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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Food Discussions, Topic 1

How you STOP eating? ( Stop grazing, Stop that Nibbling)

This question was posted on a couple blogs the past few days * Carrots & Cake and on Kath Eats Real Food )... So my response on Kath's was:

I think this is a great topic for discussion and so helpful to hear other readers comments on! So kudos to Kath for asking suggestions on How to Stop Nibbling? and Tina for How do you Stop eating? ...suggestions that can help "all of us"...

My suggestion aside from what others already posted, DRINK WATER!

Drink a glass of water before eating a meal to prep your digestion system. I find it helps me pick up on my internal cue of "fullness". You can always eat at the next meal!

Then whenever you go to "nibble" .... ask yourself my favorite question

"What am I really hungry for ?"

such a powerful question! in essence: do you NEED whatever it is you nibble on, Why do you WANT it ?

If you need it, eat it! If you REALLY want it, drink a glass of water. Then, have your nibble if you still want it. The refreshing water will probably help more than immediately satisfaction of the Nibble ( which will then have an immediate "let down" so then you want more)

Other questions you could ask yourself:
Did you not enough at your last meal?
You might need to look at your meals vs. snack and up both, or decrease meal and increase nibble size to a "snack"...

Are you nervous about something/avoiding something ?

* This is my problem, sometimes I find myself wanting to reach for nibbles of food to make me "feel" better about whatever it is I am nervous/avoiding/procrastinating...**

Reaching again for another bite is NOT going to help your situation, it will only delay the inevitable and reinforce a behavior that you are not happy with... perpetuation of the cycle!

So these are my thoughts, and I would love more from others other there. I would like to start a "Food Discussions" Section so that I can have a reference as well as others for stuff like this!


Anonymous said...

I am always nibbling when I'm bored or stressed out. I need to remind myself that I'm really not hungry and eating is not going to solve any problems. This is a constant battle with me.

HangryPants said...

I am the same way with nervous nibbling! I am going to try drinking a big glass of water from now on!