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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good News!!

Okay, I just had to post.

I just got back from the gym, since its rainy and very cold out- I ran on the treadmill after watching a video over at HangryPants. It was regarding this little media clip of women talking about workout gear. If you haven't given your feedback, head on over HERE and let em know what you think. My feedback is B_Healthy.

Part of my comment included that workout gear discussion SHOULD include important topics like dry fit underwear- or any kind of underwear to wear when you run or workout. I don't know about yall but if I run say over 4-5 miles, my undapants get SOAKED! They make dry fit pants, dry fit sports bras, dry fit shirts- what the crap on the underwear?

What does everyone else do? I mean, maybe I missed the boat on what underwear runner's wear. Either way, I'm clueless and slightly uncomfy!

So, speaking of running, I ran 7 miles in 49 minutes! I ran 3.2 in 24 (something), my second 3.2 in 22 ( something), and then finished up to 7 miles total. I bumped up several times to 9.5 mph ( which correlates to a 6:18 mile).

I seriously just had fury inside of me I think. I was angry and upset that Jack ran away. Jeff and I were "not on the same page" about the kitchen and it was stupid but annoying me. I tried to really focus and push myself because "I can"- and I did!

Good news: everything is perfect again and ... we found jack as soon as I got home from the gym.


VeggieGirl said...

FAAAABULOUS run!! And thank goodness that Jack is back, safe & sound.

Amira said...

great run, it's awesome you can channel your anger into something productive i always try and do that (and usually fail!) anyway so glad you found Jack safe & sound
have a great day!

sweetandfit said...

ur jack has such a disappearing act! in regards to your run...you are absolutely freakin' amazing! i think it was the rum this morning ;)

HangryPants said...

I hope people have underroo suggestions for ya!