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I am currently working on a Master's Degree in Nutrition and requirements for Registered Dietician R.D. I plan to run my first full marathon in 2009. This blog is about everything I learn, eat, and do along the way. Cheers!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Charleston Saturday-Sunday

Wow its so much to recap! Saturday morning I volunteered to walk/job to Bruggers three blocks away and get breakfast orders. I ordered a whole wheat bagel with smoked salmon and a coffee. During our jog I realized my knee was really messed up and felt super twisted. Really painful... I was glad to have to walk back with breakfasts! Once back to the hotel, I had an orange in addition to 2/3 the bagel, all of the salmon and my coffee.

It looked like rain late morning so we decided to do a Scavenger Hunt of Charleston! I highly recommend doing this for any city that is a historic/walking town! We had to get pictures of the hotel-mates in front of things like a canon.... a horse drawn carriage... a four leaf clover... a statue... a farmers market stand... a bad parking job..

Aside from sweating like pigs...It was hilarious and perfect to explore Charleston! We walked at least 5-6 miles in less than 1.5 hours!

Our end meeting place was Cupcake.... where we got delicious gourmet cupcakes! We took them to our lunch, King Street Grill- I ordered make your own salad.. The most perfect combination for me:
Mixed Greens with:
Bell Peper
Hearts of Palm ( first time I ever ate them! Delicious!)
Blackened Grilled Chicken
I didnt use any dressing! The hummus and seasoning from the chicken was plenty!

We had to walk about 6 blocks back to the hotel, then we enjoyed our cupcakes! I also had the frosting off of a friends... hmm yum! Then we all decided we should burn off the cupcakes by strolling through the open air market! I didnt buy anything but it was great to look around! I wanted to head back over to King St. for more shopping at united colors of benniton, gap, ann taylor.. my hotel-mate Brittany came with me - what a trooper!! We went for another two hours in the rain!

Dinner was at Tommy Condons, I split the Turkey Reuben with the Bride to Be, we both got salads on the side too. Then it was off to a bar that used to be a church ( super cool!) and then to The Saloon! Bride to be and our party were called up onto the bar for dancing! How fun!

Sunday I woke up and could not move my knee! I think all the walking the day before really did me in... We ate next door to our hotel - I had old fashioned oatmeal,1/2 banana, rasins, and I asked for some peanut butter!! The waitress yelled at me for getting oatmeal... It was all I wanted though! We didnt eat a formal lunch- I had a V8, an apple from my survival tote, and then a few hours later I had the rest of my think bar!

Dinner at Jeff's parents was so cute! His mom was making shrimp and grits ( im allergic to shellfish and they know it!) so they go "We should make you an omlet.. an egg white omlet, with tomatos and zuchinni and cheese .. how does that sound?" I was like "awww that is PERFECT! and too sweet!"....I had 2 small zuchinni cakes ( like potato pancakes but with shredded zuchinni, parmesean, garlic), a corn muffin, my 3 egg white omlet, and a piece of brownie after we did dishes!