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Monday, November 10, 2008

monday monday

Breakfast Pumpkin Pie for One

- I put a little cranberry fruit sauce on the side ( frozen wild organic blueberries, frozen organic cranberries, frozen pineapple- heated up in the microwave!) and
- a half of a tiny banana w/ Naturally More Flax Butter! ( I haven't gotten this stuff in about a year- but its yummy- it has more protein (10g) than regular peanut butter, Less sugar, and less overall fat... which is a tough combo to actually make! I enjoy the flaxseeds in their as well !

Close Up...looks like a mini -pie slice...

Like my pjs!?
Yum Yum Yum!
Spaghetti Squash for One ( small guy)
I used it as my "serving dish" and put all the spaghetti in one half, with extra mixed veggies and vegetarian crumbles in the other

Grilled chicken breast
Leftover spaghetti squash and veggies
Sweet Potato Fries!

( I also did an intense yoga and strength session after my short 3 mile run yesterday so I wanted to focus on my work today anyway)

Finished up both presentations but still have to rehearse them tomorrow

Woke up early! I am hoping to wake up early again tomorrow and start a morning workout schedule... I HATE working out in the morning! I love working out in the afternoon as my "reinforcement" for a good day- but I want to adjust to the mornings because it just works out better with the rest of my life if I can get to it since classes are in the afternoon 4-7 and my homework usually gets done best before those hours.

Meeting my mom on friday! We also have friends coming into town this weekend! My best friend I grew up with got engaged! A girl I knew in college just got engaged last week too!
My newlywed best friend Andrea just got back from Hawaii and is pretty sure she is pregnant! Wow!
see you in the am


Madison said...

wow! sounds like exciting things happening in life ;D. and you're really enjoying that pumpkin pie!! i'm sure i would too :D