through the blood as glucose, and other sugars are converted to glucose in the liver. It is the precursor to all other carbohydrates in the body..i.e glycogen for storage, ribose in nucleic acids, galactose in lactose of milk..
(for my research project for this class....) Diseases associated with carbohydrate metabolism include diabetes mellitus, galactosemia, glycogen storage disease, and lactose intolerance.
from our Text Harpers Biochemistry 27th Edition

** How cool is this, my prof. told me in class that cavemen millions of years ago did not have the enzyme lactase to digest milk products. The gene and enzyme was developed over/throughout centuries so that man could digest milk. However, some people never developed it based on their ancestors not having it- hence the reason why people today are still lactose intolerant.

Speaking of glucose and lactose... My best friend is executive director of Make a Wish chapter here where we live... They have an annual fundraiser at COLD STONE CREAMERY!

Two flavors designed by two wish children are FREE at participating (most) Cold Stone Creamery locations from 5-8 pm today only! GO GET FREE LACTOSE!

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