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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve Photos!



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Smoothie and Banana Bread with Flaxseed

Lunch 1: unpictured Zone Chocolate Almond Raisin Bar

Lunch 2: Tropical Oats

1 BLOG 004

Oatmeal with Pineapples, Banana, Coconut and Peanut Butter

and then there was ... Dinner

To start (photo courtesy of my amazingly talented oldest brother):
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Pomegranate and Arugula Salad: with toasted pecans and goat cheese ( and a decent honey balsamic vinegarette though I'm not a fan)

Big slice of yummy bread with rosemary and salt

Glass of Chianti

Entree: Mediterranean Primavera:
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Angel Hair Pasta, ( I added grilled chicken), garlic, olive oil, oven roasted tomatoes, spinach, feta, PINE NUTS!, and caramelized onions ( I totally did not taste or see them). I barely ate a 1/4 of this. I tried so hard, I was all about carbo-loading and I ate almost all the spinach and got the pasta and was stuffed!

Here is Jeff's dish, which was a grilled pork chop with sweet potato lasagna?... it was layers of sweet potato with creamy cheese layers in between- it was delicious and gone in two seconds
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Desserrrrrttttt...Cmon extra carbs when I know I will use them up tomorrow- Count this lady in yall! (my mom also got one to split with my dad but this baby was all mine... )

So yes, I was full but had a delicious bite and packed it up for home along with my leftover entree.
My Tiramisu
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My brother's girlfriend Rachel got this brownie- It looks amazing!
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Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting The Absolute Star of The Desserts:
Banana Brioche Pudding ( which Jeff picked and I immediately wanted!)
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Rested up for my big 8k Turkey Trot to benefit The National MS Society tomorrow morning!!! Race starts at 8:30 am, 5.11 miles.
K C Mo is no longer able to run with me, she had some asthma-like problems on a run early in the week ( as I have had too all week!)
So I will be running solo with my newly uploaded ipod with Britney Womanizer, Jason Mraz I'm Yours, Pink So What and Kate Perry's Hot n Cold

However, I mentioned a guest post by K C Mo and she seemed to like the idea- so any time K C Mo I love you! That goes for you too Missy Mo!

WOOOHOO!! I am really nervous and scared and worried and excited and pumped all at the same time!

Metabolism PAPER IS DONE! ( okay well not completely b/c of library closing, however, I just have to write a conclusion- sum up the ideas I already wrote- so no worries there). I can post it on here? any naysayers?

Yah my parents! AND My brother and his girlfriend are coming to watch my race too. I feel so lucky to have family here with me these few days, that are baring the cold just to come out and support me... I hope my adrenaline gets pumpin for tomorrow because I want to run well for myself AND for them too! I want them to be proud, and I know they are, but still...

I am so excited to get a good workout in before Thanksgiving too! I bought a new dry-fit Nike long sleeve mock turtleneck to wear tomorrow to keep me warm and a dry-fit vest ... I bought a hat but I don't think I will wear it because I found the one I had that was similar ... now I have to find gloves before I go to sleep!

I hope you all have had safe travels or easy prep for visitors this week and have a wonderful thanksgiving!


Sharon said...

Wow, delicious! The tiramisu = divine! Hahah!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love Italian food! How delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving!

VeggieGirl said...


Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy yourself and your family time!!!

B_Hlthy said...

Hi Sharon!!! Glad you stopped by! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Happy Thanksgiving Strong n Healthy

Happy Thanksgiving Veggiegirl!