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Friday, September 12, 2008


So.. I havent posted all day because I really didnt eat anything all day.. and that is NOT BY CHOICE!

Last night, Jeff took me to dinner at one of our favorite italian places. I ate my salad and several appetizers ( free on wed!)... some scoops of arichoke spinach dip and one fried cheese stick!

By the time our entrees got there ( Mama D's Steak Sandwhichs) I couldnt bare to eat any I was stuffed! So we boxed up, ran to the redbox for some movies and came home- I watched the Vegas movie with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher- I must say I laughed alot!

I wish I could've been so amused by waking up at 3:00 am with a MIGRAINE! the worst of the three I have ever had... I am talking I thought my brain was going to explode! I couldnt move, I couldnt think, I was so nauseated and worst, I couldnt sleep!!

this continued for what was a miserable pathetic 5 hours of me crawling around in bed, hugging jeff, praying to god that if he would take the pain away I would do anything he wanted.

To no avail, Jeff went to work with a hope you feel better sweetheart... and I managed to walk outside at 8 am to take the trash to the curb for pick-up -today. Immediate pounding and I headed straight back into bed ( well i washed my hands and took a motrin ib)...

Alas, NO HELP! I crawled miserably around in bed for another few hours and mostly out of pure exhaustion .. I fell asleep for about an hour, pain still there, then fell back asleep until 12:30! I woke up as if I was praying for the pain to be gone, it was substantially better but still there.

I crawled to my refridgerator and pulled out my leftover oats from yesterday. I was lifting up my first bite and as I smelled it, I almost threw up.
I opened a banana and did get a few bites of that down. I didnt know what else to do, I was in "whatever will make this better right now is what i am going to do, even if its illegal or crack, i want this migraine GONE"

I was pissed off too because I wanted to get up early and pack, and go for a good run since tomorrow we fly to jeff's cousin's wedding.... and ... get a manicure and pedicure..

With 3 hours left before class, I knew I couldnt get all of that done. I decided the gym would be first because I could at least leave if I didnt feel better and then get to the other stuff.

I called my wonderful Aunt Lindsey who I knew has migraines and begged for help. She told me about otc meds, and triggers... like the barometric pressure changing with all these hurricanes and eye strain ( my paper writing all morning yesterday, plus all my blogging, etc... )
so - I grabbed the otc meds she said ( excedrin migraine) and went to the gym..
At the gym, I did the arc trainer ( the squirrel looking elliptical ) for 25 minutes and then had enough energy to run on the treadmill..
SOOO glad I did- I ran at 8.0 mph and 8.5 mph and mostly at 7.6 mph for 3 miles . Its great to be back at my pace again of 7 min- 7:30 min miles!!

Driving home I thought I would be so happy and starving, but no, I got home and was not hungry, rather nauseated super bad! I shoved down the rest of the banana from earlier and showered and ran to class.

After class I felt better but still stomach sick, I went to Borders and bought Jeff the latest book he wanted so he could read it tomorrow on the plane! ( aren't I nice?)

Then went to return several things, and look at shoes (again) for the wedding. I bought two pairs of comfy flats that arent for the wedding but were on super clearance and super AWESOME!!

I am starving right now but I tried to eat.. i've tried to eat several times today and if you look at my archives, I eat alot everyday- especially on days I run I always have a big dose of protein with each meal with whole grains and veggies (a/or fruit)... but I just couldnt manage to keep anything down- I mean I had a bite or two of this but then felt waves of vomit just coming at me
- and I do not know how to surf!

Anyhow, it is so late but I wanted to write about my misery in hopes that anyone that may read my blog can sympathize with me ...

Off to put all my things in my carry-on and get a good nights rest!


madison said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! (i replied back to you on my blog).

wow are you getting a degree in nutrition? i've been toying with that idea but just am not sure. please tell me how its been so far!

i hope you feel better. i don't know if i have ever had a migraine. i don't know how to differntiate between that and a headache.

VeggieGirl said...

Oh no!!! I'm TERRIBLY sorry about the migraine and about not being able to eat :0( Hang in there!!! I pray that you get well a.s.a.p.!!

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, feel better you poor thing! I am a migraine sufferer as well (and actually am currently sick too) so I totally understand what you're going through :(. After so much time just the fact that I know I "should" eat makes me go for the food but my body just doesn't want it. Make sure to rest and get a lot of liquids and hopefully you'll be getting well soon!

B_Hlthy said...

Thank you for all your sympathy!! I think the pressure on the plane helped too... and excedrin migraine... thank goodness!

Madison: I think the biggest difference for me in a migraine and a headache is the level of functioning..
With a headached, I find myself saying " ugh my head hurts" but can still read, walk around, go to work...

With a migraine, I was praying it would end, literally the pain was piercing through my entire head and i couldnt move, i felt so nauseated I almost threw up, I couldnt even sleep it hurt so badly... so literally i cant function as a person when i get one...

Veg: Thanks for the prayers!!

Danielle: Thank you for all your advice! I am so sorry you suffer from them too.. they are awful! I hope you are feeling better and take your own advice too- rest up, lots of fluids!