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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I just did some quick searching..

The tableware is Hanford Forge, Stainless Silver. http://www.replacements.com/webquote/HAFPRI.htm?s1=mshp&339596

This site sells them and says one knife is worth $10 ( I have 7) .... the one round soup bowl spoon I have is $23...
I have 16 spoons ( on the site I believe they are $10 each)
I have 16 forks ( 8 small, 8 large) ( I believe they are $10 each)
2 large serving spoons
1 large serving fork ( i think its their oyster fork... $29 )

Thats over $400 in silverware!

Gees... Its not that I was even interested in selling it - I was just interested in what I had because I nor Jeff knew what to do with it when we brought it home. Nana was pretty clear on the fact that she didnt care to have it any longer ( she is trying to get rid of everything in her house).... Nana asked both of us if we wanted to take it and I said only if she didn't want it- Jeff said he'd always liked the cars on the plates. That was all that needed to be said before we were being ushered to the car with it.

Its nice to know more about vintage stuff! how interesting!