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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Funday Pick My Dress ?!

Andrea and Brit and I were up until 4 am talking! I was tired but wired because we just kept having things to talk about! We all slept over and watched a movie in the morning when we finally woke up! I left my car at our hangout place ( its about 1/2 mile from Andrea and Nates house)- So Andrea, Brit and I got up and walked to get the cars and then I headed out to the mall for some shopping ( I wanted to get a cute shirt for the rehearsal dinner and maybe a new dress for the wedding).

I grabbed this and a banana for Shopping Fuel!

( let me preface this with I know how silly and "Superficial" or "trivial" it seems to be concerned with what I wear. I like to look my best and I do find it fun and it will help me pack for the weekend)

Here is outfit #1 - I think I will wear this during the day fri or sat but still need something warmer for rehearsal at night and I got the whole outfit including earrings and bracelet for $9 !!

On to the dress for the event, I have one that is phenomenal but the zipper is ivory and where the dress is black, you can see the ivory zipper. I don't know if people would think its just too small and I look stuffed into it *

Then there is dress #2, the one I wore to Jeff's brothers wedding and his cousins wedding... Jack came in to say hi when I was taking pictures! See him at the bottom

Both of the dresses are from White House Black Market, both I got on sale plus coupons , and I have well gotten use out of both of them. I looked for a new one but didnt seem to like anything I loved. As much as I want to not spend money. I have seen picture and after picture of me in same dress and jeff in the same suit over and over ... maybe I should wear one of these, and could get some great shoes, and a new shirt for jeff?

I can't decide between the two dresses though.
Which one do you like best?


VeggieGirl said...

Loove White House Black Market (especially since that's my wardrobe color palate = black & white, with colored accessories).

I vote for the first dress! :0)

Kath said...

DEFINITELY the ivory/black dress :) It's classier and looks great on you.

Simple and Divine said...

THE IVORY/BLACK DRESS fits you like a dream... You look like you were poured into it, SO divine. And the back is romantic and totally drool worthy, too! DRESS NUMERO UNO babygirl! OWN. IT. :)

-PS- Your tube top/jeans combo looks S0 R00TIN T00TIN cute too! Ahh, love it!

B_Hlthy said...

Thanks a million everyone! Majority wins...

I got a cute sweater thing to go with it (well either ) today!