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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fall Semester 08 .... FINISHED!

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Dinner: Leftover Pasta Bake with none of that sausage- a slice of turkey breast, extra italian cheese, and I put the last of that smoked salmon from TJ in there at first. It was absolutely way too salty- I didn't eat it- I hate wasting food but this was beyond salty. For some perspective, I really enjoy salt and vinegar potato chips, I can eat like 4 pickle slices a a time- this was way worse.

After Dinner Celebratory Cocktail: A splash of Bourbon with a Splash of Eggnog with a Splash of Milk

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Rest- I ran yesterday and my toes are bothering me. My knee feels a little twisted for some reason, and my toes feel like they are kinda broken. Not sure what I did but I was glad to rest today. Its not like a serious "hurt" pain- its more constant , dull, internal soreness in very specific areas.

My Metabolism Exam went AWESOME (i think) today! Phew, as did my exam on monday too. The professor changed his format, I think because most of the class had similar complaints for our two previous exams. We all studied very well and felt like we understood all of the study guide questions- but then test time rolled around and everyone got B's and C's ( not good in grad school). So I asked him lots of questions this morning and we talked about all the little mistakes I was making- I wasn't stating the obvious simple- I went for complex. So I was only missing a few points here and there but they added up!

I think/hope/feel that this exam went over much better! The questions were more applicable to our study material.

And.... We got our papers back! I posted the intro and conclusion to mine- It was due Dec. 1st and I was really trying hard to put it together by Thanksgiving Break. Result: 96/100 !!!! Wooohoo!

So Happy to be done for the semester and give my "mind" a little of a breather from the intensity. It is only for a few weeks though, and I have plenty to keep me busying. I already came up with lists of things I want to do over break!

Break from classes.. Woohoo!
Did well on Exams.. Woohoo!
Found a WONDERFUL Volunteer Oportunity (nutrition related) through Engineer Emily.. Woohoo!
Jeff is going away for a business trip so I will be lonely but busy! I want to clean the house, get rid of things, have dinner with KC-Mo ( his lil sis)



strongandhealthy said...

Yay for being done! Love the cocktail!

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Caitlin said...

So jealous you are done....but congrats! I'll be joining you celebrating on Friday:)

therunningaddict said...

YAY no more pressure from school!

The Skinny Plate said...

Congrats on your near perfect score! Thanks for visiting my blog.