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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Photo Wrap Ups- The Lake

Trees at the lake, I am hoping to get enough of the same shot in all different seasons for a present for Nana....

Sunbathing Turtles! Jeff using the potty on the "big boat" .. KC his sister is driving!

Breakfast Sunday Morning... Banana and Peanut Butter, Half an english muffin!

Before sunrise on the lake ..Saturday Morning

Infamous Breakfast Sandwich and Jack's Butt so perfectly placed

Protein Bar

One Fish, Two Fish!

I caught five fish on Saturday, and Jeff held them for me so I could take the photos but many came out blurry cuz of the excitement and jack and being in a little boat. So here is one,
We released all of them except the big guy , which Jeff saved and he caught another huge one monday morning- so Nana fried them all up with potatoes on monday while I was home..

Jack Stabalizing himself in the john-boat


HangryPants said...

What great pictures. Tell me more about this breakfast sandwich. I'm intrigued!

B_Hlthy said...

Haha the breakfast sandwich was described on "So Far So Good" post... It was a huge buttermilk biscuit ( leftover from the night before) , buttered ( usually you have to fight to get it without mayo), then bacon and drippings are put on it, then she fries an egg in the pan of grease. Usually with cheese on it as well.

Its not that its unhealthy- I don't enjoy drinking grease- I like eating bacon, i will eat a fried egg, and im not a huge fan but will eat the biscuit. It's more of all of that together when lunch is probably another high fat low protein meat, more simple carbs like white rolls etc, minimal fruit or veg, .... and cheese in the afternoon... and similar dinner.

So I gave the sammy away in favor of a slightly healthier option without getting comments like "who doesnt enjoy mayonaise and cheese on their sandwich, how odd"