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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday Tailgating

But first... a couple Halloween photosThese are some of the "hockey guys" Jeff has been friends with for such a long time. They decided to all dress up as the Village People- It was HISTERICAL! We had cars passing us and singing Y...M..C...AMy gay indian and I... I dressed up as Wilma Flinstone and yes, I really died my hair with a semi-permenant hair dye to make it red ( didn't turn out super red though). Jeff's sister (aka K-C Mo) was Betty. I have to get her pictures of us!

Onto Saturday, we had tickets to go an NHL hockey game. Jeff's dad plays in a Over 50 men's hockey leauge and his league got to play after the NHL game on the same ice! It was such a fun time! So I started out my day with a blueberry chobani filled with some Kashi cereal, and an apple and half a banana with pb.

At the tailgate, I had chips and bean dip ( this guy times 5) And there is a spread of our dip, and K-C Mo's chili (yum!)
I had a little taste in a dixie cup...

The tailgate also had peppers and onions for brats, and some chicken thighs. I had half of a chicken thigh but was really dissapointed because after taking off the skin I realized the bottom half was all bone- so I ate the equivalent of probably 1/8 of a serving of chicken.. bummer
So then inside we watched the game and of course it was cold so I grabbed a cup of coffee...

Then we watched Jeff's Dad play- the old man!

They gave out free pretzels since the NHL game was finished- so KC Mo and I split one with some (gross) honey mustard ( I actually threw away the hm after trying the bottom of this piece!)
Jeff's dad's team won! Horray!
When we got home finally at 8:30 pm, I was suprisingly not very hungry. Grazing always does that to me, I feel like I never got "enough" food but I am also not "hungry" because I had been eating all day long ( or so it seemed). I know logically I needed more protein and vegetables so I threw together a small veggie-full "omlet" with some kashi whole grain crackers.

Hello November AND one extra hour of the day!!!

Body: Rested but lots of walking around the tailgate and stadium! ( and got 10 hours of sleep!!)

Mind: After we got home I looked up some information for my presentation tuesday and read over my other group members' slides.

Soul: It was fun to play corn-hole outside and take in a professional hockey game AND watch Jeff's dad play in a professional arena. Unfortunately, my sniffles just got worse and worse as the weekend has progressed so.... Ick!!!
I am drinking lots of water, I have been resting and not working out, what else can cure me ?


VeggieGirl said...

Haha, I LOVE your Wilma Flinstone costume!! So fun :0)

That's great that Jeff's dad's team won!!

Ahh, feel 100% better soon!! Up your intake of fluids, fruits & vegetables, and de-stress!!

Danielle said...

Ah, you looked so cute on halloween! :)

HangryPants said...

Fun costume! Yay Jeff's dad's team!

Madison (FollowMyWeigh) said...

love your costume!! and how fun you died your hair :D