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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Weekend

How does time fly so quickly!!?!? I need to catch up! We left my parents the day after the day after christmas (Saturday the 27th, my dad's birthday!) and drove to Jeff's Nana's house for the remainder of the weekend.

Woke up early and jogged/walked 2.5 miles around the neighborhood twice with my mom.
Played a hilarious game, Apples to Apples, after dinner at the Lake.
Had lunch and opened some cards in the morning, Walked/Talked with my mom, had a wonderful drive with Jeff to Nana's, Opened more presents at Nana's!
Jeff's sister made us these incredible charcoal drawings that go perfectly with our living room! She also got me my first tackle box! I am excited to have my own so that I can stock up on lures to fish with when Jeff and I go fishing.

Breakfast at my mom's was truly INCREDIBLE!
Christmas 2008 003
her new snowman mug (we bought together) filled with coffee, and then to eats she warmed fruit in a big pot- peaches, cherries, prunes (?), pineapple.... yummm - O. I also had egg whites , bacon and hashbrowns.

On the drive, I thought I would show you one of my favorite christmas presents- it sat in my lap the entire drive.

Christmas 2008 004

Red Leather Coach Tote!

I picked it out, but only because purses are so personal- I had tried so hard to decide between this and a purple leather bag. The purple I had knew I wanted initially but after trying on purse after purse- I saw this beauty sitting up on the shelf. I figured I would try it and knew immediately it was the one.

So we arrived at the lake, and I was so hungry and had so many things in my hands I forgot when I had scarfed down Nana's fantastic soup that I had left my camera in my lovely new Red Leather Coach Tote!

I had a turkey sandwich on a crossiant,ended up giving half to Jeff since I was full after the bowl of turkey soup.
Christmas 2008 007
Sherry while opening presents. I learned this is "not a proper Sherry". I was supposed to fill it up all the way to the top but there was only a little left in the sherry holder. I then found the two unopened bottles in the bottom of the bar.

Christmas 2008 008

Baked Potato, Steak, Onions and Wine

We officially invented a drink for the Lake in october and we use ginger ale ( or tonic) , gin, cherry juice, lime juice. It is called "Lake Water". How appropriate !?
Here is my first glass, I believe I had about 2.5
Christmas 2008 009

I slept in soooo late! I even went to bed early! I wasn't hungover at all I was just exhausted!
For breakfast I just has a banana and half of a grapefruit ( 10:30 am) and then we worked on the boat ( the plugs got messed up and need to be in for winter).

Lunch: Lasagna

Christmas 2008 010
It actually does look bigger than it was- but it was delicious. Lasagna used to be one of my favorite foods.

We headed home and stopped at a furniture store to look at chairs and ottomans but didn't have any luck. It was straight to Jeff's parents to pick up Jack and we stayed for dinner as well.

Christmas 2008 014

A glass of merlot, this Bogle was reallly tasty! sweet but not a "sweet wine".
Caesar Salad, Grilled Chicken, Brocolli Rice Casserole, Roll

Christmas 2008 016

Dessert: Christmas Cookies!!!!!!

Christmas 2008 017

So delicious, I had peanut brittle ( a couple smaller pieces than this too) and a brownie.

Christmas 2008 018


Simple and Divine said...


Angel, THAT BAG! Yayyer! Are you freaking out?! It's SO perf for the sassy lil YOU! Mmm yay!

B_Hlthy said...

haha .. yessss I am totally! I LOVE IT , I tried to sleep with it yesterday but Jeff told me I had to keep it out of the bed.

VeggieGirl said...

Chic tote!!

HangryPants said...

I like your red bag! I love red accessories because I have red hair and feel like I can't wear red clothes, but try to incorporate the color in my life!

Love the lasagna too!!!!!