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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Chicken Salad

Cranberry Carrot Celery Chicken Salad.. lots of C's!
So I wanted to use up the celery I had gotten and some other veggies and the Stoneyfield Oikos ( like that would be a problem! I use this for a gazillion things!)
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I made another chicken salad for lunch today but since I didn't have grapes anymore, I used... Cranberries! I thought, cranberries go well with turkey, why not chicken? So I thawed frozen organic cranberries in the microwave, chopped celery hearts, chopped a heart of palm, grated organic carrots, added three big tablespoons of Oikos Plain Greek Nonfat Yogurt.
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And then added the last of some goat cheese I had for extra creaminess and fat ( since I knew this would be an essentially fat free chicken salad anyway).

While I was doing all of this I boiled 4 small chicken breasts in a pot of water . I brought them to a boil , then reduced to a slow bubbling for about 15 minutes.
When they were done, I let them cool then shredded 3 of them into the bowl. ( I saved the other one just because it wouldn't fit).
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There is the whole bowl, I threw in purple cabbage just because I have it.

Here is mine with sprouts, lettuce, newman's own double fiber bread, carrots and a pickle.

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It was a really TALL sandwhich.

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Jeff really liked this... but we both liked the version the other day with grapes. I may get an apple to chop up and put in this for some sweet crisp/crunch. It is always better the next day because the flavors meld and set in the fridge. I might try to use it for an appetizer of some sort for Andrea and Nate's party-