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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dinner for Two times Two!

Fake Meat! Morningstar farms grillers crumbles, curried sweet potato slices, sauteed onion, asparagus spears This is how I made it- I put the asparagus spears ( 12 made one serving for 25 calories, so I put in three servings total) on bottom dressed in olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning, added on top the thawed Morningstar Crumbles, Added the chopped onion. While I was doing that, I had sliced two sweet potatoes- tossed them in curry powder, salt, brown sugar, coriander ( all minimal just so each had a bit of seasoning) - then microwaved the potato for about 5 minutes.

I layered them on top to make it more like a vegan "shepards pie"- and put it in the toaster oven for 25 minutes at 350.
Perfect for two!

While it baked I decided to go ahead and do dinner for tomorrow night since I was in the mood - get it out of the way while I want to right? Homemade meat sauce ( Jennie -O ground turkey and Jennie-O turkey sausage).
As you can see below... in the tupperware I put two servings of gr. turkey, and three sausages.. then I put the rest in baggies for the freezer for another meal. I find it would be better utilization, since we can grill the sausages for sandwhiches one night and could do all kinds of things with the gr turkey (meatballs, tacos, burgers...) . I sauteed a medium onion with three or four small garlic cloves, added dried basil and dried oregano, a little olive oil, threw in some Sherry ...

Then I addded the turkey in small chunks like meatballs into the onion garlic mix... let them cook then added the sausage in the same way.
After this I added a can of crushed tomatoes in basil ( the big can)... and you will have to wait till tomorrow to see the dinner!

Jeff's little sister came over to borrow clothes and we ended up talking for four hours!! We have SO much in common! We are getting our nails done on thursday and shopping for shoes- total girls!

Today's Wrap Up

Elliptical 22 minutes, Bike 9 miles in 19 minutes, Walked Jack for 20 minutes (up hill both ways haha), Yoga 30 minutes... yoga felt amazing today!

Strength: Abs, Quads, Back and Biceps

Read some of SFN, and some of Organic Inc... suduko as usual!

Talked with KC, Yoga, Yoga Yoga! , Cleaned and Organized my room- and did four loads of laundry... so coincidental because KC came over to borrow clothes! Cooked Two dinners!

Ready for another day and a doctor's appointment for my knee! fingers crossed everyone


madison said...

i had this "sweet potato slices" today...except they were regular potatoes, and they were covered in cheese!! your meal looks delish ;D
sounds like you had a lot of fun with jeff's sister!!

VeggieGirl said...

SWEET POTATOES!!! I'll be having one with my lunch today :0)

So lovely that you and Jeff's sister are having fun, and have plans to spend more time together!

B_Hlthy said...

Yum!! I was considering adding a cheese layer but did not... would have been delicious

And I love how well KC and I get along- she is starting to become one of my closest friends because she is becoming totally organic, slightly vegetariam- she is really healthy-minded and super smart! I should totally have her do a quest spot on here!