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Thursday, October 9, 2008



1 hour 45 minute Walk with Andrea ( I can't wait, in 9 days she is getting married at the beach!! Jeff's brother, sister, mom and stepdad, and us are renting a house for the weekend/week!)

When I got home I did strength training: Abs, Back, Biceps, Quads. I did some rehab for my knee ( orthopedic appt. next week).

I also cleaned all the floors with some new Pledge products. They have supposed allergen trappers- so far they seem to work great!


Not so present today- but that's the point is Balance right? Both body and soul were "heavy" today so I do not mind NOT reading a ton or researching etc. I did do two suduko puzzles and wrote down a list of things I needed to get done (see below)!


Walking was soooooo fantastic because I could catch up with Andrea and get exercise and take in lovely scenery. We made a plan to do it again thursday!

I deposited a check at the bank, returned DVD's , rented another, mailed a thank you note, cleaned all the floors, washed the guest room stuff... emailed back to "Work " about returning, made a doctor's appointment, ordered the book Organic Inc for class-

I know these seem like small silly things... but I have been sitting on all of this , procrastinating and pushing it all aside, mostly because it wasn't "urgent" stuff. It truly felt GREAT to get all these little silly things taken care of because as they build up and up, it bogs me down because I havent "finished"them.

( I couldnt find my camera anywhere, it was upstairs in its holder ( of course where it is supposed to be!)

Waffles, Strawberry Flax! Delicious! Much moister than the blueberry!

Lunch: Salmon and Wrap and Salad

Dinner: We went out to get free apps. at this local place- which is no longer offering free aps! Ugh! I had a glass of pinot grigio, one big piece of pizza and three small wings.


VeggieGirl said...

Soo nice that you were able to catch up with Andrea; and how exciting that her wedding is coming up!!