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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Final Exam #1, done in a diner among 40 Gastronomes

Yes I took a picture of the bathroom- how cool is it though !?

My final exam for my fall Gastronomy course was at "Poole's Diner". Students actual €asked her for a regular exam instead of having our "culminating event" as dinner at a local, organic, fresh diner! After all, dance majors have their final exam as a dance performance, Gastronomes should have their final performance- eating a locally sustainable, fresh, organic dinner among 39 other gastronomes. This is how we got away with having "final" as a "culminating event" deemed necessary by the college.

Here we go, No writing involved, wine is welcome, and there are no right or wrong answers

Question One: Would you ever try chicken liver patte? How about local pimento cheese?
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My answer: "ew to liver, but sure for the sake of trying it! "
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( It was different. I really don't know how to describe it other than meat-flavored cream cheese. Not something I would choose to eat.)

Question Two: Should I have wine?

My answer: Yes, of course! A lovely "Chont De Rute" It tasted like a combination of a merlot, cab and syrah. Intense like a cabernet, sweeter like a merlot, but very very easy to drink like a syrah...Yummy
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Question Three: Do you enjoy roasted beets?

My answer: Nope, but I loved the goat cheese and peppery organic arugula
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Question Four: Care for organic white beans, roasted local organic tomatoes, and local fresh free range rotissere chicken ?
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My answer: Yes please! I love protein!
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Question Five: Do you enjoy panna cotta?
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My answer: Not really but I was pleasantly surprised at the delicious shortbread cookie underneath made from FRESHLY GROUND PEANUTS! and "dulce de leche" sauce on top!
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Final Exam #1 Done! I will take another exam like that ANYTIME! It was also a great night of conversation with classmates/friends Melanie, April, Jenny, Louisa! I cant believe I was the only one taking pictures!

How amazing is that? fyi: We weren't formally asked those questions, we actually weren't asked any at all. We had to write about our childhood experiences early on in this course ( I posted my response on the blog about mustard in septembe r). Well, our teacher took our responses and made them into ...

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How awesome is that!? It was such a great surprise and each month has all the "foodie days"... My birthday is "white chocolate day".. "chocolate cake day" is in january... etc.! This was the start of a new tradition, as these calendars will be produced every fall and given to all current students AND all alumni!
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I am updating my earlier Body Mind Soul post from today, and so excited the people at Foodbuzz ARE AWESOME! Thank you so much for being so attentive and helpful and wonderful! Thanks Shannon and Dorian!
then its relaxation time with Jeff!


VeggieGirl said...


I want that PB/dulce de leche dessert.

Madison said...

wow what an AWESOME class!!
and shortbread cookie made from peanuts??? yumyumyum!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're so brave!

I'd definitely try the wine!!

Caitlin said...

I am in the WRONG program, I have never had a final like this:) How amazing!