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Monday, January 12, 2009

Say Hello to "Lurlota"

The moment we have all been waiting for....
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She is smiling at blogland!
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Say Hello to "Lurlota"... It is a new 2008 Dodge Dakota, Jeff's old truck was a Ford Ranger and was named "laurlene"... hence you would say it like "Laurloda"..

It has 4 wheel drive, partially leather seats, heated seats, crew cab, an auxillary hook up and carrier for an mp3 player, 0 miles on it, and it is a V8 !

Red is Jeff's favorite color and oddly enough it is the same color as his previous truck! This was purely out of coincidence since it was the only 4 x4 crew cab truck at this dealership he got it at!

In case you did not know, Jeff was in a terrible accident about a month ago. You can read more about it HERE

Everyone walked away with only minor injuries, but Jeff was t-boned on his side- causing his vehicle to be t-boned by TWO other vehicles on the passenger side ( our friend Nate was sitting there). Anyhow, his truck was completely totalled. After a long ordeal and lots of stress and worrying and financial issues- Jeff's uncle got a fantastic deal on a truck that was at a dealership ( his aunt works there) that was going out of business.

He got this truck for about 1/2 the price it is worth due to the dealership closing and generous people all around. Thank You Uncle Jeff and Aunt Darlene!

It was dark when Jeff got home so I will take more pics tomorrow! We went out to dinner to celebrate!

PF Changs...
I have been there once before and a long time ago!
I ordered two appetizers for my dinner ..
Steamed Vegetable Dumplings and Seared Ahi Tuna.

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The tuna came with a lovely mixed green salad and cucumbers- I ate all of it! The tuna was a little too rare than I would normally prefer but still delicious! Jeff ordered that sweet and sour pork, it came with bell pepper and pinapple and i had a bite of it- that was yummy as well.
The veggie dumplings were steamed and tasty as well -very filling!

and... Fortune Cookie... i just like to read the fortune
"If you put up with small annoyances you will gain great results"
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Pretty good advice- And fitting- Jeff's new truck is more than either of us would have thought would have come out of all these "annoyances" along the way, but it sure is a great result!

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oven roasted sliced chicken, sandwich thin with mustard and a pickle, toasted kale, fresh cut veggies with some goddess dressing to dip, half a banana.


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Steel Cut Oats made with water, blueberries, cinnamon, banana, peanut butter...

and coffee ( no photo- it was black)

And if you made it this far... Jack thought he'd say hey to all my bloggie friends' puppies
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Any takers? No...

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Aw... okay back to sleep.

Love to All of you!


VeggieGirl said...


Madison Song said...

Nice truck!!! =P love the name too!
ooh i've never been to PF Changs though I keep meaning to. looks yummy!!

sweetandfit said...

Jack is too cute! congrats on your brand new shiny truck, you guys deserve it after everything. I really liked the seared ahi tuna, what a generous portion for an appetizer.

strongandhealthy said...

What an awesome new truck! I love PF Changs. Your dog is super cute!

Of course, you can tag me. Thanks a bunch!!

Erica said...

How exciting! I bet you are both thrilled this whole car search thing is finally over! What a great looking truck!! I haven't ever had PF changs but I heard its super yummy. HI Jack! You are such a sweetie!