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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hot Delicious 24-inch Pizza

I went to the gym after my metabolism exam and I am BEYOND overjoyed that I did!

I biked 12 miles in 26 minutes! Random Hill Program is Awesome! I also did 30 minutes on the Elliptical! This felt TRULY AMAZING! I have not been able to get in a great workout for about two weeks it seems ( although my yoga and 3 mile run on sunday DID feel kinda fantastic as Yoga+Runs usually are!)

SMOOTH SAILING UNTIL FINALS! By this I mean, I still have to interview a freshmen with april about her food choices, code and analyze all the data, start and finish a research paper on Intermediate Hyperglycemia ( the precursor to Diabetes Type 2), and write a response paper for minority health readings. All of this will be WAY more managable though than this past week though!

I posted about nutrient metabolism without looking at my notes! Woohoo! And I am so happy I did well this week on my two presentations and exam! Sigh of Relief~ Thanks for all your well wishes!

Get to see my mom tommorow! We are meeting half way between where we live and doing some shopping, exchanging of blinds and catching up! Hooray!
Our friends arrive tomorrow evening AND this amazing friend-not really because she left to go to grad school just after we met- is coming into town too! We both joke about how we feel like we would have become best friends but timing wasn't there... so it will be an absolute fantastic, stress free, fun filled, visit filled weekend!

After I got back I called Jeff and we decided on pizza from our FAVORITE place! Well.... we usually just get a slice each because they are these HUGE 6 inch wide, 12 inch long slices . So I looked at our coupons to get the number and I see their 18 inch pizza is $9... So I figured with friends in town this weekend, we could get te 24 inch for not terribly much more.

Jeff came home with this bad boy:

The picture does not do it justice- It was literally a 3 foot by 3 foot wide box that he could barely fit into his truck! Do you see that cup!? That is a big, 18 oz cup in the background! Unfortunately, the guy on the phone wouldn't tell me how much it cost- so i assumed it would only be a little more than $15 -I was way off! Jeff told me it cost $27 !! For one pizza ( granted it was huge and could feed two families!)

Yikes! Thank goodness it was cut into small squares, so I could enjoy three and a little guy missing from the photo! and Hooray For LEFTOVERS! And hoooray for such an amazing boyfriend Jeff that buys me a $27 pizza~

Another view of our gorgeous tree- I love fall foliage!

I feel on top of the world! Ah


Madison said...

lol, after seeing that cup i can tell the photo does not do the pizza justice!

B_Hlthy said...

I know right!? Get this- The box didnt even fit in our big trash collecting bin.. I think I might go take a picture of that to put on here.

The pizza was phenomenal though!