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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lunch, Cute Shirt, Silver for Sale

Lunch: Veggies, leftover brussel sprouts and mixed vegs.
half of a Flat Out Wrap Light, dabs of goddess dressing, salmon burger ( thawed in the microwave then toasted in the toaster over) and a little leftover Kashi Pilaf

New BCBG shirt I got for $3 !!! I think its for the rehearsal dinner with dress pants...haven't decided yet... Its going to be outdoors/indoors at a beach front house (a 5 bedroom mansion that Nate rented for all of "us" to stay at...which could be like 20 people so we may stay at Jeff's parents or at the 5 br... not sure!)

Nana gave us these cake plates.. They are plated with 22 K gold ( On the back they says "Harher Pottery Company, since 1832. Made in the USA. 22 K gold) and have old cars with their names from like 1800's. I dont know what to do with them or if they are worth anything ( I wouldn't want to actually eat on them if they were super valuable!)

She also gave us some of her old silver. Despite that they seem tarnished, they are "real" silver but I think the colorful spoons and some forks are actually gold (plated ?). Again, I have no idea if we can actually use them, if they are worthy of selling, how to clean them etc..
Anyone have ideas? The back of them are inscribed : "Princeton, Stainless, Japan"

She grew up in England though, so ??


Danielle said...

Oooh antique gift, they're beautiful! Cute shirt too, and not expensive, even better :).

P.S. Hope all is well! Sorry I haven't been so good with commenting, I've still been a loyal reader, I promise O:).

VeggieGirl said...

Gorgeous shirt and antiques!!