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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shopping, Beach, BumbleBar Review, Non-Taco Salad...

Christmas 2008 006

Simple and delicious!
1/3 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup organic fat free milk (for creamier oats, I would use 1/2 cup liquid but I like mine stickier!)
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
1/2 teaspoon of maple syrup
Microwaved for about 2 minutes

I added fry pan bananas (banana sliced into a frying pan on medium heat, about 1 minute on each side) and fresh blueberries and cinnamon and all natural peanut butter.

Christmas 2008 007

Bumble Bar Apricot:

Christmas 2008 008

I was pleasantly surprised with this flavor of bumblebar! I was expecting more of an apricot flavor, however, it was more subtle. Despite that, it was till a very fruity and sweet flavor throughout! I think there was coconut shavings in it as well. You can see the flax and sesame seeds, I love to chew apart the flax seed. Your body cannot digest flax seeds whole, although they can still contribute to digestive transit. I would definitely eat this flavor again. It has only 180 calories, 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein.

My mom and I split this leftover section and I also had a zone bar for protein but my camera battery died. So no photo!
We spent a great day shopping and I found Jeff three pairs of pants! I hope they fit, I know he will like them before trying them on but no pants he ever get fit him the right way. He is between sizes for waist and length and he has such a hard time with pants fitting right! Keep your fingers crossed!
I also feel like I got a whole new wardrobe but I really just got a couple of great things thanks to my parents! I love being at the beach too, I just love it- the air, the view, the shops, everything.
Christmas 2008 009

That is sound side and unfortunately, it rained ALL day and was really foggy. Fortunately, the rain didn't bother us!

We came home and I took jack out for a quick run then had dinner...

My mom made tacos, I had a "taco salad" minus the taco shell.

Christmas 2008 014

It was organic baby greens, some broccoli with hummus and taco meat ( 93% lean ground beef with taco seasoning), some tomato, cheese and kidney beans. Delicious! Thanks Mom!

We just finished Stepbrothers, My parents hadn't seen it yet but Jeff and I rented it awhile ago. I think it was funnier the second time around.

Walking Walking Walking.. shopping.. searching through everything and trying a gazillion things on to model for my mom. We went to a ton of places but I found that things at J Crew fit me a lot better than other stores!

And also a few short runs with Jack , in the morning before we left and in the evening when we got back.

Oh my goodness, last night before bed- I read 60 pages! I just couldn't put it down until it got to be really late and I was dozing off. I am (still) reading the book, Eat Pray Love, and I have enjoyed every page. I have to really force myself to sit down and read just at first. Once I started reading, its like my mind never wanted to stop! This morning before breakfast I read another few pages and I am looking forward to picking up where I left off tonight before bed.


I just said Goodnight To Jeff! ** He told me earlier today the latest news he has on a vehicle. It sounds awesome and I hope it comes through. He doesn't want to jinx it so just pray for him and I will write about it when we know more!!!!!!**

Shopping at the beach with my mom was fantastic!

Jack is getting so spoiled, he was allowed to lay on not only the couch but my dad's recliner chair too! He is not allowed on our furniture. My dad took him out for a walk too! Go dad! Jack pulls a ton!

Talked a lot with my mom about everything from jeans that fit, beach weddings, nutrition and what I want to do with classes and school! Phew... It's been a great day!

See yall tomorrow!


Simple and Divine said...

I'm SO glad you had such a great day, Angel Girl! :) You deserve EVERY day to be the gr8est and nothing less than perf <3 Let's make tomorrow ANOTHER GREAT ONE! Love to youuuuu

B_Hlthy said...

Love to you back! I love your positivity and your support and attitude and everything! Let us make tomorrow ANOTHER GREAT DAY INDEED!!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of frying the banana! You are so creative!!
Have a fabulous day!

Sharon said...

Wow, what an awesome day with delicious eats! Perfect!!

Erica said...

Sounds like a really wonderful day! Glad you found some new clothes (yayyyy). Time with mom is always the best :) The non-taco salad also looks fab.

Madison said...

Aw sounds like you had such a wonderful day. Your taco salad looks amazing!!

Have a happy wednesday! I just gave my notice of leave to my work today and I'm feeling super happy and freeeeee!! :D Hope you are having a wonderful day as well~