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Friday, December 12, 2008


Update* Body:
Run.. 36 minutes. knee still weird, not painful , weird. That is the only reason why I would still run is because its not "painful". Just strange

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Repeat from last night because it was SO GOOD! YUM YUM YUM.
Salad, the other half of the chicken, sweet potato and apple, toasted kale with s & p. A little goddess dressing. Perfection.

The house still doesn't "look" super clean, but I swear I am exhausted from everything. It smells clean, and its much better than before. Here is a run down:


  • Got rid of about $600 + worth of clothing. Now that estimate is what it cost when I bought them.... now all of this is probably worth about $200. Not pictured is a pile I am sending to my sister, and also a big ol pile of clothes that I will see if any of my friends want. Ah... it feels so good to get rid of stuff!
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  • Swept all the floors ( always gives me a problem with my Asthma)
  • Mopped the Kitchen, and Bathroom
  • Pledged the living room, hall, bedroom floors.
  • Did 4 loads of laundry (and counting)
  • Dusted
  • Cleaned the kitchen (counters, stove, microwave, sink)
  • Cleaned bathroom, shower, sink, toliet etc.
  • Re arranged my closet
  • Put away all my summer clothing despite yesterday's high of 63 .. and..
  • Re arranged my "room" ( our third guest bedroom is my wardrobe
    dressing area and since the semester began, it just kept getting messier and messier. It feels SO nice!)
  • Gym- run 4 miles +
  • Returned DVD, I rented Fred Claus. I thought it was pretty funny but it didn't get good reviews I guess.

sigh, my feet are exhausted

I did not feel like standing up to cook anything. So I got this South Beach Living frozen pizza for one a week or two ago on sale. I think these taste pretty darn good and they have the right amount of protein for me. I used to make frozen dinners ALL the time because my brother didn't really want me cooking (:-P Matt!) ... I think he feared I would burn the apartment down... well anyway, what I enjoy about them is they are portioned , you know exact calorie count in your "entire meal" without counting/adding up etc. *Note to self post about weight loss programs**
There are definitely things I do not love about frozen dinners: sodium, added preservatives, chemicals, fat, taste, quality. I just prefer the taste, protein, and veggie contents of South Beach stuff. Anyway, I was in the mood for pizza but needed/wanted a protein rich dinner.

The Box:

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There it is with the last of the salad mix

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And the night is not over... We are heading out to celebrate our friend's birthday after Jeff gets back ( should be any minute). HAPPY WEEKEND TO ALL!

Dessert: No pudge with half organic banana, pb, extra nonfat greek yogurt, and a splash of reisling

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VeggieGirl said...

Great Friday for ya!!

Hope your knee heals quickly!!

meghanN said...

Good for you donating all those clothes:-) Also- any reason why I can only read a few sentences of your posts on my google reader now?

Simple and Divine said...

Awww Booboo, I hope your knee stops bein wack :-\

Lover yo ass!

therunningaddict said...

Wow so much cleaning! Good job!!
Hope the knee gets better!

Matt said...

oh hey. thanks for the long and detailed comment.

where to begin...

i agree, even though my blog is only 9 days old, i can tell what i spend on food is ridiculous. hopefully, i learn something from what i'm doing.

i don't think it's fair to compare the costs that it takes to feed the two of us though. the amount that i eat kinds fluctuates too depending on if i've been going to the gym or not. but either way, i think i've always had a decent metabolism and have eaten a good amount.

i think i could find just as many resources saying that organic food is not as big of a detriment to the environment or my health as you're suggesting. take this article for example. it sounds kinda legit. friedman made mention of the burping cows in his new book too. ^^ also, i've found organic food sometimes to just not taste very good at all. it's probably because i'm not used to whatever the "real" taste of what i'm eating is, but there is really nothing i can do about that.

and i agree with what you said about obesity and it costing the taxpayers money. luckily i don't think i'll be a problem for your tax bill.

strongandhealthy said...

Hope your knee gets better! Wow, you accomplished a lot today. Thanks for the frozen pizza review! Awesome dessert!

B_Hlthy said...

Thanks as always VG!

MeghanN: hi!!!!! it felt awesome- and no not sure i'll try to figure it out

Julz: its wack... and i love you even more for say bein wack

RunningAdict: Thanks! I think it will- I'm gonna try rehab exercises

Matt: no prob on the comment and I am glad you weren't offended- i didn't meant to - just presenting my opinions for others!
I think I will comment more on your site about comparing what we eat because when I get back into full-fledged training as I have been- I probably eat more calories /day than you- Im just sayin.... ;-)

Madison Song said...

Cleaning...that is my big plan for today. Its going to take a loooooong time. Must feel good to get rid of all those clothessss.



Matt said...

i'm looking forward to it :)

HangryPants said...

You got a ton done today!

Amy's makes good individual sized pizzas.

Sharon said...

Wow, that is awesome with all those clothes being donated.
And delicious eats!