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I am currently working on a Master's Degree in Nutrition and requirements for Registered Dietician R.D. I plan to run my first full marathon in 2009. This blog is about everything I learn, eat, and do along the way. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bustle Hustle of Thanksgiving Eve

The library on campus closed at 12 ! Argh, I thought I would have until 1-2 but oh well, I finished everything for the paper except the conclusion because I had to leave.

I grabbed a zone bar for pre-shopping lunch- picked up my race packet, found some great running clothes for cold weather and then came home and cleaned the floors, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen , put away all kinds of stuff.

Tropical Oats

My post shopping lunch was a bowl of oats with pineapple, coconut and banana.

Now its off to dinner with my parents! Hooray they are finally here! We are going to this delicious italian restaurant!


strongandhealthy said...

Have a great time! Happy Thanksgiving!