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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cranberry Pumpkin "Filling"

I had a few cranberries left from my experimenting with the BSI ( I made a sauce to go with the pork and another type of bread -both i completely burned!) So.. I used them in my breakfast today as a secret secret ingredient ( I hid them in there )

Pumpkin "Filling" - Mine doesn't come out like a "cake" but it is certainly not "mush". Most of the time it comes out tasting more like the delicious inside of the pumpkin pie ( less dense though). I originally got the idea from Kath's site but change mine pretty much every time I make it! I stopped at TJ yesterday and picked up organic pumpkin ( canned for $1.99.... has anyone had a hard time finding pumpkin?) AND carton of egg whites that were cage free eggs- which I haven't been able to find !

1/4 cup organic pumpkin ( its less orange.. more brown ?)
1/2 cup cage free egg whites
whisked until well blended
sprinkled with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice
** note most people would probably want to add a sweetener of some sort- i have used tsp of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, packet of splenda etc... Today I didn't feel like adding any sweetener*
microwaved for 2 minutes
in go the cranberries
in goes the uncle sam's cereal ( whole wheat bran and whole flaxseeds)
mixed it all around
microwave for another 1 min +

Sliced a banana on top with a smudge of pb! (natural organic smuckers! ..ingredients: peanuts)

Run.. hopefully long and hopefully soon so I can adjust to morning runs ( I LOVE afternoon running so I have adjusted to "pre-lunch" running- which means after breakfast I blog/read/yoga/clean so that I don't run on a "Full" stomach and so when I am finished I am hungry for lunch. The problem now is that my race is at 8 am which means I have to wake up at about 6 am to get there on time and I never run that early. My plan is changing that sleep schedule over the next two weeks to waking up at 6 and running/exercising or just getting up that early! I am not concerned so much with the running 13 miles, I am more concerned with running while my body does not feel awake.

Yesterday I biked at 10 am... so today 9:30 is at least a little better! * baby steps*

Class.. assignment on research questions, edit/draft paper due tomorrow, begin slides for presentation (tuesday class Chp. 6 of Organic Inc) , Find info on beginning slides for presentation (wednesday class- Native Am. Health- childhood obesity) , Article for Thursday class found- back up research needed-


Not sure- yoga this week, actually accomplishing the "mind" section, the yard looks fantastic from all our work yesterday, clean the guest bedrooms, organize clothes and send out evites for clothing sale

Plus I have trainings during the mornings this week so it will be busy!


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Good luck today!!