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Friday, December 12, 2008

Semi-Stuffed French Toast

I didn't want to get carried away with my "stuffing" since I was having three slices ( It is low-cal, 7-grain bread) and the egg whites took care of my protein, I was so so excited about the grapefruit I got yesterday as well- so I didn't really need the stuffing but wanted just a little 1 BLOG 004

Three pieces of French Toast , Three Mangos, Strawberry, Blueberries and heated up in the pan, I used some Stoneyfield Plain Organic Greek Yogurt with Cabot Cottage Cheese ( mixed together was about a tablespoon) to spread on as stuffing and sprinkled with cinnamon.

1 BLOG 001
Grapefruit- I only could manage to release three slices from half the grapefruit, I drank the juice and managed to fork out the rest of the grapefruit.

1 BLOG 005

1/4 c Egg Whites with Texas Pete ( yuummm)

All together now... with black coffee and....

1 BLOG 006

What is that dark blue/green thing in the cup below my coffee? you might be wondering....Well, I made the french toast by putting the 1/4 cup egg whites in a bowl ( I put the other 1/4 egg whites into the pan to cook- they wanted some privacy) For the eggies in the bowl, I added a splash of milk, cinnamon, mango, strawberry and blueberries to sweetened up the batter. So when I finished dredging the toast in the bowl and dropped it in the pan- I had leftover "Berry Blue Eggs". So after everything was finished cooking i figured why waste the eggs, threw them in the pan and ended up with those.

Suprisingly, they were actually kind of good!! I would not suggest doing this since I am sure not too many people would appreciate em but they reminded me of the pumpkin egg mix I make often, only blueberry. Almost cake like. Almost.

Update to Yesterday:
Strength: C,S,T,H ....Cardio: Bike 10 miles (20 minutes), Elliptical 20 minutes, Treadmill Run: 5 minutes, Stepmill :10 minutes.

The stepmill was love/hate. I loved the sweat I had going on my arms, BUT I cannot believe how UNSAFE that machine is- There is no "auto stop" on it and its REALLY high up off the ground- you see:
When I went too slow (9): My toes got squished at the crease of the stair...
When I went too fast (15): My toes would bang into the side of the stair...

Even when I was at 11-12 , every other step I would do one or the other- hit my foot for not lifting it high enough or then squeezed my toes in the crease for lifting it too fast. Even though I hate the idea of stopping, there is no way you can balance yourself if you are going fast for awhile and want to slow down- I nearly fell off!

The only good part: I was so freaking worried about falling off and getting dizzy looking at the stairs move and trying to look up but then hitting my foot- I wasn't even looking at how fast the time went by while on it.

I would never recommend this machine because of how dangerous it is- and unnecessary ( I get just as good of a sweat running) but maybe that is why there are only 2 of them in my gym and 35 treadmills and 40 ellipticals... ? hmm... maybe my gyms is just a really old version of them...


My toes still hurt to curl them, but not as bad as a few days ago after my 5 mile run on Tuesday. So... I would LOVE to run today and get a good cardio session in. I will see how it goes.

While normally cleaning would be under my soul section because I enjoy when everything is clean- I have a long to-do-list in my head so it will be another thing to get checked off. I also have some reading to do for the volunteer info and


Jeff comes home this evening, his cousin is in town this weekend so hopefully we can meet up with her and her new hubby ( they are staying closer to Jeff's g-mammy for the weekend)

We are going to Disney On Ice tomorrow morning with his neice, nephew, sister(s)?, and Dad. It was his Dad's idea for christmas presents for everyone, and while neither Jeff, Melissa , KC or I would prefer that for a present- It is a way to get everyone together. I don't have kiddos yet so it will be awhile before I have an excuse to go see some Disney performance without looking like an odd 26 year old woman by herself. I am kind of excited about it- the last show I saw like this was the US Olympic Gymnastics Team in Pittsburgh ( I forget which year it was but shannon miller was performing with dominique dawes )... my parents took me and we sat in a box and it is such a fun memory since at the time I was on the gymnastics team! We were state champions in high school 2 years in a row!

My mom ( is in college right now as well! go mom!) and she had her last final for the semester yesterday! I hope you did well Mom! Call me!
So she and I are plotting a christmas shopping trip close to me since she doesn't have any good stores near her- Wooohooo can't wait!

Okay, time to clean!


VeggieGirl said...


Hope your toe feels better - take it easy today!!

Madison said...

whoa blue berry eggs?? and almost cake like?? whoa! i'm interested ;)


ModelBehavior said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! It is people like you that have me excited to return to the running community!