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Friday, November 21, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Hoorays For Today:
Got two perscriptions
Deposited checks into the bank
Got Rachel Ray Magazine Free Issue ( woohoo for thanksgiving issue!)
Saw a TV Reality Star
Annual Doctors Appointment
Read through articles in the waiting room
Stocked up on Coffee
Mailed Birthday Cards to my brother, my best friend growing up, and jeff's sister

Tofu 1/2 sammy, Chicken 1/2 Sammy
Salad with Hummus as my dressing

And an organic figi apple from TJ AND..... Pumpkin Butter!! I kept seeing it and wanted to try it but I finally gave in because if my brother comes I will have an excuse to use it up!
I even took an apple slice, with pumpkin butter and put it onto my chicken sammy

And then , I took another apple slice, with pumpkin butter and put it onto the BBQ tofu sammy

( I have always hated adding things together, but I felt like being ADVENTUROUS.. haha... it was actually kinda good! )
I am considering going to the gym- just to get in light cardio- it has been 5 days without formal exercise and I am going NUTS! just some biking maybe the elliptical- 30 minutes max..

Read through two articles waiting at the docs. I am researching intermediate hyperglycemia and how signal transduction is involved in forming diabetes. However, no one really knows yet, so there is not much research around it- there is more research on hyperglycemia in general and signal transduction in skeletal muscle of animals. Which is not exactly what he wants, and its a 10 pager ( which in the past I can get through in about 3 days if I focus, am healthy and have other huge tasks those days ).

I have a 3 pager due in Minority Health that is more "fun" due in 11 days.

And for Research Methods, I have to write a 3 page field note on the interview process, and then right up codes on the transcribed interview, analyze them- That is not due until, at the latest, 14 days, dec 5th.

So, this helped me figure out that while I "should" focus on my metabolism paper ( I am struggling with finding a specific aim for the paper... i know intermediate hyperglycemia and signal transduction is actually NOT SPECIFIC enough??!? anyhow, I "could" get the fun, minority health 3 pager out of the way over this weekend while I am up at Nana's. That is much more easily acheived while there because I really enjoy reading about the health issues and writing on how it relates to my presentation. However, my 10 pager is due earlier- I still need to feel %100 and really focused mentally and decipher all this cell metabolism stuff into a paper which would not be so feasible this weekend ( here or at Nana's!).

I am hoping that my brother comes into town this week for turkey day but I highly doubt he will get a plane ticket at this point. In which case, I should head to my parents but I need to get this school work out of the way. I can definately focus on monday, tuesday and wednesday on the metabolism paper if I don' t head to my rents, and then again on friday-saturday and its due the monday after thanksgiving. But I hate to dissapoint my parents, and I could get writing done there as well... huh.. stupid cold!!!!!! I am so MAD at it because I was useless these whole past five days, when I had planned on getting it mostly out of the way!

I am confident in my writing abilities though, I do best under short deadlines and pressure ( not stress- just pressure). Like the morning I woke up and realized my paper was due an hour ago ( my gastronomical me reflection). I pulled that sucker together immediately within like an hour and she commented that it was absolutely Excellent paper!

I know I will have more time to myself if I stay at home this weekend, but I may not necessarily be able to focus on these papers anyway. I will have the house to myself which gets lonely after , say, one night! Oh decisions decisions.


VeggieGirl said...

You can get through all this, I know it!!

Anonymous said...

Such a productive day!!

B_Hlthy said...

Thanks VeggieGirl! I really do think about what you say and remind myself of it while here!

B_Hlthy said...

Thanks VeggieGirl! I really do think about what you say and remind myself of it while here!