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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Strength Training Splits

CSTH... and BBQ (A) Let me preface by saying I try to strength train four times a week. I find that my splits ( the muscle groups worked on that session) are most successful for me as CSTH, the next time BBQA, repeat. It hits most of my biggest muscles groups and is easy to remember so I can walk into the gym confident ! For each exercise, I focus on my energy that day and pushing my muscles to failure... not really the "set" or "reps"- but do use those as a guideline. I try to do one exercise for each muscle group that session, and about 4 sets of 20... sometimes I can only get to 3 of 15 or so.

Chest: I usually do machines vs. free weights but my favorites are: incline press, push ups, cable pulls.

Shoulders: Bent over fly. You sit and lean your chest onto your lap. Then lift your arms up on either side of you, with elbows slightly bent and the peak of your lift. You try not to lift your chest, you want to focus on your deltoids ( shoulders) doing the work. I use very light weigh because its such an isolated exercise.
* I also do overhead press, and just found a new exercise in this months Muscle and Fitness Hers... The Arnold ( you extend your arms above your head, then turn your wrists in and pull down...http://www.muscleandfitnesshers.com/training/102
Triceps: Push Downs, Overhead Extensions

Hamstrings: Curls, Romaine Deadlifts

BBQ A -I most often do this split at home with my 7.5 lb purple weights!
Back :
Bent Over Row.. so you bring your arms up at your sides elbows/triceps parallel with your back. Lat Pull Down...

Biceps: Curls with Lunges ( 2 in 1), Hammer curls
Quads: Lunges, Leg Extension, Squats!
and Some exercises I found in SHAPE... You lunge back but then lift your leg that you went back with up in a 90 degree angle, knee up

Abs: Roman Chair Lifts, Side to Side bends, bicycles, and I try to use my "core" muscles with most exercises


VeggieGirl said...

Saw the comment that you left for me, on your older post: I do ballroom dancing (think 'Dancing With The Stars' - the moves, the costumes, EVERYTHING); and when I was younger, I did ballet, tap, jazz, and was a competitive figure skater as well.

I will be posting more about my dancing, on my blog, when it gets closer to competition time.