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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I spent SO much time shopping with KC this morning/afternoon that I got home and was really hungry for lunch. I heated up leftover pasta and sauce for Jeff and I before yardwork.

I started to pack for the beach, showered, laundry, then got ready and left for class- before I left I grabbed a balance bar and ate it on the way to class.

Manicure After Class!!

Note to self- iatria day spa did not do a very good job but it was later at night and the last appointment of the day so not sure if we should try this place again.... Dinner Finally!!!

Starving!! I had a salmon burger and toasted in the toaster oven. I had a whole wheat mini wrap with hummus and goat cheese and goddess dressing. I also had a big bowl of mixed veggies that was delicious!

Body: Rest day- sort of- I walked - a lot! and all the unpacking/laundry/run around/cleaning worked up a sweat! But no formal exercise today! See how heavy my mind section is!

Mind: Class was interesting! Adv. Nutrient Metabolism is always fun.
Today was glycolysis...

I will spill about high fructose metabolism ( only a tiny portion of what we went over) because it is such a buzz recently.

( you can refer back to my posts late september to refresh on saccharides)

Glucose, Galactose, Fructose all require ATP (adensosine tri-phosphate= energy!) to be broken down.

Glucose gets phosphorylated (using a phosphate from ATP) into Glucose 1-P, which uses either hexokinase or glucokinase ( gluco in the liver, hexo outside liver) to convert to Glucose-6-P.... which gets converted to Fructose-6-P ..

Fructose needs ATP to get phosphorylated as well and gets converted to Fructose 6- P via enzymes ( phosphofructokinase- PFK- the main regulator in the breakdown process) ...

From here...
Fructose 6-P breaks down to glyceraldehydes ( 2 of them since its a 3 carbon molecule and glucose is a 6 carbon molecule)..

Glyceraldehydes get further broken down into carbon intermediate chains, then into pyruvate (with the help of high ATP, High alanine levels, and the pyruvate kinase enzymes). Pyruvate is the end result of glycolysis along with 2 ATP

( pyruvate can then continue to break down in mitochondria- if no oxygen is present it will convert to lactic acid.... if oxygen is present it will convert to Acetyle CoA which is the building block for fat AND cholesterol)

Unfortunately, science has shown that high fructose intakes result in high amounts of glyceraldehydes. The problem with this is that triglycerides ( glyercol with three fatty acid chains attached) are made from this via the available glycerol in glyceraldehydes.

Thus ....high fructose intake results in higher fat production. If you regularly consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly- consuming a single product or maybe a few products with HFCS isn't really going to do anything that harmful except for potentially create a few extra triglycerides ( unless you exercise or output energy which will immediately breakdown everything to pyruvate b/c of energy demand). If your triglyceride levels are already high, you would want to stay away from HFCS. In general, you want to stay away from HCFS because the majority of products that contain it aren't healthy products anyway- pre-packages snacks/cakes/cookies etc. arent nutritious foods.

Hope you enjoyed that! It helped me recap my class too!

Manicure! Shoe Shopping! ( I got fabulous shoes!!!!!), Makeup shopping, Laundry, Talked to my mom about my day and my knee issues, Greys Anatomy, Going to THE BEACH!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

wait, did i already say... WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!

bringing the laptop and the camera stuff but not sure if our house has wireless!
see you later tomorrow!


VeggieGirl said...

Love EVERYTHING in your "soul" section - such a fabulous day!! And thanks for sharing that information about high fructose intake - interesting stuff!!