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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Only one..

One day left until my birthday and only one picture I took today..

I got up super early, made jeff and i smoothies ( frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, two bananas, milk, protein, pb) and ran to campus to work on this huge paper due next monday ( and also another 2 page paper that I thought was due tomorrow- but not till october!!!) I unexpectedly spent ALL DAY there! I am so glad that I stashed a zone bar and a kashi honey almond flax granola bar in my bag for events such as this! I typed on the computer from 8:30 am until 3:15 pm , at which point I took a food break and ran to the cafe on campus to find something. I ate the clutch "zone" almond raisin bar at 11. It worked like a charm but I was done with my 10 page section of our literature review on food choices of college female freshmen, focusing on eating disorder components. And I had class at 4, so I figured I needed to take a break! I got a side salad, with a half cup of hummus, and a starkist tuna lunch to go for protein! I put the tuna on the salad, then took big bites of hummus and then the salad with tuna.

Sorry no pictures- I was totally "work" oriented with the papers due.

Body: Is so sore! I did a push up contest at the tailgate on saturday and beat everyone ( even the guys! ).. but did not start "feeling it" until this morning! I ran yesterday and I needed to type that paper ( among others) so I happily rested today!

Mind: Type type type type! I actually had a great writing day as far as this paper goes ( once I had a good cup of coffee) I was good to go, in the zone...

Soul: Talked with my mom, lots, several times, and found out my brother in Houston finally has electricity back, and water back, and the grocery stores are even re-stocking now! Hooray! And all of the lovely birthday wishes from friends has been so nice also!

I liked these chairs I found last week and Jeff asked me if I wanted to watch the Chargers game tonight "out".... So I asked if he wanted to stop in to the store this evening to check out chairs- and I would run home and take Jack dog out. He thought they were really comfortable! He said they were on clearance and didnt have a price- which was displayed as $299 last week- maybe we will get another great deal!? Pictures tomorrow or wednesday probably!

We went out to Jack Astor's and I was not too thrilled over the meal but hungry. I ordered the Lemon Pepper Salmon ( which was totally undercooked, but I ate around the uncooked parts because I was THAT hungry and I do eat raw salmon for sushi etc. so I figured it wasn't "harmful") with vegetables and fries. Here it is with my beer in the back! Sam Adam's Ocktoberfest, I only had this one pint because I like to just enjoy one really good beer vs. consuming super sugary mixes or cheap light beer. The fries reminded me of McDonalds, although I guarentee I have not had Mc Donalds in probably 4 or 5 years, they had that same size/texture/taste/smell. The vegetables were not cooked at all! I bit the carrot and it almost broke my tooth! Don't the veggies look like they were "plated" awkward? This is how my plate arrived with the exception of the salmon, I knocked off that little butter ball because it was gross and I had cut into the salmon to see if it was cooked because of how my first bite tasted.
I just will be sure to not order that again, and probably stick with their specialty nachos that I saw almost everyone else ordered b/c the servers passed by so often with it!

Yet, it was blast because we played this super fun game after eating called QB1, you use those game pieces at sports bars everywhere and predict the plays as if you were the Quarterback for each team... ( the card explaining it is there... i.e you select "pass" or "run" the ball, then you can pick left, middle, right, deep, short etc. ) I really liked the game because it kept me entertained and really focused on the game. I also was put into a fantasy charity square thing, which Im not sure if I won or not.

Jeff is taking off work tomorrow morning so that we can spend a lovely birthday morning together ( before I have to go to class)....The plans are to clean the walls, floors, and move the old couch to the basement- then go look at paint samples for the house and pick up our new sofa!!!


madison (follow my weigh) said...

have a happy birthday!!! :D

VeggieGirl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

VeggieGirl said...

P.S. - love the new blog layout!