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Monday, November 17, 2008

no longer just a case of the blah's

One of my new bowls with part of breakfast today...

But first, I no longer have a case of the blah's/or boredom- I am actually sick! My throat was pounding this morning when I woke up- yes, throat pounding-I couldn't swallow and its not scratchy or harsh, it feels like I have a tennis ball stuck on one side! Ouch! Jeff, I am pretty sure, passed it on to me- Yuck!

Sunday dinner:
I made grilled chicken breasts with a splash of pinot grigio leftover/brought to us this weekend and some cracked pepper/sea salt. I just put that all in the pan on low-med for about 20 minutes. While that cooked I made creamy rice, directions according to box RiceRoni all natural no preserv. parmesean herb rice. I made some "fried" okra- I took frozen okra and defrosted it in the microwave. I made a "crumb bowl" - crumbled 4 triscuits and a piece of whole wheat double fiber toast. I added parmesean cheese, salt, pepper. I heated up a large pan with a thin coat on the bottom of oil ( took about 1 Tablespoon- I used smart balance-olive) and threw the okra in this "crumb bowl" while the pan heated- Then threw the okra into the pan- about 3 minutes on each side.

Jeff and I cuddled on the couch and watched a movie- The Chipmunks ( alvin simon theodore) then Desperate Housewives! I love that Jeff actually enjoys watching it!

Monday breakfast: Smoothie & Mini Oatmeal bowl

protein powder
1.5 cups Organic 1% Milk
frozen Blueberries
frozen Pineapple
frozen Strawberries
3/4 large banana
scoop of flax butter
Blended all this and gave Jeff 2/3... there is my 1/3
plus a small bowl of oats ( that is a 1/3 cup of irish oats covered with water and microwaved for 2 minutes, the rest of the banana and some peanut butter)

I am going to rest with the Today show
Body: rest
Mind: class, but only 1 reading for it
Soul: meditate, yoga if up to it


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Rest up and feel better. About the Amy's soup in the next post - it really looks good! I might have to stock up on that for cold, snowy days. :D